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I love Disco Elysium, but frankly, the idea that there is something similar with all this amnesia and alcohol stuff didn't occur to me at a time of developing. And that's weird!


Well, I'm looking forward to it as well :D 

That was an original take – didn't expect to find a story about botanists, but with a "twist". I liked the narration and story really hooked me.

A bit that I didn't like – some options don't really tell what will happen. Like, the clear example is with "Call/Text", where first will get to an ending where you're going to tell everyone about the experiment and the other – leads to "Ignore" ending. I think, choices can show a clearer intention so it wouldn't surprise player with an outcome.

Anyway, that's a really nice work, thanks!

This is a very nice story with really sweet art and it's about a powerful magical cat, what else do you need :3
I liked it!

Btw, I've noticed that little Yawhg reference but funny that a good ending doesn't really require stats – you need knowledge.

And I'm glad that you enjoyed it! 

Oh, sorry to hear about your episodes! I don't have any experiences like that myself but it happened in the family – and it was frightening even to hear about that. One thing is fainting, and another – when body/brain *does* something without your knowledge, and you can't predict when, and no one around can notice that something's off.

That was pretty dreamy, beautiful description, light air-like atmosphere – you’ve catched the essence very well.

Was a bit afraid that I won’t find any endings, but just circling around I found new paths, and got Escaped ending in the end. 

Thanks and nice work!

I kinda hoped that this is what this story about and I wasn’t disappointed.

That was a nice collection of melancholic,  bittersweet stories from the end of it all, I liked reading through them. Completed the game twice just to get more (and tried hard to remember what calls I’ve accepted on a previous playthrough :D)

Very good work, thank you a lot!

That was a blast! (Or not, if you didn’t press that button)

I adore this ironic atmosphere – I just love deciding on people’s destinies in a totally not serious narrative, so was hooked immediately and laughed a lot!

Very nice work, thanks, Leader bless you!

Thank you a lot for your kind words! :) That's really great to here and I'm glad that "blackout" mechanic worked towards tension in your playthrough (as because of its randomness I can't be sure if it will hit or miss with a player).

I'm very glad you liked it!

And by "blocked" you mean you stuck in the game? Then it's sad to hear, at some point I've really started thinking that a miracle happened and there are no game-stopping bugs there :(

It's really written well, it was a pleasure to read and it was fun. 

But, I'd probably like more interactivity for this – after all, you have a genie here and fourth wall is broken, just get loose!

Finally, I was always thinking in "what if time loop will suddenly stop working" direction, like how do you know, it's magic, you can't predict the magic rules! 

I liked how it's brief, simple and gets to the point very quickly – I think, that's the best recipe for jams where people should play into a bunch of games. 

A little thing I would wish for is that a good ending could use more "knowledge"... though, if you didn't want to make much of a puzzle from it intentionally, then it's probably okay, because there's a really small chance that any player will get this in 2 runs because he'll obviously try all these different options.

So thanks for this game, it entertained me a lot in such a small time!

P.S. And yeah, this year "time loop" theme is really booming.

Thanks! I was a bit afraid to have a long introduction, but I've really wanted to change pacing several times in order to at least somehow hide where everything goes. 
And I'd really wish to have a bit more time to have more suspects, so red herring part would be less obvious.

Most games, I would take it, because it's there, but I had just burnt some documents because I had a lighter
Thanks for that, as it's really what I've wanted to achieve – create a little paranoia, where you start to not only think of a solution to a "puzzle" but also about "how not to ruin everything". (Still, once again, I would've done better with my current knowledge of how to deal with these blackouts)

About a list of choices – totally agree with you, and even thought to divide rooms by some sort of regions, but I was afraid that it would just make movement around the station more difficult. What I've also could do – make some notes about what to do, so player would have at least some thoughts about "why the hell do I need to go there". 

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it was really insightful!

Yeah, at first we’ve wanted to make a transition from a detective to a horror slasher, but time was really running out!

Thanks for a feedback, I hope you’ll manage to get that ending :) (sadly, it requires to do one specific action and not only that, should’ve had more approaches)

Ooh, I liked that and tried out different endings. 
It's pretty original and I've managed to immerse myself, to get that tension a bit.
Thanks for your work!

That's a really nice game, I very liked the descriptions of streets and alleys of Berlin, very authentic, I felt the atmosphere. 
Can't even guess what's happening in all endings – I've managed to escape from the first time (don't know what I would do if didn't take that ID card, I hope you can escape with other approaches).
Great work!

Hm, I think that shouldn't be the whole story?

That was a sweet one with very-very cute pictures. 
I liked the lightheartedness of the story: it made me smile and laugh a couple times for sure.
Nice work! (And sad it's only in Russian and not everyone can enjoy it)

That was sweet!
I liked the format with a bunch of little stories with totally different characters (reminded me a bit of Monster Prom for that reason?).
A bit sad, though, that if you got to a "wrong" person, you won't get a good score – I think, it would be great to have a chance to get out of any situation with a right approach.

Anyway, great job!

Played it on the first day (first game on the jam – that was intriguing).
I liked the story – beautifully formatted, pleasant to read and a nice, unusual "twist" in the end.
Though, really would like to see more interactivity and game reactions on your choices.
Nice work!

That's what you get when you start from the mechanic idea and only then think of a setting to go with it :)

Thanks a lot for a feedback!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Nice work with two languages! I've figured out too late that doesn't allow you to play 2 HTML files on one page and fitting RU to the build wasn't feasible in a short time. Hence, two pages for one game. 

(1 edit)

Yep, that's a really great idea (I've wanted to publish files anyway).

Here's our files for The Blackout:

This stuff could be prettier sometimes, but time wasn't in my favour, really.
Somehow to excuse part of the mess and constant checks in the game:
Main goal was to create random blackouts that happen throughout the game – after a blackout something should happen and game shouldn't show even a line of text –  that's why every time after time passes in the game it should have a check on action that character should do in a Offline state.  And that's why there are two knowledge states that needed to be managed – things character know he did and everything that happened. (Though, frankly, system is there but there's no real need for it – I quickly made blackouts into a gimmick as it wasn't enough time for me to figure out something grander)

Phew, that was a long ago, so maybe I'm missing something here... but mostly Church in the game is all about "sacrifices". So if you send people to jail or execute them, they would be satisfied. If you found a "bad" one, they will be satisfied even more. 
From my memory, pleasing People is a more difficult task, as they want justice. That's why it's not reasonable to execute everyone but think of other means too, depending on people's sins (even if they sound stupid).

Hope that could help. And thanks for playing, by the way!

Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it.

Well, Ending 2 is the easiest one, and you can even reach it three different ways... but it's nothing important, just another silly ending. 
But you can find it if you'll look for an exit in the bedroom ;)

Yep, we miss such adventures in daily life :D

Well, the idea I had in my head that even if everyone will totally believe him... there is no way someone will find a cure so fast. The only thing I could really do — let the player avoid a bite and see how it goes from there. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Oh my gosh! I couldn't expect that anyone will react on that small story at all (being pessimistic and stuff) but making a one-hour long walkthrough? That was very cool and I couldn't resist to watch it whole.

Mostly, I've seen the parts that were not clear or just annoying and tiresome (and some of this I thought I've fixed, but probably there was something with my last build uploading).

And I'm very sorry for this question mark on "Good ending". I know I would do the same as you and will look for GOOD ending, but the initial idea was that this story can't have a good ending because you can't scream "hey, I'm a zombie" and expect everyone will believe you. So yeah, technically Ending 5 is a good one because... you save the world from yourself! But there is no chance to save and yourself too and that is why it's not so good as you can expect. 

But... I will update this story with other branches at some point, because I've wanted to explore different ways for this to develop, and who knows where it will lead. But video of Danny should be a key asset at this point :D

Thanks for this video and for your time! It was fun to watch and to see player's thinking in action (especially when it leads to making right choices), and also to notice examples of my probably far from perfect English!

Hi! Thanks!
Yeah, it was one of ideas to show the absurdity of situation. That's why it's not even about real "crimes" and more like  finding a reason to count it as a crime.

Sandbox is a good idea that is totally doable and would be an option in the future (that will come, I hope). 

New cities is a nice feature, but we need to explain it story-wise (not a big deal) but differentiate them gameplay-wise. But who knows. 

Thanks again for feedback!