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Trevor H (Facemelting Solos)

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I wish we could have finished this. It was starting to get really creepy!

(Snaps fingers) Rats!

Just wondering if there was a discord server for this jam?

Thank you!

The art is massively cute. The boss looked great. Love the lighting torch mechanic.

I love metroidvanias, so you got me right off the bat.

As far as improving, really it's all about time and play testing which we don't have as much during these jams. The controls and collisions get a little wonky at times, I'm sure you're aware. Many times I got stuck on corners, that kinda thing. I mostly just blame playing on the keyboard, haha!

The music is nice. Seamless looping except for the boss. Some of the sound effects could be raised/lowered in volume. Like, the landing is much louder than the jumping and can end up being a bit distracting.

Again, everything is great so far, these are just little nitpicks.

I will try when I get back to my home computer with the comfortable chair and keyboard, haha!

Honestly, the first boss, hahaha! I am not good at all with these kinds of games.

Yay, controller support!

Artwork is once again fantastic. Feels good to play, though sometimes I have no idea where I'll be landing next! Quite a few leaps of faith.

The sound is massively adorable and the theme is very catchy. Love the development of it as well, super nice touch.

Little trouble with the inventory. I tended to use the mouse for that. Not sure if a cursor for the controller never showed up or if I just didn't know what I was doing, haha! But for real, solid, solid stuff.

I love the presentation! The art style is so cute, and everything is so bouncy. I started by trying to play it with my track pad, lol. Not advisable! XD Much easier with the mouse. I also got a lot of lag with projectiles, but then right now I'm on my ancient laptop watching dogs far away from my beast computer at home so that might be the reason.

First off, nice to hear your music! Those extended chords coupled with the simple catchy melodies are perfect for getting that vibe. Really liking the color palette, too. Feels good to play, and it reminds me of ye olde days playing these kinds of games in the arcade. Now, I am terrible at these games, but for some reason I still find them fun, haha! Nice work.

Everything is so solid here. The main idea is interesting, the presentation is great and the writing kept me going. Can't believe you were able to work in voice acting too. Very cool indeed.

The idea of riding on killer whales is really cute. Game got challenging really quickly. Reminds me of old-school arcade games in that respect. I got wrecked as soon as the purple orbs started showing up, haha!

Wow, these designs are spectacularly cute! Story makes sense in that extremely cartoony way. 

Rhythm games are a ton of fun for me, though in this case my wrist started hurting after a while, haha! I'm sure if given the time it could have controller support and use the 4-button layout. I could totally see this expanded with several more types of rhythm games to break up the levels.

Soundtrack is all bangers!

Hey there! Just what it says in the title. I'm a composer (and occasional sound designer) and want to do more stuff. You can check the games out on my page if you'd like.

I'm looking to join a team who wants to make something with a very specific vibe. Maybe something like this piece I wrote, or maybe something in the weird 70's metal fantasy or maybe extremely 90's? Whatever it is, if you have a clear vision of what you want I'd love to be a part of that team. If you'd like to hear more you can listen to the list on my itch page OR you can check out this link here.

I'm already on the Discord chat. Come say hi!

Your first game? You should be stoked! My wife and I made our first game only a couple months ago. It's so much work, especially for a musician who barely scraped by on math! It's a lot easier when you split the responsibilities, haha! You'll get the hang of how long each thing takes and stuff will smooth out the more you make. Good luck and keep plugging away!

There's not much here, but I love the idea that training is her mana and buffness is her magic, haha! That's awesome! Good luck learning Unity and English! You already know French so English shouldn't be too hard. Have you thought of using Godot? I know a lot of people from Europe have been using it recently, just in case you wanted to try another option.

I don't know how anyone would be able to write something of this quality and then make it into a game so quickly. Very good job. The messed up characters gave me an almost "that episode of Bojack Horseman" vibe.  Not showing or understanding the magical creatures was a great idea. Makes you feel like even though you're doing the right thing, it might be wrong. Keep writing!

Aw man, I was stoked to see what the gameplay was gonna be like! Well, I suppose that's a good sign. As it stands, it was pretty fun collecting the characters. I'm sure if you had time you would have fleshed everything out. Fun to play what was there, though!

Nice start for a full adventure you have here. One gameplay point: the gold was challenging to read against the pink background. Everything else was nice and easy to read.

Oh wow, thank you so much!

You ever hear of programmer art? I got musician programming!😂

Haha, nice!

Music can be hard. The struggle is real, my friend! Real but fun!

Dang, this is a lot of fun! You're right, it's like a stealth Pac-Man. It gave me memories of playing through Rambo III on the Genesis/Mega Drive, honestly. Thanks for reaching out to me, it was a lot of fun!

When I saw the artwork for this in the discord I HAD to play it. I love that weird, late 60's/early 70's psychedelia. It's challenging, cool, weird, funky and makes me want to make some bizarre early 70's-esque psychedelic metal. Rock on!

This was a lot of fun to work on, thanks for reaching out! Also, my brother got angry at it cause he wasn't very good, haha! 

Lots of fun for me though. Reminds me of when I was a very little kid plunking quarters into games at Showbiz Pizza.

Gameplay is a lot of fun, though I got stuck pretty hard on that level where you have to make that thing go across the moving platforms with the buttons! The art is very cute, and I think I know which pieces of music your brother wrote!

As a side note, isn't it cool to work with your siblings? I've done a few albums with my brother and it's just so cool to make something together.

I thought the sprites were awesome. I would expect a full game to make use of them a ton. Really cool art direction there. Love the combination of magical girl and zombie, haha! I think we could all use more of that, right? Great use of vocaloid rock. Made me want to play along.

I'm not the biggest turn-based fan, so the gameplay wasn't really my thing, but it all worked together.

Gamepad support? Instant high marks from me, haha!

As others have said, the difficulty is a little here and there, though with the gamepad it makes way more sense. Still, that final boss' machine gun is a little hard to doge. Really, I think a lot of it is more finessing than major changes.

Using Godot engine? More high marks! I love its audio implementation. I can't wait until we get better 3d audio implementation, though. Still, it's getting better all the time!

I like the idea, magical girl plus gritty realism. That soundtrack would be all over the place. Ina good way, haha! Lots of fun. Wish there was more.

You can power jump? How does one do this?

You did this in how short a time?! OMG! This is so thought out. Love the WRPG elements. Not something I expected to see in a magical girl jam, but welcome. So much dialogue and world building. It's impressive. Also impressed you were able to fit together the orchestral and metal tracks. Of course it'd be easier to tell the story with a score meant for it, but it's working well here.

As far as the gameplay goes, I had some difficulty telling how close I needed to be in order to hit the enemies. Also, I don't know what to do at the storming the keep battle, oops! I'm just running around now.

Still, can't believe the amount of work here. Good job.

Wow, taking something on like a visual novel/RPG is a huge undertaking! The amount of writing, testing, editing and rewriting you've taken on is commendable. The other thing that's commendable is the art. There's this soft 70's vibe I can't quite put my finger on. It's probably the way you draw cheeks, it's refreshing.

Everything shows a lot of promise! Keep plugging away!

I like the idea of a 2.5d brawler. You're using Godot? Have you participated in the Wild Jam that happens once a month? That Discord server is really awesome if you ever want to join.

The game was pretty chill until that section with six of those scissor mouth blobs. They wrecked me!

It's not a bug. It's MAGIC!✨🌈✨

Will do!👍

Lots of fun! This is the type of game I would sink a lot of time into. I love the accordion and string combo in the music. It sounds like real instruments which makes me happy, of course. There is no mistaking the vibe. I had only one issue where I got stuck in the ceiling for a little bit, oops! Other than that, pretty smooth sailing and good challenge level.

I didn't get upstairs, haha! My LucasArts training kicked in and I asked to go upstairs over and over to get new dialogue.

Now this is some magical girl stuff.

Everything is looking good and playing smoothly. One or two things to check out when you get to finishing up the whole version: it's occasionally difficult to tell where to go as far as where the door is located (front of the school and the stairs leading up to the roof), so if there's a way visually to be able to tell (shadows or something) that could really help. And the music doesn't loop perfectly. I'm not sure if that's an issue from exporting the sound or an issue with the engine. Sounds good despite this little hiccup.

Good luck on finishing and polishing up the full version!

Also, totally agree there should be a discord.

Commander Keen! Yes, that was the other game I was thinking of!

Polish! Holy cow! The art style reminds me of lazy summers playing Alex Kidd. The gameplay is solid, you have spells to collect (you know I found heal and fireball!), it's easy to index jumps even when you're offscreen. I only had a few issues with the double jump, but that may be due to my keyboard and inability to play on one, haha! I also caught a typo at the end where you said "game jame" instead of "game jam." No biggies at all.

You did the music too? If you're ever looking to join forces in the future (only if you don't have time to make your own) give me a call! I'm impressed with the absurd amount of work you put into this. Congrats!

I got some serious allegory of the cave vibes going at times. There are some really cool bits in this game. I did have a couple of hang ups here and there (one clipping issue that solved itself and one time where the camera panned away and I had to find myself back to it, though that might been intentional). I wish this could keep going, because I like the strangeness.

That really is an extraordinary vase.

Haha! I felt like I had fallen asleep watching some weird adult swim show. The bathroom dialogue and upstairs dialogue were great. The music was also right up there and made me laugh when it kept on going, but I did wish it changed with the scenes. Doing something takes a few seconds after you click so I didn't know if I had clicked on something or not. Also the cursor would change in between the normal mouse pointer and crosshair.

I finished a lot of it, but I don't know what else to put in the potion to finish it. I put in that pink stuff, mushrooms and flowers, but I don't know what else. Gahhhh!