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I poured over the documentation and interface but I can't seem to find an option to disable auto flipping/mirroring when drawing with the painter tool. I don't think I understand what it's named or how it's implemented.

Thank you for playing my game! I apologize that you've elected to take the most difficult route through the game possible while also taking several long moments to spend your battery before reaching another charge pad like the one in the kitchen counter or the one you looked directly at on the office desk. I'll see what I can do to better force players to not climb the stairs until they've collected the upgrades available for free in the kitchen counter area right next to where you obtained the Helicopter chip.

Hey, thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback and I'll see what I can work into the next few updates. Some of your points I wanted to address and spitball on what I could do about them:

  • Shop Overwhelming: I was going to tie this to story progression at some point, and have some sort of system where the shop had daily items slowly get added to its inventory but I felt like this interfered with free-roam aspects that you enjoyed.
  • Cursor Locked: I did this intentionally to force people to press Tab at least once and potentially acknowledge that they know how to open or close the menu screen once without forgetting how to re-open it. It isn't pleasant but it did prevent having to include a section and potentially complicated code in the Interactive Tutorial. I'm open to new ideas on how to handle this, but I'm defensive about stuff like this after watching too many playtesters waste an hour by just not reading anything or not knowing how to open a menu.
  • Climb Volumes: Yeah, a lot of climbable volumes are slightly misaligned or too large but I've been ignoring anything that doesn't softlock or break things for the players so far.
  • Controls: Getting ReWired into the game is something I'd like to do but it may take some time. Mainly because ReWired stopped acknowledging my own controller that I use (which is a fairly standard xbox controller) so if that isn't working I probably couldn't expect anything else to.
  • Cute Robots: I will add more violent and less pleasant robots in the future when I get a chance to rework their AI.
  • Chip Equipment: I do have logic for equipping stuff if you have spare RAM for it, but I figured it'd be intrusive to auto-equip stuff all the time in the event someone was collecting a chip for completion's sake but not wanting to have it on. People forgetting to equip stuff is a common problem I have observed and I do like the idea of a notification badge / new indicator for tabs / chips. I'll see if I can work it into the design or come up with something.
  • Climb VaultingI was wondering when someone would say something about this, because I know it's a problem but it hasn't bothered a lot of people. Since moving the player for that is physically simulated, I'd have to do a bit more to get them in the right spot. I could cancel the player's velocity at the end of a climb or switch to a more rigid lerp but I'm worried it'd interfere with the fluidity of most of the motions. There are some parts of the game where I use invisible barriers to mitigate this but I can't design around this completely.

Hey there!

I'll keep it brief but I think you should consider a game I have just completed for a jam and have continued working on, Tiny Talos:

I've put a lot of love into it and it hasn't come anywhere near close to recovering the costs of development and I think a lot of people would enjoy a game like it.


Thank you, I'm glad you had fun with it. I really wanted to go outside of the box with this one, I'm glad I didn't stray so far from people's expectations that there was still fun to be had.

I thought I had replied already, but, thank you again for playing! I'm glad you had fun. :) Anyone reading this should check out Conflict in Plastic.

Once you collect the Helicopter chip, hit Tab and then click on the Chips tab. You can drag the scroll bar until you see the Helicopter chip and then click the + button (or in older versions, just click on the white box). Once it is equipped, you can press Left Shift to deploy your helicopter and then press and hold Left Shift to spin up and take off with your helicopter.

Thank you, glad you had fun. I went and made some changes to the helicopter upgrades as well as other things to re-tune some of the balance. It's available in version v0.6R and up.

Hey there, I'm sorry you're having that issue. If you wouldn't mind, could you follow the directions in the #bugs-n-crashes channel in our discord? It's possible you may be trying to run the game on a 32bit machine, but right now we only have a 64bit executable. Please make sure you have 2.3GB free before attempting to extract the zip.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you had fun. Hopefully there will be some new content in the game in the future.

I just played this and I love it! I'm a big fan of the Army Men series. I definitely understand some stuff getting cut for time, I had that problem as well. I really like what you have so far. Some things I would fix / update:

  • A lot of the sounds are all at the same volume / all sound like they're playing in my head, so when an enemy reloads I sometimes think I somehow reloaded and find that my ammo counter is still empty.
  • Supply caches you open don't give you much visual feedback so I wasn't certain if they had done anything or if they were going to spawn a pickup.
  • Having your character wiggling so violently in the over-the-shoulder cam makes it really hard to focus my aim, however entertaining it might be.

Other than that, I liked collecting the green gems even though I have no idea what they did or what the blue meter was for. They reminded me of lego rock raiders.

I'm glad to have another tiny perspective entrant in the jam, an Army Men style game is something that I wanted to make some day eventually so if you ever want to collaborate let me know. :) I hope you keep working on this.

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They're meant to be solid but I haven't gotten to fixing it yet. Hopefully in an update soon. Thank you for playing!

edit: This should be fixed as of 0.4B

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this link has expired, i'll need a new one without an expiration time :(

edit: for anyone reading this, the link i'm replying to works now


Hello! Thank you for the feedback. You can reset any level's pieces to their original location if you hit F4. If you can share which campaign seed you got when you ran the game I can see what kinds of levels you got and smooth them out. 

Thank you for playing! I've uploaded a new version after you may have began your playthrough but I doubt it makes the physics less stressful for browsers. Hopefully it didn't slow you down to an utter slideshow though. (I didn't expect the browser version to work at all, honestly, so I'm really delighted that you managed to beat it.)

Thank you! I was worried nobody would get it. :V

You gotta clean up Gisker's mess after you find the paper towels.

Just figured I'd ask how near that future is and if there's anything I can do to help, keyword searches combined with the filters would be really great for a lot of the creators I found out about through happenstance. :)

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately, with the time shift mechanic, I did tend to see that a lot of players found the most success with it only when they learned to use it in incredibly small doses for otherwise impossible angular adjustments or when they played through entire obstacles with it engaged. What this told me was that there were two ginormous hills in the difficulty curve and leveling them out would not be easy, especially since the mechanic was meant to work as a training mechanism / not necessary at higher skill levels. There wasn't a natural progression that taught people to use the time shift at the beginning and then again at the end of their maneuver to make the best use of it.

I made some changes to the game, and I outline those differences as well as how you could get in touch to get a copy of that new version I worked the last extra month on in my response to a different post. I'd like to see your feedback on the newer version, or if you could find a tuning config more engaging than the one shipped, especially because wipeout, 90s EDM-inspired stuff, and early 2000s flash games were exactly where I was picturing this game being made as I designed it.

As for the intro, I understand that the beginning is a bit jarring, but, I had opted to keep it for a few reasons:

  1. Its strong intro was exactly the sounds that inspired the theme and context for the game (if I had never heard this song there wouldn't have been a game, simple as that), framing the rest of the song (and game alike) in a tone that builds up to what feels to me like a dangerous amount of energy that culminates in actually starting the game, where the ship begins its course.
  2. Every other aspect of the sound effects (sparing the "don't touch yellow" phrase) coming from the song itself, including the outro which also painted the imagery for itself in my head, that I also attempted to translate into the game. So with a pretty strong "use every part of the cow" mindset it made it even harder to reallocate such a powerful component of the original work.
  3. I felt as though if the robot voice in the beginning would give a big enough "heads up" of the sound level since that by itself is extremely loud and jarring, which is also why the game pauses when you lose focus, a feature I usually disable for one reason or another. (Even if Unity nullifies this point with a busted input system that can't alt-tab without becoming completely useless.)
  4. I didn't really want to tamper with it because it was already leveled against the rest of the song, I felt like it was not appropriate to remaster a song like that in this way -- it felt very disrespectful to do, and I didn't want to be the one to have to do it.

I understand it is not a popular choice, and that it is hard to justify to anyone other than myself, but I figured I could at least explain shed some light as to why I made that decision. I am very proud that despite people feeling as though the game was screaming at them, they were still able to see the artistic merit in it, and that the game still got 2nd best audio.

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the presentation!

What I noticed was that the common problem, not having enough time to preempt certain obstacles was causing this over-steering and when people weren't able to react in time or missed their target they were more likely to mention something about the steering. So I made two changes to it , which involve a new camera mode to see things from further away and at an angle which places the ship further to the left on-screen; the second change I made was adding a 1:1 steering option for people that wanted to control the angle of their fins directly all the time rather than rely on the auto-leveling flight mechanics. (I still recommend you keep these on during flight.)

The time limit mechanic I haven't done anything with but depending on the feedback for the new version which I think nails a majority of the difficulty concerns I have plans for what I can do to make that more engaging. It seems counter-intuitive but ultimately I wanted players to use the scarcity mindset regarding the special meter so that they were driven to improve so that their runs did not repeatedly end the moment they ran out, thus keeping it for the parts they recognized as having given them more trouble than the rest. (I can't make it more relevant to the theme without shutting the door on other things I wanted to do with the game, but the cap is staying at 60 by default.) The new version of the game is only available commercially as part of  a collection of other jam games I work on when I have time. I ended up spending the better part of this month flying blind trying to fix things before I got your more pointed feedback, and since I'd really like it if you could try the new one and let me know if I changed it for the better or if there are newer problems, I'd like to give you a key for free, just DM me on discord (@EntranceJew#6969) or on Twitter (@EntranceJew) and I'll get that to you.

For reference, my design goals were to make a tough arcadey quarter-muncher style game that you could fail forward quickly and learn gradually how to best utilize the nuances of the simple controls but the nuance to skill ratio was really hard to penetrate with a meaningful change to the tuning alone, considering there were already so many variables and factors preventing things from getting even worse for the player while still capturing the really tactile and physical feel of the ship's movement.

There's no source in the package, but if there were, then yes this would be an easy fix. It could be unityupgradable, even.

It's okay, but if you have the time to look into it, I doubt it will change that much between now and when it goes live, you could potentially do:

#if UNITY_2018_3_OR_NEWER

If it won't result in creating a new matrix of builds. It might save you some time in getting a release out when 2018.3 does eventually release.

MissingMethodException: void UnityEditor.EditorUtility.CompressTexture(UnityEngine.Texture2D,UnityEngine.TextureFormat,UnityEngine.TextureCompressionQuality)
DoodleStudio95.DrawWindow.Save (DoodleStudio95.DoodleAnimationFileUtils+SaveInfo& outInfo, System.Boolean SaveAs, System.Boolean SaveSpritesheet) (at <bf80aca4390049c4af7ee17c267c3aa9>:0)
DoodleStudio95.DrawWindow.SaveAs () (at <bf80aca4390049c4af7ee17c267c3aa9>:0)
UnityEditor.GenericMenu.CatchMenu (System.Object userData, System.String[] options, System.Int32 selected) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/GUI/GenericMenu.cs:121)</bf80aca4390049c4af7ee17c267c3aa9></bf80aca4390049c4af7ee17c267c3aa9>

Happens when you hit Save. Have a feeling it has to do with random flags and functions that have been added/removed/renamed for image feature detection.

Was really hoping to see how nested prefabs impacted dev times and workflows but took a major blow when everything was almost working, except saving.