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Hey, Thanks for this amazing feedback! The game-play does luck some difficulties and as you said difference in babies, solid obstacles... But the team formed each lives in different and far timezone, communicating and working together was hard! We didn't have time for every single idea we wrote down to add to the game. We may work a bit on it in the future but meanwhile we have our daily works and studies. Thank you so much for giving us this pure message. We will try to make better and better games in the future.

Hey, thank you so much for this comment! We will try to make better and better games! Thanks for playing the game!

Really nice and well done game! I really enjoyed playing it. The progression is a bit off but it didn't affect game play! Keep it up

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Hey, Thanks for recording that video. It was fun to watch and see someone playing it! But unfortunately you missed an ending, but what a survival score you reached(higher than the survival mode developer himself)! We really are planning to make it a bit more difficult but we are waiting till the rating ends since it can make major impact on game play. Meanwhile, try getting the last ending, Hope you enjoy playing it one more time! 

Hey, we went with what was easy, fun, and cute. Thank you so much! Comments like that makes us move on and become better!

Hey, we know that it sounds dangerous and all but the time caught us up and we did have time for making the game realistic. But try different endings the parents might be angry, maybe you go nuts. Hope you enjoyed playing it!

Great game! Really enjoyed playing it! Loved the art and the vibes of the game! A bit hard but its a jam game so no problem! Keep it up!

Hello, we really tried making them solid but the baby AI would run into them and stop. We tried NavMesh, didn't work as we wanted  it so we went with no solid objects. Let us know what ending you got! Thanks for the feedback!

Amazing game guys. Great art and I really loved it! Keep it up.

We tried NavMesh but it didn't work for it was 2D. So we made it easier for ourselves . We will try to find scripts for it tho.

The game is fun. Incredible job bro! I liked so much. Keep it up!

Easy but fun game ! I really like it! keep the work!

Really amazing game play! I enjoyed this game a lot!  Great work!

Thanks for you feedback! We aimed for short game play since in jams people will try different games hence won't play the whole long game. Anyways, we made it with different endings so the payer would play 3 short rounds each with different outcome. Hope you enjoyed it and we will take your feedback into consideration!

Thank You so much! We will try our best to make better and original games. The baby part was one of our difficulties but we pulled it off. Hope you liked the game!

Thanks for this feedback! We wanted to make  the tables and the couches... solid but the baby AI was kind of pushing us away . So we decided to remove it later.  Hope you enjoyed playing it

Thanks for the positive feedback! We really tried to add some features like those you suggested but due to time differences we didn't have enough time. Hope you enjoyed playing it!

Great game bro! really loved it and enjoyed playing it. Keep it up my man!

Thank you for your feedback! We will try our best next time!

Thanks for this feedback. We will try to make better and better games!

Sadly, we didn't have time to implement some of our original ideas. But we added different ending to make sure the player plays at least 3 time to get the variation of the endings. Anyways thanks for this feedback we will try next time to do more "challenge"!

No comments because no bugs. well done, it is a really good game, the best part is that it is random. great job.

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hey, it wasn't what i expected, but it was fun to play. it needs strategy and a bit of thinking. Great game tho, keep it up.

hey, its a fun game, good graphics, but weird animation. The gameplay is hard to understand, but overall it was a fun experience playing it. 

Great Game! Fun to play ! but it freezes my browser every few seconds. The art is so well done and the music fits the game scene! Enjoyed playing it and really funny game!

Great level designs and really makes me think! great art work great theme! Great job dude.

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I really liked playing the game and the progression was really good. Never sold the whole thing but reached 6%. Really good and inspiring. Great art amazing music great job!

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Great Game and fun to play! really love the art, the music and the idea. Unique game play and interesting one. Great Job!

Edit: Highest score: 6

amazing game!

It isn't a horror game, just a punishment for the players who let all the kids leave. Thanks for this amazing comment hope you enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Bet you weren't expecting it!

I don't know if it is intentional but some pink placeholders are placed behind me and I can't turn backward which made me lose many times. Other than that great game, great art, and so many visual appeal to the game! Good Job!

Hey Guys, Great game you have! I really like the art and the music! Well done! For the game play everything is amazing but the driving! so hard I didn't know how to control it. Other than that, great game guys keep it up

Hey, your game is incredibly fun and easy to play. I loved so much played for like an hour straight trying to find the best technique to play with. maximum level I reached was 4. The art is so satisfying while the music was low i really didn't hear it well. That aside, amazing game! 

Super well done game! Frustrating too😂. Nice one really makes me wanna play it more The art is amazing, the music is the frustrating part. Found a bug where the 5 second countdown overlap if i took the clock on the last second not a major bug but just had to tell you. Overall, great game and well done!

Hey. The game concept is really good and the art is amazing, great work. Music isn't my favorite type  but suits the game atmosphere real good! But since it is the last package (1 level game) you should make it longer with other obstacles and harder bits to enjoy your plat former. Anyways I had fun playing it and keep it going.