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This is great!!! Sounds so good! Fun dialogs, too! I wanted to play a lot more! Great work

Not sure if you are also the support person, but I just got answered the support through email and hope to work on this privately through email.

Hi, the iframe content once a game is uploaded, is the webpage permanently the same link or does it change?

I was thinking about making a PWA web game that could be installed and it would update and also work offline, but the webpage needs to remain the same link, and I could not figure from the docs if this is guaranteed or not. Thanks!

I was looking into this when trying to figure out how to make fullscreen work on iPhone. 


I tried to contact support about adding a new platform to the HTML5 detection, but haven't got an answer yet. It's alright if it will take some time, just wanted a message on the subject to know that it was received.

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Curious, in the same page there is a note about some specific game engines web builds, what is needed to add a new engine there in the detection?

It would be nice to compress .ags files in the server so they could benefit from getting the grip content encoding.

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I was investigating web builds of games and noticed some files have `content-encoding: gzip` and others don't. From the above, it appears only some files are white-listed. Is this documented somewhere?

Edit: ok found docs here

UHM, sounds reasonable, will see if I can make the readme a bit better 

Hi, the submission part has ended, almost a month now, but I want to ask if it's alright to still add things to the readme?

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Thanks for playing the game! Yeah, the style here is pretty much what I was going for, like supercharged SNES game - the graphics were built on top of a module for a Mario Kart like game. I will keep messing with it, as it's a library I maintain (, but this game itself is done as it has all I wanted to show there. :) 

thank you! Yes, I was going more for atmosphere and feelings than game, I am glad you had a great time! :)

Thank you so much for the compliment on the start style. I am glad you had a good experience! :)

Interesting game. I liked the overall shop and atmosphere and the loop with the mining - there is some rythm to mining efficiently. The guide in the menu is needed, as there was some instructions on how things worked, but I needed the guide to figure how to make a shield. Maybe an annoying companion could explain things a bit at the start. The game looks and feels really amazing though, so kudos for that! Overall, I really liked it, I liked the touch on the complaints in the board when you don't get to a customer in time. 

Thanks! Jumping also briefly enhances the cat speed, so if you are already running and then jump you can move really fast through it.

Thank you! Scratching is life!

Good game! I liked to be able to see that marker on top that tells me how far I went, that is something I am stealing for my future games!  The music and sound effects are super nice. Not sure if there isn,t but at least I didn't find, but it would be nice if there was something on top of screen where it was intended for you to hit, but it was hard/fast, and it could add more points? Really lovely game!

Nice game loop. I liked the items! It took me a while to recognize that the red demon plays like... MtG Necropotence, trading blood for coins. I liked the rabbit, fun friend to have shooting around things, helped me to hit crates so I could get more coins. I really liked that the character shoots automatically in a predetermined time, this helped me focus more on running and aiming. The game is fun, kudos for that!

Great theme interpretation! This plays like a game I would buy - maybe the sound could be improved a bit, but not sure what else. The levels look incredible and it is really interesting to play, once you play it for some time you can do some precise plays with speed by using the slow mode at the right time, just enough as needed. Great game!

Pretty cute! This would play great in a touch screen! It looks very polished too! The game loop is really tight, great work!

The controls  are good, I liked to hit the enemies with the sword, and the way things get pushed by the hits. I wish there was a small warning before an enemy got spawned, so I could have a better chance at not being in the same place. 

This game is super hard! I died a good amount of time, enough that I looked around on how to remap R to Space! 

I wouldn't mind being a bit more forgiven when hitting things by the side. Also not sure if I just didn't went far enough, but some block that could  work a save point would be nice!

Very fun gameplay, it plays very fast and the mail delivery is interesting - I really liked the little letters we get to read in death, that was a fun surprise!

I really liked the coffee breaks and the art looks very good! I had a hard time in the regular game loop, but maybe it's my keyboard failing. 

Looks really good.  Killing the spider reminded me of the adaptation of the movie The Mist, maybe a misterious fog could surround the game borders. I want more weapons!!!

The graphics and sound are fun, but I think it would play better if you were meant to actually step on the enemies. If they aren't meant to be jumped in, they should have spikes or a more venomous appearance. I was impressed with it being python made!

Really enjoyed walking around the town. The map is well design - I am really taking notes from everyone's maps in this jam, lots of interesting ideas. I like how it plays like a mix between adventure games but you move like old games, like might and magic. Great work!

Very nice game! It's really fun, I enjoyed destroying the houses and trees. I think maybe the trees could offer a bit less resistance, overall it feels like a destruction version of Katamari. I really would like having ways to accelerate more and having things that require more speed to be successfully destructed. This was very interesting to play, you found something really fun here.

Very interesting map you made, I had fun walking around and exploring it. I really liked the effects in it, it looks very pretty! Really nice!

Very pretty game! The art is superb, I really liked the way things are draw. 

Interesting game controls - very original! It took me a bit to understand the title screen, but once I understood the buttons were not for clicking... Everything clicked!

Thank you so much for playing! Yes, a little cat has adopted me, he has a breathing problem but also moves super fast, I was watching him playing in the garden and coming back to rest by my side at the sofa and I tried to capture this feeling but flipping pov.

Hey, this is looking really nice! Great work! :)

Hey, the txt file is the geometry that is needed to load in picocad?

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Hey, I am using your art for a demo for a script module I made for Adventure Game Studio here:

Very enjoyable! Plays very well. :)

dear Conradia00,

I highly recommend joining the AGS forums if you haven't. The critics lounge may be useful to post and get opinions.
Also any troubles with the html port please tell me here, since it's a bit early days of it, I am trying to make it better and easier. I noticed you forgot to write .cfg at the end of the name of acsetup.cfg in your "my_game_files.js".

In AGS you can change the FPS to 60 so it looks more smooth, but it defaults to 40fps because of historical reasons. This can be done using SetGameSpeed.

From the images it's a bit hard to judge what is interactive and what isn't, and also where it's alright to walk and where it's not.

Hope you keep making games!

He will [REDACTED].

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Thank you! Glad you liked! I have more things intended to this universe (still in development though). :)


I would like to be able to test how a HTML game works when inside embedded iframe before uploading, locally on my machine, just so I could iterate quickly with it to see how my html will look once it's embedded in the iframe.

Is it available somewhere? Perhaps on GitHub in some place? 


Ah, jardins, meus arquinimigos, mal posso esperar para enfrentá-los!