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A thousand thanks! I tried your games too!

Thanks for the feedback! Probably after jam we will do some levels with a softer learning curve, there is no explanation of the game, so I think it's normal not to understand instantly!
We have included many effects for the wrong combinations, to make the game fun even in the defeat!
The sound part is still being worked on

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hey, some problems here! after the intro the game seems to be stuck on this screen, am i missing something?

Windows 64 bit version

Nice music and concept! The level design is well thought out

Hey thanks for the feedback! Yes, if three or more potions are stacked the conveyor doesn't have enough strength to move them!
We fix this in the next update!
For now, you can complete the level without stacking the potions! You are missing two levels to complete the demo ;)

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Hey! How is it going? There are less than 24 hours of voting left and there are so many entries yet to try!
We are looking for more feedback or suggestions for our game, if you would like to try it, this is the link
If I haven't already, I'll try your game (preferably WebGL)

A screenshot of the black screen I don't think would be useful, I made a 30 second video
Here it is:

Unfortunately we are two programmers and we have little experience with creating sounds, but we are trying to come up with something, thanks for playing and review!

Very nice! maybe a stamina bar can help 

I'm sorry, I don't think I understand the game. When I press the button everything goes black and sometimes the image never reappears ... 
Anyway the non euclidean space are so cool and the graphics choice is very nice!

Really nice! Very nice, simple and with excellent visual and sound effects

The game has some really nice retro-game vibes!

Our fault :) the game needs to be more explicit! We try to do better in the next update

Yes, the old wizard have a little dependency from potions, and he cannnot stop to drunk before sleep.
He needs to drink all potions, even the most dangerous ones

Hey thanks for the feedback! any chance of a screenshot of the problem? To finish the levels you have to consume all the potions in the right order, avoiding killing the magician

Thanks for the feedback! We have fixed the overlapping! You have to drunk the potions in the right order to end the level without kill the mage :)

Very nice! I just found a little bug, if you break the left wall at first you fall indefinitely.
The explosions are great!

I really appreciate the game, the use of the limitation and the theme!

I love how you used unity 2d lights

Nice submission!
I really appreciate the metaphor behind the concept:

"Our hero tries again and again to erode the painful details of his life to gray, blinding himself, hurting himself, and making his life harder in the process." 

I really enjoyed the very simple concept, the use of the theme and the limitation

Simply fantastic! Perfect use of limitation

love it! simple and funny

Nice platformer, put some screenshots on the itch page :)

Oh, maybe i better understand your problem! you can zoom in and out with scroll weel on pc or with pinch on mobile devices

Can you send me a screenshot? I haven't updated the game in a long time and it sure has a lot of problems, but it's my first time hearing this. On which platform / device have you tried it?
Anyway, t
hanks for your time and for trying the game!

Thanks a lot for this comment!

I've been working on the inclusion of more heroes for a while.
But I had several side effects for which I postponed this update.

The idea of remote interactions is very interesting! I'll do some tests!

Oh, wow! Thanks a lot! 

The goal of the game Is to bring the two Heroes together... Even if one dies 😁

Really nice! maybe you could add a button to save and download the most beautiful models!

Same here! 

I have relased a demo with main mechanic, but the theme heritage wich inspired my game require a difficult part that require me much time..

I think that's ok release only a concept for the jam purpose.

Next weekend i will try to finish and update with the heritage part