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Very good game, I really enjoyed it while I was playing

Not very interesting

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Nice pixel graphics. The gameplay is quite demanding but it's a pity you can't get a several  improvements at the same moment.

this game reminded me t-rex game in browser when your doesn't have internet and its quite fun :)

Yes when you upgrade radar for more than half the bombs are showen in red. Thanks!

Really interesting game with nice graphic and smooth animation. The gameplay was pleasure.

Thank you. It is not a filter. Something went wrong and I noticed it after sending the game.

Nice artistic style. 

Eating fish by a dash was fun.

Nice pixel art graphic.

Very interesting artistic style. It looks neat and consistent. I like it! 

Thanks. Steering enhancement adds speed to your bathyscaphe ;)

simple game I made a similar one xD

I enjoyed playing it :0

Cool concept of inverted snake. Nice graphic and realization. But little heaven theme ;d

Nice concept, playable ;)

Very interesting mix of two game types. 

Nice graphic !

Nice graphic !

Nice pixel-art !

Best gameplay I've played so far. Well done :)

I liked the design of game. Enjoyable gameplay. 


Sound effect are amazing ! xd

Good job ! I like the art and gameplay ;d


We Update new version, play again! :) 



Cool! Thanks

If people will like our game be sure that we will correct it. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

Indeed there are these little bugs with notes that we missed.
We thought about the music in the background and at the beginning was added. However, after time, I thought that background music would reduce the importance of the new, so in the final version we removed it

Thanks for the review, I think we will continue to work on this project. This is our first game made in such a short time, so we still learn a lot.