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To be fair my RPG Maker has everything in Japanese by default. I just decided to go with it because unreadability is yet another layer of inconvenience for Game Breaker's Tool Kit.

Earnest Evans lives :o

"Not Tetris 2" did it better I'm afraid :(

Right, no stages exists past 1-8, probably looks unprofessional to have that error pop up though ^^; Thanks for the feedback~!

Cool concept, very much reminds me of WarioWare, however Warioware always prefaces each game with a one-word description of what you're doing. "Shoot!" or "Juggle!" or "Avoid!" etc. I feel it would vastly help the player get a grip on what they're doing.

Easily one of my favorites out of the jam for how uncanny and weird it is :3 Although, I was a little annoyed that touching the white circle exits the battle, I kept hitting it by accident and there's no real difference between exiting and getting hit anyways. Other than that, weird and yet fun, and boy is that music an ear worm.

Palettes? What do you mean? The bullets are using a "colorize" function rather than a palette if that's what you meant.

There are 364 submissions. Standing out in such a crowd is hard.

Here's mine:

It appears to be very easy to exploit the AI by going off the sides of the screen. Furthermore, the game gets easier the further you get.

what in the

so is there a game here or

Are you grazing?

It looks like I've encountered an issue. The AI never made a move from this position and I had to close the game. It's basically checkmate anyhow, though.

Pretty solid idea regardless. I'll play around with it a little more.

Hey, saw that you tried my game (thank you for that btw, good to catch bugs like that) and decided to return the favor.

Unfortunately while the idea of combining cards with an SRPG is something I've always wanted to do (and you're off to a decent start yourself) in its current form this game looks to be very luck-reliant. The character absolutely needs a monster or an attack spell to get through enemies but the player won't always have one. Furthermore the player just doesn't get a whole lot out of individual monsters since their weapons break eventually (for me Skeletons lose their weapons faster than their health). You could pass the turn over and over to draw more but eventually the enemies would catch up if you took too long. What's good about it is, I like that the cards can be put together in interesting combinations (Inner Rage on the Chicken for instance) but again, the monsters are fragile so setting up a combo means investments don't always pay off.

My suggestion (and it's late in the contest I know) would be to have the player's hand start with 5 cards instead of 3 and fill it back up to five every turn; this would let the player throw away what they don't need at the moment, and I would also allow the player to get more out of the monsters, maybe by introducing a healer monster (if there is one) and making their weapons infinite use.

Oh and I don't know if this is intentional but if you heal a Fey Spirit their poison effect wears off and they can be used infinitely. Felt nice to figure that out though. Up to you if you keep it.

Anyways, good luck in the contest and I hope I've been helpful.

Thanks for your interest. I'll list off the plugins used as there weren't a huge number of them. They are:

  • Global Unit Events by Markyjoe1990
  • List Selection Event Commands by Markyjoe1990
  • Name Entry by Markyjoe1990
  • Held Weapon Guard by Lady Rena
  • Fog of War by Goinza and Lady Rena
  • GBA Battle Formula by Goinza
  • RNG Settings by Goinza (I think)
  • Diseases by piketrcechillas
  • Stacked Status by piketrcechillas
  • GBA Animation Style by Fluffy
  • 2 Line Skill Display by Fluffy
  • Durability Display by Fluffy

And I made a few plugins myself to mess with stuff that I needed messing with.