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Spinners, Crushers and a Health system have been added to the game. The only thing that gives one-hit kills now is the Crusher. You do not want to be under this thing when the alarm sounds.

Still looking for your feedback, too.

Also, work is about to shift from gameplay to custom assets instead of the current "starter content" and spheres and cones used for prototyping thus far.

Unique downloads and re-downloads should be separated in our developer's dashboards. These could be classified as "Downloads" and "Updates". By lumping updated downloads into the regular download numbers our stats are getting diluted. While I might have, say, 20 downloads, if 10 of those went to users downloading to the itch.io desktop app, and then those same 10 users had a game update downloaded by the app, I've still only really had 10 actual downloads, even though TECHNICALLY it's been downloaded 20 times.

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The itch app currently updates our games when a new one is present. This, however, is counted as a download in our development dashboards. I'd much rather see this as a separate "updates" listing than diluting the actual download counter. Save the "Downloads" counter for unique downloads and list "Updates" downloads separately.

I have a game that's an Early Access release that's available for distribution here and as I make updates and enhancements to the game I upload my newer builds here and make an update note in the description with the date and the changes that are in the newer version. It'd be great to have somewhere to post version updates on the main game page itself, though.

Created a new topic Update and Release Notes
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This thread is for updates and release notes on newer versions of the download as they become available. If you're having an issue with the game, please check here to see if there is a newer version that has been uploaded that already mentions the problem you're having.

UPDATE 4/11: Updated the game with enhancements to the hunter bot behavior and also changed the levels where the hunter bots enter (now 3) and the guardians (now 5).

UPDATE 4/17: Added Spinners and Crushers into the mix to hinder the player. Had a problem where the spinners would knock the player out of the level, but I think that's fixed. If you run into that at all, let me know right away. It's not happening here anymore, so I think it's good. Also added a Health system so that the only one-hit kill is the crusher. You do NOT want to be under that thing.

It'd be great for us developers to have feedback on the number of times our games have been launched through the itch app.

It's great to know that it's been downloaded, but it'd be great to have data on how much it gets played.

A new updated build has been uploaded for Labyrinth Larry.

This new build (added on 4/11) addresses a few issues with the behavior of the hunter bots, and also introduces the hunters and guardians at earlier levels than the previous builds. (Hunters now appear on level 3, and guardians appear on level 5 now.)

Thank you for taking the time to download and evaluate the current version of Labyrinth Larry! Please take a minute and leave your thoughts (good or bad) on the current state of the game, and things you would like to see. (Gameplay elements, items, features, etc...)

We care about your opinions and want to make a game that is both fun and challenging!

Thank you!



In order to gain insight into the viability and interest in the game we have released our Early Access Alpha for FREE for the first month. What we would like in return is to get comments and suggestions from the community on current gameplay, things they'd like to see, and problems that they may have.

The game will still be available after this early access solicitation, but for a fee, so get it now while you can!