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Sure, hit me up if he's cool with it. My discord is that one up there, fela#9204

Have knowledge about game design too.

Hello, i'm interested, love your style. I'm a musician and i make SFXs too. I been looking to make a game long time ago since my last jam, so i'm willing to spend a good time and compromise on it.

The music i make as a musician is here:

Though i made three gamejams before and i always make a more atmosferic pieces. Can go with acoustic or more electric style.

My ID is fela#9204

Hey, hello, do you have knowledge on prodecural generation? I like the idea of the game, think of a couple of things and enemies to expand it too if you're interested. We can talk on discord if you want. fela#9204

Love this one, for me is the winner, in terms of the jam goals it serves them all. In a future it can even be expanded on numerous dangers in the map, a bigger and obstaculised one should be thought. Congratulations to the team.

Really like the visual style, the doom-type-3D is something i always loved. Congratulations to the team.

Thanks man, already posted a comment on it. It means a lot.

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Hello, rogue-likes are my favourite game genre and i would like to have a team or even just a programmer to work on something.

**I'm looking for people with GOOD VIBES, COMPROMISE AND LOVE for the inmortalization, within multiple alternative timelines, of the emotions and art that games carry...
(**what the fuck)

Hit me up in discord if you're interested on looking for my artwork and music, everything i do i do it with deep love and passion, even though i realize i have a lot to learn as i just made a couple of games for jams. As you may have guessed, english is not my main language but i feel comfy enought to talk through calls and stuff.

-> fela#9204

I like'd it. Yea it's kinda slow, but is its way to express the art and the game idea. The game balances this by making short levels, and very well designed may i say. The position of windows in dead ends showing the objective, a new door that just opened or path you didn't saw.

Love how there's absolutly no interaction besides the buttons and then they give you a pipe or whatever, then i started smashing everything. A well done experience.

Helloo ! I was looking to download your game, maybe?

Love it. The idea of multiple weapons makes me change the strategy between the enemy types.

Thank you very much for the reply! Yes, i'm all set now. I'll look for that code! Really wanna expand my knowledge on programming, more if it's about musical stuff because as a musician it's cool to know how to do those musical details that make the difference. Sadly i just gave up on C# because looks like my brain can't even go 50%, and started with LOVE2D's Lua, not sure if it's the right path but i can always go back. Logic seems the same on most of languages though, so i'll see wich i can fit more into.

Thank you again, and congrats on going live in the GMTK video ! You guys really deserve it. Even a port to mobile i would say can cause quite a success.

Indeed I am, dunno how to PM through here, but my discord is fela #9204. I'll be glad to help.

Man, the narrative is pure gold. Impressive cinematic intro you have there. Combat by turns are not my thing, but the story got me enought to keep playing. Keep on, this game rocks.

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Love the amount of detail :) The narrative style fits good and creates a personality for each character. When i killed all of the enemies almost thought that the last one was some kind of boss or something haha! Would had given an interesting sense of danger. Good work, and damn that ending, a well done cutscene.

Thanks man, i'm really glad you like it and get it through the end. Yea the ending maybe was a little off, i really wanted to make an emotional link between the animals and the player, but it's not as easy as i thought it would be, so i just made a memorial in the credits to have something for the ending. A cutscene with animations was something that was on my mind too, and would have been better must say, but with inexperience and short time it's best i could get. Thanks again for playing the game.

Indeed i already saw that video, music really is a vital piece for videogames. Thanks for the explanation, however (as my intentions are to implement a algorythm in a future that can detect when, for example, the fourth bar of the song is ending), i still have one doubt: how did you make the queue to wait for the song compass? It's there a counter in parallel to detect them in seconds along the song? Or actually there ain't any of this and my brain is just playin'?  lol

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Thanks! It's been a ride doing all the art in a week. Yea, gotta say that the grid and the tileset could have a little more synergy with the jump height and general size of the sheep. Besides that, love the result we got from my partner and I. Glad you like the music too, indeed i did it with much love, trying to empathize the moments and creating an emotion to the levels. Hope in a future to be able to crossfade between tracks and stuff.

Gotta say level 3 was hard to get to some people of mine too. The posibility of the chicken being above the sheep is a game mechanic that was never explicit to the player. If you liked the music, would love you to pass level 3, the music it's a whole thing with different emotions divided through the levels.

Really like it... animations could do a better work at making the enviorment and the player be more alive, but it's a 10/10 in concept. If you want my feedback, personally for me the tutorial was a little clunky, i was kinda trapped and the space bar didn't obey the tutorial dialoges, and i think the sound of a correct command and a wrong one could have been a unique for each, would help to get information with other senses. For three days, i gotta say it's perfect though.

I'm an animator and a musician, so if anyone's looking to make a game i would love to help, as i'm looking to start something any of these days to get something going on. My last game can be found in my profile, though it does not really reflect very well my animations, as the camera design don't make the characters get much detail.

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The sounds of the shapes are in the same key that the song's playing, uh? I just got stick in the third level playing the sounds like if it where a piano... what a beautiful way to do music. There seems to be an algorith for that ain't true?  Could you enlight me a bit more?

Love the game too, gotta say that the levels are very well done, who designed them got my respect, as well as the rest of the team. Very well done and deserves it's design rate indeed.

Thank you :)

Thanks for your kind worlds :) Had fun making the art. Sure i'm gonna give it a look !

Thanks man, glad you like the art and the game overall. Yea, there are a ton of things that couldn't get through the game, we had solid ideas but we didn't had the time to complete them (randomness in the attacks so the player couldn't predict them, and a phase two, for example). The lack of SFX was a bump, and the fact that the music is almost unhearable, and that there's not that second track i wanted to put in too, but well, we did manage to get some stuff done. A menu or UI would have been cool too, but with three days, even though Dread and I where rushing, it was indeed a complex idea to get in time. It's the first game i ever made, so i'm proud of it, and i already told Dread that whenever he likes we can continue it to get the things we liked most done, for the good of knowledge.

Really like it ! You made a reason behind the one-only theme and i like that (could say the grandpa' lore?). Fun puzzle game.

Glad you like my art ;) Sure, gonna try it and leave you my feedback.

I'm an artist and musician, can do something if you want.

I didn't had experience on game development before either, you know, this was my first jam. And so i'm grateful that, besides not making the game i expected, i did learn a lot of things, most of all the dicipline of getting things done and in time, waking up early and care about it. I'm currently looking for people with those intentions too, because i really enjoyed the experience. I'm a musician, and i love making sound effects and 2D art, so hit me if you wanna make something in the future.

My game in the jam if you want to look at my art is Bass Boss (don't know why can't paste urls in this site on phone x.x). I actually made a two tunes and made the sound effects but the programmer couldn' get it in time.

My discord is fela #9204, got a soundcloud for my music if you're interested.

Sorry to read that, it gotta suck to have companions like that. However you did manage to get far in just 12 hours. Not much of a game, but it is pretty, the game, the page and the art, i assure you that, looks polished and made with love.

Impressive that you did all by yourself, all in 48 hours or you had some things prepared? Music for example, is it yours?

Really cool man, keep on it, a good competent game, not sure if it's very "only one", but that's fun and bug-free as far as i playd it is.

Gotta love this one. Congratulations.

This is my favourite game from the jam yet. Congratulations, it is indeed fun.

Really like the concept, you got my originality rate. Now with this experience let's see if i really find my true love...

Sure ! My discord account is fela#9204

Add me and we can chat a little in a couple of hours.

This is the first jam i'm into, never made a game before should say, though i tried, the lack of compromise between my teams were killer, and i'm not a programmer so can't do all by myself. I'm good at game design, music and animation, speak spanish and english, looking forward to work with someone and have some fun.
Btw, love roguelike games like spelunky, towerclimb, and any hard as fuck couch coop. Platformers too.