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The art and animations were beautiful! I did get a bit confused on the first level as all I could do was run away.

:D Well done!

Thanks for playing! I never knew the health bar was confusing, maybe I'll add some text later.

Thanks! I tried to spend a lot of time on polishing stuff which usually goes unnoticed in my games.

Thank you!!

Hi hi! My name is "Ight imma head out"

Thank you :)

Thank you so much! What was your highscore if you don't mind me asking?

I have :)

Thank you! Was there anything about the game you didn't like? Also what was your highscore? (Just curious)

Whenever I click the play button it brings me to a blue screen. I have now been waiting for five minutes

I loved the art! The game has a nice feel to it however the controls are a little bit messed up. Overall you did an awesome job!

I liked the simplicity of the art style and the audio was well done. There was a distinct lack of feed back and "juice" however, a little screenshake and particle effects can go a long way. Otherwise great job!

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Well then you'll be happy to know that I improved the level gen quite a bit :)

Just to be clear, the game HAD to be made within the designated time period right? Not just 4 random days? 

They did didn't they XD

Cool little dungeon crawler, the sword was a little op though, even without upgrades. Well done overall! :)

Awesome little game, I loved the levels of gameplay, super fun!. Well done!

Cool game, wish there was a timer to mark my laps though

Neat little game! Although the whole process of downloading and setting up love for the first time was a bit annoying XD

Yeah it is, unfortunately im no mozart XD

Thanks for the feedback, didn't realise I wasn't allowed the alpha channel :/ And the game is in 84 x 48, if you freeze the game then count the particles you can see that it is. You can even check the source code and the resolution is 84 x 48.

Cool game although I'm not sure it's the right type of game for this type of jam regarding the pixel limit, it's just too hard to tell what is going on.

Cool little treasure hunt like game. Sadly I was unable to complete it as whenever I collect all 3 keys and try typing the password it just doesn't work.

Neat little platformer with an interesting mechanic that fits the theme! The puzzles were a little too easy and I think you should make it so you need ALL the coins to beat the game.

Super fun minigames! I spent a long time just exploring and playing the games. Although I see no theme implementation.

This is true, this is true XD

Awesome little zelda like! I got lost a few times and loved it! That is a sign of a good zelda like. I don't see how the theme was incorporated though. Well done over all!

What is there to say, it is Quicxo. The theme is not incorporated though.

Fun little rythm game although I don't see how it adheres to the theme.

This neat little top down shooter was cool although I didn't quite understand what was going on. If your game is not simple and easily understandable try investing a bit of time into a tutorial. Well done :)

The cutscenes were cool and the sound effects were nice too. No theme implementaion though.

Awesome little 3D snake remake. Although I don't see how the theme is implemented. One thing I disliked was how it would start me without any prompt or input. Try making it so the snake only begins to move once the player presses space or something. Well done!