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Thank you!!

Thank you so much! And thanks for playing!

Hope you get the good ending on your next try! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

Very wonderful! Loved how a little use of particles can make your game so much more alive.

Loved the art style! Everything fits together so well.

Really liked how you used the phone to give the player information <3

Thank you so much!! : )

This is really cool! I've been playing it for a while now

¡Muchas gracias! Nos encantó participar (^▽^)

Trato de ingresar para jugar de nuevo, pero me dice que no tengo permiso para acceder :(

We will make it playable on web, but sadly no mobile for now.  Thank you either way for your comment ! !

I... Don't think the food was suppoused to fall from the train haha... I couldn't play it but I really enjoyed the visuals !

- Saint

I really REALLY loved the drawings! At first I saw it I thought it had some filter to make it look like it was made traditionally, and then I played it and realized it wasn't just a filter and I loved it!

It was this thing that a knight can appear at the same time as a jumping thingy, I don't know if it was only bad luck for me but I died a couple of times for that, or maybe I was just bad at it... 

But anyway I really liked it! *clapalots*


Thank you for your feedback! We will be looking forward to giving this game a little update once the jam is finished to make the cut scenes faster or skippable.

Anyways thank you so much for the comment!!

Thank you so much for the feedback, and thank you for playing the game! We appreciate it a lot

Thank you so much!!