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This is amazing! Do you have any plans to open-source it at some point? I’ve been wanting to experiment with pinball-focused game design for a while, even did some prototyping on Godot as well, but failed to create a sim-focused prototype like this. I would love to experiment from this great base you built.

seria lindo! teria que talvez fazer um frankenstein com dois em lados opostos, ficaria interessante. hmm…

thank you, i’m glad you enjoyed it!

tecro-tecro is out! a coop take on tetris to play with a friend. enjoy! (link below) // tecro-tecro está no ar! jogo cooperativo de tetris pra jogar com mais alguém. divirtam-se! (link abaixo)

page / página:

Ah, e gostaria de saber mais de sua experiência usando Godot!

Total! É muito legal de usar mesmo. Pra controles alternativos é bem legal, tem até suporte direto pra MIDI! Ainda não testei, mas tá na lista. E queria também ver como fazer pra usar ele com Arduino / Serial… Vamos ver! Abraço!!

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Hey, thanks for the comment!

I did benchmark a larger world (200x200 tiles) when deciding to go down the custom drawing route. To clarify, I didn’t re-implement the low-level drawing functions using native code or outside of the Godot engine: I just shifted from using AnimatedSprite nodes that rendered the tiles to drawing the sprite textures in a centralized way using the _draw function. So, in a sense, this optimization was more about when/where to store and manage info than about what/how to draw at an API level.

The AnimatedSprite nodes were giving me 1) an overhead that I wasn’t using (of transforms, signals, animations management); 2) for some reason were not being camera-culled properly (which might be related me mis-using the camera / world system? I don’t know). So, I moved the tile drawing to one central class (the Map class), which handled camera culling, dirty flags, and the sprite-drawing/Y-sorting. A cool thing is that Godot automatically caches the draw_texture if they are drawing the same thing at the same place, so this was even easier to setup.


Hey, there is a prototype of the new version for download, if you’d like to try.

Hey folks, there are some news about the game on the devlog! I hope you’ll like it. Cheers!

Really nice game! love the music, the art style and how relaxing it all feels, while also being tricky to pull off. :) Congrats!

Hi Luky21, 

It seems that there is a bug with the game right now. I haven't had the possibility to re build it and correct. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll add a notice to the description

hi folks!

Thanks for letting me know about the problems you're facing. I'll try to check this issue as soon as I can, but I can't promise when. I haven't . done work on HaxeFlixel / AIR in a while... I'll post on the devlog if/when I find a solution for it.



I love the tool, thanks for making it. A fun tool I'd like to have in it would be a way to copy and paste parts of it (both inside one animation or between diff files). It could be just a rectangular marquee selection or something more elaborate. I've the impression it would fit into the doodle aesthetics and make it easier to do some collage-like things between sprites or even within one animation.


I made an explanation video, yo can access it here (youtube). Cheers!

Very good game!

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Hey! :)

I played the game today, it's pretty and cool! :D

Also, I think I found a little bug: if all players have not placed the (X) resource on the monument and all of them have built the old tombstone, nobody can be attacked while they have the crown and nobody will be able to complete the monument and win the game (because the player with the crown is the first to choose their place, so can't start attacks on others). Am I missing something? That happened when we were playing 2v2.


lovely! :) feels really cool to drift around. nice ending too!

Yey!!!! I do like it! It took a while to load (my phone is 3 years old low-end Samsung, so no surprise there). It works great. :) I'll play it some more and let you know more about what I thik of it. :) Thanks for making this version.

Cool! The slingshot idea sounds good. Looking forward to it.😊

nice! how are you thinking of implementing the aiming? i was thinking about pressing the screen and holding to aim and releasing to shoot. or maybe an automated back-and-forth movement?

great game! simple and so elegant. I'd love to be able to play it on a phone, actually.

I'll try it on the weekend. Yes, I guess I should rate the games without playing. I'll let you know if I manage to run it on Linux. :)

I can't really rate it, as I don't have a Mac device to play it. Looks quite fun and I like the no-screen design. The dynamic of holding on to the Patata and then throwing it around with gestures seems to be easy to understand and try to master. Will there be a Linux / Win port? It would be much easier to test.


Music is quite cool. I couldn't really understand what was going on, but the division moment felt interesting. The black sprite on top of everything when I complete a row feels annoying. :)