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Dude, this is f****ng awesome....

A very interesting concept, I think if you add even more fun interactions here, it will be a cool timekiller!

Thank you for your feedback, your words are very motivating! It's great to hear that our visual efforts have been received so well! We have some plans to continue this project in the future.

Thank you so much for your feedback! A lot of great comments. We already have a couple of ideas on how to make the character's passage through the doors more convenient. The intermittency of the camera was found out only after the build under Webgl, there may be problems with the movement scripts. But with regard to the third proposal, there are many solutions and we are still thinking about the most optimal one.

A good solution was to do not instant movement on the mouse pointer, but with the accumulation of acceleration. It turned out smoothly, and with enough challenge.My record is 54 seconds

Simple but cute and addictive game. I really like this retro palette and working with the visual in general. Cool!

The overall atmosphere is wonderful. To be honest, I did not immediately understand the management, but in the course of it it became more clear to me what and how. It's interesting to look at this as a full project in the future, if you have plans for it.

Wow! I like this art. An interesting solution in the overall style of the game and the environment.

The concept that this is all a big show I really like. It looks like an interesting timekiller, in which you want to play on the way home or to work. It would really be interesting to see how this idea could develop.

One of the few turn-based games that are really interesting on this Jam. Excellent work, good visual and style. Such a game is easy to imagine as a big game in the steam, if you add more narrative, plot and some new small mechanics.

An unusual idea, even if it doesn't quite fall into the restriction. The controls are very entertaining and make the game interesting, but it seems to me that the camera rotation should not occur when the character rotates.

An unusual idea, even if it doesn't quite fall into the restriction. The controls are very entertaining and make the game interesting, but it seems to me that the camera rotation should not occur when the character rotates.

A simple but interesting game! The advantages are quite dynamic gameplay and a pleasant soundtrack. But I think the control can be slightly adjusted, for example, so that the movement of the camera coincides with the movement of the mouse.

Very nice. The gameplay seemed a little confusing, but I like how it's done! If the game will be in the future guide, it will be very cool.

Nice gameplay, the game controls are responsive and very docile, which is important for a platformer, especially runner. The only thing that is visually difficult to look at the character, as it merges with the background and the eyes start to hurt a little. The music and audio are cool too!

It's just amazing! I can't believe you did it in 72 hours. Definitely the most beautiful game on this jam. The gameplay is simple and pleasant. The atmosphere is just super! I really hope that after the jams you will make your big game on sites like Steam

addictive! Reminds me of a couple of old games under MsDOS where you also need to destroy, kill, and accumulate points for passing. The graphics are simple, but it doesn't need any more, everything looks very cool and cool! But I did not quite understand why the gray square on the top-right

The bees are fricking awesome hahah. It is a pity that there is no version for mobile devices, it seems to me that this game would be perfect for swipes and screen touches

Something unusual, I like it. Most of all, I was interested in the art and the general atmosphere of the game. This makes the game even more enjoyable!

Cute and easy I like it! The gameplay is clear and quite addictive. Nice! I would add at the starting stages some more types of beetles, which for example can not be touched.

A very complex game with wide mechanics! To do this in 72 hours is really impressive. I'm interested to see what you could make of this game if you had more time :)

Interesting gameplay, I like it! As already mentioned, it would look great as a mobile game, fast, dynamic and interesting. The only thing that really scared me was the sound of handclaps, hahaha

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback!

Controlling is still one of the most interesting that I have seen on this jam. The dynamics do not allow you to relax and this is really cool. Nice! If this is really your first game, then I think you need to keep developing your skills., because for the first time it's really fun to play! :)

An interesting idea and the visual part is very nice. Rogelike on the contrary haha. It seemed to me that sometimes there are too many enemies, but otherwise, this idea can be very well developed.

I really like the style hahaha. A little lacking in dynamics, but otherwise very unusual and interesting.

The game has great potential. I like the visual, as well as the idea in terms of gameplay. The only thing that catches your eye is that in the beginning it is quite easy to get lost and the game does not immediately give you a chance to play, you need to spend a little time searching for what you need to interact with. I think if you give the player a faster immersion in the mechanics, it will be super cool!


I like the gameplay, it creates a sense of competition and a constant desire to go further and further. I really hope that in the future you will be able to add more gameplay elements to the game, maybe like some improvements or bonuses, then it will look even more delicious.

Heu... this is really unusual. Constant knocking in the background, the effect when the eye looks at you create a slight sense of danger, just what you need for this game. Visually, it looks very good, as well as gameplay.

Fun, art and gameplay just like in the old flash games. I love this!

There are many good games on the jam, and they are all good in their own way. But here the game itself looks very solid (in a very good sense of the word). The combination of graphics, audio and gameplay makes it complete, well-developed and enjoyable. I'm amazed that it was done in just 72 hours, great job!

Thank you for the feedback! We have already planned a number of additions to this game to make moving in space more convenient, but still maintain a sense of challenge.

The graphics are wonderful, and first of all very well takes style. The palette is observed very competently. In addition, this kind of gameplay I see for the first time, which is also a super plus. I don't like playing cards, but here this mechanic is presented in a very interesting way.

Hardcore, but the idea of flashing the screen is interesting. It seems to me that if you refine it and make a smoother increase in complexity, then you can get an interesting thing

I love the turn-based action game and here it looks gameplay interesting. I really didn't have enough sounds or music, but I liked how exactly you revealed the theme of Courage, using it as a game mechanic. We tried to do something similar in our game.

Hardcore, but I like it. Post-processing looks very interesting and makes the effect of moving the character unusual, as if the camera is a little 3d. Of the minuses, I can probably only say that the font is too dark, otherwise it's cool.

The pitch is very impressive. The initial intro, the atmosphere in the game itself and the overall style I really like.

Text games rarely appear on the jam, but I like what you got. The story gives you enough choice and generally immerses you in the world quite well. Cool!

The styling and graphics are wonderful. I really like the cartoonishness with which everything that happens is served. The overall image of the character is very similar to Jim the worm, which is very cool.