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Nice :)


(Parece ser que hablas español así que lo escribiré en español...) Es un muy buen juego, es simple y muy bien hecho, el diseño de niveles esta bastante bien y con una dificultad elevada pero no imposible, muy buen juego :)


not the best puzzle game but its funny, a little easy to my opinion...

Me sorprende que solo hayan solo dos comentarios en este juego que ademas son de la misma persona... xd

Amazing game :)

Amazing game, I love the idea :)

This is beautiful :)

Thanks :)

Thanks you :)

Thanks for your review!  And I'll try to fix that in to the future :)

Thanls for your review, I'll try to dolve that on the future and if you want to see the complete game you can skip the levels with the key "L" :)

The art of this game is amazing :)

Amazing :)

Amazing :)

Marvelous game, The presentation is amazing and the main character reminds me of Yung Venuz :)

Thank you very much, these words always make you happy and it may make it a complete game in the future :)

Amazing game and effects :)

Wonderful game and concept :)

Amazing game :)

Amazing presentation and concept :)

Splatoon was here...

Really nice game :)

This is amazing :)

NIce game, I love the artistic style and the effects

nice game :)

Nice game and amazing art :)

NIce, its like a google doodle :)

NIce game, the art is amazing and the controls are fluid :)

this is so beautiful :)

Nice, the art is beautiful but the controls are upgradeable :)

Thanks, next time I will make sure all objects can be distinguished from the background :)

Beautiful art :)

Nice game and amazing art :)

Thank you!

Nice idea and this Reimu is beautiful :)


Oh I had not thought ... for the next I will add one :)

Amazing :)