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Fast paced game play. Animations, sounds and mechanics are great! I recommend playing this one if you want to be kept on your toes.

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Yay! Thank you for taking the extra steps. It means a lot to me. I would think that once the health is fixed, it will be more about survival. I didn't want players to die over and over during the jam and ruin the vibe. Btw... your awsome!

Thank you for showing the playthrough. Any game with cactus gets a +1  =)

Great story!

cool game!

These levels kept me entertained for a good amont of time. I can see you being able to expand on this for sure.

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What's your high score? I like a good compatition.

Thanks! Easy fix =P

I realy enjoyed watching somone play your game.

You did a great job with this.

Very cool.


I am ready to fly! Let's warp outa here!

Game looks great.

The moving clouds look so cool.

Thank you for the interest. It stings a bit but I am good at rolling with the punches. =P

Thanks for letting me know. Forgot to remove the Kinect plugin. If you would like to play the Kinect SDK 2.0 will get past that error.

Thanks for letting me know! Kinict SDK 2.0 will fix it. I will upload a new file when voting is over without the Kinect plugin.

I tested it on another computer and I had the same issue. Installing Kinect SDK fixed that issue  The game does not use it but I fogot to diable the plugin...

I should have tested it on another pc. Live and learn...

Good work.

I like the colors and the text looks good. Lots of action!

Epic game!

Great presentation.

I like the art work. Very cool.

The style you have is priceless. Good work.

Great start you have here.  Keep up the good work!

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Have fun trying all the cool games everyone made! Thanks for the comment.

It looks like it is using about 8 gigs of ram on the dev pc. Thank you for commenting.

Update soon!