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Labyrinth Larry Early Access

A topic by fameca GAMES created Apr 08, 2016 Views: 297 Replies: 2
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In order to gain insight into the viability and interest in the game we have released our Early Access Alpha for FREE for the first month. What we would like in return is to get comments and suggestions from the community on current gameplay, things they'd like to see, and problems that they may have.

The game will still be available after this early access solicitation, but for a fee, so get it now while you can!


A new updated build has been uploaded for Labyrinth Larry.

This new build (added on 4/11) addresses a few issues with the behavior of the hunter bots, and also introduces the hunters and guardians at earlier levels than the previous builds. (Hunters now appear on level 3, and guardians appear on level 5 now.)

Spinners, Crushers and a Health system have been added to the game. The only thing that gives one-hit kills now is the Crusher. You do not want to be under this thing when the alarm sounds.

Still looking for your feedback, too.

Also, work is about to shift from gameplay to custom assets instead of the current "starter content" and spheres and cones used for prototyping thus far.