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Separate "update" downloads from new downloads

A topic by fameca GAMES created Apr 20, 2016 Views: 217 Replies: 1
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Unique downloads and re-downloads should be separated in our developer's dashboards. These could be classified as "Downloads" and "Updates". By lumping updated downloads into the regular download numbers our stats are getting diluted. While I might have, say, 20 downloads, if 10 of those went to users downloading to the desktop app, and then those same 10 users had a game update downloaded by the app, I've still only really had 10 actual downloads, even though TECHNICALLY it's been downloaded 20 times.

Agree 100% - this is really a must have for knowing how many unique downloads you have. I really think someone on the itch team needs to take a look at implementing this feature.

I would also suggest that the analytics reports be aggregated by your local time zone rather than GMT.