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Thanks, glad you liked it. About the "coins", the idea was that the main objective of the game is to get as much points as possible, but in the first build, I hadn't time to make a best score indicator or something like that to make it more clear.

Very original idea, a nice visuals, great game :)

Nice, really interesting level design, a fun and challenging experience :)

Great game, really polished and a nice idea, I really enjoyed this one :)

Great game, I really liked the concept, and the music is amazing :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, and about A/D bug, for some reason, I didn't relize it was inverted, because I always tested it with the arrows, anyway, thanks for you review :)

I love this game, the visuals beautiful visuals, the unusual but pleasant colot pelette, the amazing music, the polished and challenging gameplay. My favorite game of the jam so far. Great Job.

I really enjoyed this game, great use of the theme and nice questions :

This was a magical experience...

Thank you for creating this...

I really like how dynamic the game feels, and the effects are really good.
Great job! :)

Thanks for the comment!

I think the SMO gunshen thing is a really good idea, I'll probably do something similar in a game in the future...

Regarding the bug of the moving platforms, it is an exclusive bug of the web version, which I did not have time to fix, but in the windows version it works properly.

And, I hope you enjoyed the game! :)

I love the typing mechanics, it makes you have to be constantly moving your hands, and having to pay attention to the keyboard, the mouse and the screen at the same time. 

One of the most interesting and fun games of jam! :)

Thank you :)

This game is amazing, I love the art style and the gameplay is simple, but well executed. For me, one of the best games of the jam...

I really like the sprites, and the controls feels really good :)


Nice game, I really like the style and the gameplay :)

Really good game, it feels nice to control and I specially like the color palette :)

Nice title

The controls are interesting, and the game is very fun. Good job! :)

This games is amazing, the effects, the artstyle, the music... One of the best games of the jam...

I really like the artstyle :)

The artstyle is amazing, and the concept is very interesting... Great job! :)

Interesting concept and nice effects, good job! :)

Nice game, I like the excessive amount of effects :)

Thank you!

The concept is amazing, and the cover art is beautiful, one of the best games of the jam...

I quite like sprites and effects, nice game :)

I really like the presentation and the artistic style, good work :)


I loved this game, the puzzles are very well designed and the presentation is very well done, great job! :)

This game is amazing! I loved the art style and the implementation of the theme, at first it is a bit difficult to control, but then it becomes quite comfortable and satisfying, a very good game, great job! :)

I really like the art style and the implementation of the theme, great work! :)

This game is great, the music, the art and the setting, some levels were a bit difficult, but overall a very good game, great job! :)

This game is amazing, the music and the art are great, probably the best of the whole jam, if it weren't for the bugs out there, it would be basically perfect, but anyway a very good job, despite everything it is still a amazing game :)

Thank you!

I love the originality of the concept and the puzzles :)

Nice, I really like the idea and the artstyle :)

Nice, I like the visuals :)

I loved the art style :)