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Thanks! Glad you like it

Just made a little cellular automaton over the last few days. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out with minimal effort. It's a grid system of cells that abide by a set of rules and interact with each other. Even just a handful of rules can create stunning results, the most famous example would be Conway's Game of Life. This simulation is inspired by Wireworld, a similar variant which allows for easy digital circuitry. You can even make logic gates and theoretically a computer within the simulation. The background grid is infinite and the game runs very fast, even with 18,000+ cells active. It's free, so go tell me what you think. I'll be adding some other colored cells and functions for them soon.

Hey, no worries. I used LÖVE2D, which is a framework for writing games in lua.

Looks really cool! Any camera panning?

Thanks, really glad you like it! When I was making/testing it I was leaving it running for days just to see how things ended up. Perhaps it's due for an update sometime.

Thanks! The goal is a live-action fantasy RPG. It will have an uncapped abilities and leveling system. New areas are procedurally generated when you approach the edge, making it an endless adventure. I'll be posting a combat demo soon, as well as other updates as the project progresses.

Evol's Sandbox is a fun little particle simulator I made over the last few weeks. It's available for purchase now, though I marked it as in development while I continue to add on to it. You can create caverns, erode soil, plant seed, grow roots and flowers, add fire, add a bee colony, make a waterfall, and more. If you ever played the "falling sand" or "sand game" old flash games, you'll probably like this. I'm still adding to it, so if you have a good idea for a new particles (like rain or frogs) or some other cool feature, let me know. I wanted to release this before I felt it was done because I want to see what everyone thinks about its direction. Other particle simulators tend to have emphasis on explosions, and others on nature. I want to develop new features in the direction that most everyone is interested in.

Hey everyone, I have just released my 4th evolution game, Polysporia. Click here to download it.

Organisms compete and fight for resources and survival. Over time, they evolve to match their environment in unique ways. Every time you play the game it is different, and you will never experience the same thing twice. I have created the physics engine from scratch and each organism has huge potential for complex movements and evolution.

By the way, it's free!

This is cool. What did you code this with?

These are great and worth the money. I would love an animation (or even just a single frame) where the character is hanging from a ledge by his hands. I think it would be very useful in a platformer.