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great game! simple and so elegant. I'd love to be able to play it on a phone, actually.

Yes I think it could be a good game on phone too. So I am working on an Android version now. I could also just make a touch screen binding on the html5 web version.

nice! how are you thinking of implementing the aiming? i was thinking about pressing the screen and holding to aim and releasing to shoot. or maybe an automated back-and-forth movement?

Well I think the bottom of the screen will be empty, as the game use a square space and the phone has a rectangle screen. So pressing in the area bellow the screen would let you fire in the line from your finger to the ball, like a slingshot You could also press directly inside the game area, but then your finger hide where you are aiming.

Cool! The slingshot idea sounds good. Looking forward to it.😊

I released an Android Version ! Tell me if you liked it !