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A topic by frankiezafe created Jan 13, 2020 Views: 46 Replies: 3
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Hello, i'm following evol pedal for a while now, and i'm frustrated that there is no linux build...
It would be great if you release a linux version! If you need help, i'd be happy to build it :)
All the best


Hello and thanks for reaching out. I'm actually on MX Linux myself. This version of Evolpedal was made with Love2d, so there isn't an easy way to package it for Linux and have it run the same everywhere. The reason being, when linux users update their version of love, which is required to run it that way, it can break the game. Some user's repositories are old and others are newer and the changes to the framework can sometimes be dramatic enough to totally break the game. In linux, it'll just tell you that it was made for a different version of Love2d. The game should run just fine with WINE. When I distribute for windows, the .exe has a copy of the relevant framework version and dll libraries, so it's portable. It unfortunately doesn't work that easy for linux.

So, for the time being, if you just would like to run the game on your distro, download the .exe and rename it to .love. Then run

sudo apt-get install love (or the equivalent for your distro)

to install the framework. Then, you should be able to just click the .love file and play.

That said, if you know how to make an AppImage, or have an idea of how I can make a similar, portable linux app out of this, I would love some help with that!

The newer version of Evolpedal (a 3D remake) that I'm working on is with Urho3d, which will let me much more easily distribute cross-platform, even to android, which is cool. Plus it's way faster.

wow, cool tip, the renaming to .love! thanks, it will be enough for me!
i'm using godot for the moment, for its editor, what is your feedback about urho3d?


Great! Glad that helps.

Well so far so good. Urho3d is very fast. You can use C++, Lua, and I think there is a C# variant. I'm specifically using it because I like Lua and was looking for something lightweight. I also don't use editors, and it's very simple for me to just code and run without compiling (because luajit). It does have an editor, though, but I haven't used it.

I think most people have trouble installing it from source and so it isn't very popular. After reading the documentation and scripting api over I have a pretty solid grasp on it. Everyone keeps saying it has clean and concise code and I'm inclined to agree. The built in gui/menu system is awesome. If you're looking for lots of examples and prefabs and stuff, stick with godot. Though the U3d community on discourse is pretty good about responding for support.

If you download the binaries, there's a folder with precompiled examples. They're a little silly but you'll be able to see how well they run on your machine. Godot was slower for sure when I used it. But I'm using integrated graphics on a laptop, yet still getting great 3d frame rates with u3d.

Might be worth checking out! Let me know what you end up making, I'd love to see it.