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Hey, this is looking really nice! Great work! :)

Hey, the txt file is the geometry that is needed to load in picocad?

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Hey, I am using your art for a demo for a script module I made for Adventure Game Studio here:

Very enjoyable! Plays very well. :)

dear Conradia00,

I highly recommend joining the AGS forums if you haven't. The critics lounge may be useful to post and get opinions.
Also any troubles with the html port please tell me here, since it's a bit early days of it, I am trying to make it better and easier. I noticed you forgot to write .cfg at the end of the name of acsetup.cfg in your "my_game_files.js".

In AGS you can change the FPS to 60 so it looks more smooth, but it defaults to 40fps because of historical reasons. This can be done using SetGameSpeed.

From the images it's a bit hard to judge what is interactive and what isn't, and also where it's alright to walk and where it's not.

Hope you keep making games!

He will [REDACTED].

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Thank you! Glad you liked! I have more things intended to this universe (still in development though). :)


I would like to be able to test how a HTML game works when inside embedded iframe before uploading, locally on my machine, just so I could iterate quickly with it to see how my html will look once it's embedded in the iframe.

Is it available somewhere? Perhaps on GitHub in some place? 


Ah, jardins, meus arquinimigos, mal posso esperar para enfrentá-los!

Thank you for playing! Hope you liked it! I want to do one more like this one day - still getting the bits right.

 Thank you so much for playing! 😊

Hope you liked! I am making more games, hope to have more releases soon! Thanks again for playing! 

awesome! That will work :)

for the standardized file I would suggest something like an empty .coopcoep file, or alternatively a yaml file for defining headers. Netilify has the following:

A note, at current time, it appears that Netilify also doesn't support such specific headers - so investigate them before implementing. 

I can't, I ported Adventure Game Studio runtime for Webassembly, currently I have two versions, one using single thread, and one multithread using workers. I plan to use the single thread version since it doesn't require these headers.

The port was done using Emscripten. The SharedBufferArray restriction is documented in the previously provided links and it's the memory area used for communication between threads (workers).

This is due to pthreads implementation on Emscripten, detailed here:

The headers are unfortunately a requirement when using Emscripten pthread implementation.

A note, this is not mentioned in the documentation here:

It would be useful whatever is the case to mention this on the documentation.

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Currently Firefox requires two additional headers being served when loading webassembly code:

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp

These headers are soon going to be required in Chrome too:

Are they enabled in when serving HTML5 games?  This is required when using webworkers, which are very useful for threading in games, like for Audio and other usages.

@Magus! The sale is happening!

Hey, the original algorithm targets a Linux base, I don't exactly how you are doing, but if you use a container to run it, like Docker, than having the frontend work on any OS and connect to this docker backend may be achievable. On latest builds of Windows 10 using Docker is fine too.

Awesome game! Had a lot of fun! :D

On Linux, the easier route is to redeem the Steam code and use Proton on Steam, for zero config launch. 

I also would like a Linux version. This is made with Game Maker isn't? 

what about Google Analytics integration? Are any actions necessary?

Hello themousery! I made an OSX build for you to try. The game is very in development! I added a link to the Github repo with source, you can suggest technical ideas on the issue tracker there!

I would like to give someone a gift that is a tool that is paid and only distributed through here.