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Haha, yeah, a lot the puzzle I knew could be done with only 2 Demons, but I didn't know there would be so many. For most of them, I decided I preferred to leave lost of stones and all 3 demons so people can solve them how they want.

By "only one gem on call Surgat", do you mean "one yellow gem only, and it's on Surgat" or something else?

it's cool if you just want to relax and throw little balls without thinking, you can't loose and instead of winning you can continue without interruption. But I guess it might be confusing as a name and most people like a bit of challenge

thanks, what other platform would you want? there is a raspberry pi version I could easily produce

oh, that's pretty cool, I didn't know that, well there you have it! I tested it a bit, but like I said the black-and-white patterns on the balls are not very legible to me so it's hard to play, but otherwise it looks and sounds great!

Unfortunately I don't have a PlayDate and beside Pico 8 (the engine I used to make the game) doesn't exist on PlayDate so I would have to remake it from scratch. And also I like how the game play with different colors for each balls, so a greyscale PlayDate version doesn't seem like a good idea, sorry

I love it! My hands hurts a bit, I think I would have preferred a little more help on the controls (some coyote time, also some move chaining are a bit hard for me) but I'm amazed at how rich and playful the game is, thank you for making it!

I'm glad you liked it! And it's nice to see people using the "accessible" mode where numbers are displayed on the balls, can I ask if there is a specific reason for using it? Anyways, thanks for your message, it warms my heart, I hope you flight went well!

haha, it took me while to make because there is no simple way right now to port pico 8 games to android so I had to port it to another engine (love2D)

And no, the android apk has not been updated, the source code for it is probably buried in an old hard drive and setting it up for everything to build again would take forever. Fortunately it already had touch control to aim so there is just the new accessibility mode, which is a sad to not have, but people can still play with it using the browser version

thank you! I'm glad you like the game, and it means all the effort I spent on the android version where not a waste of time!  Now with the new browser version, you can play it on android/ios using touch screen, but the native android version is probably still a bit better

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the game!

yeah, I'm also glad that I got the idea that if a particle direction is mostly perpendicular to a pipe, they don't interact, so I didn't need to put a "bridge" type of pipe to cross an existing path, like you often get in games like that

wow that is so gorgeous! love the design and your "twisted" setup with crossing switch/accelerator is really cool and even if it's unconventional, you made the path looks pretty clear!

ohla attention, c profond!

Thank you for sharing your BOX! It's pretty cool to see very creative ways of exploiting the mechanisms of the game, I knew that having relaxed rules around particle motion could lead to cool setups, and you delivered!

Nice! Good job squeezing pretty much the entire game into 1k! I feel it lacks a bit more power in the shot so you have more reach, also in the original game each merge give you a little boost that is satisfying while here it cuts some of your speed, but overall it works great!

it sure would be better with a wide screen for a game like that. It was a bit hard to balance the view distance, because zooming out was causing performance issues, and I wanted to stay at 60fps. Still, I find pico 8's constraints interesting, it limits the scope, forces you to remove excess features, but it's not ideal for everything

The numbers on top are timers but it's displayed in frames (at 60fps) displaying them as minutes/seconds/milliseconds would have took a lot of space in code. Yeah you are right, I didn't have a good idea for how to make the ground really pop, I should maybe have tried using a gradient or something.

thanks, that means a lot! Ludum Dare is around the corner, will you take part in it? I would love to make something for it but, as with the last few times, I will probably bail after a few hours of prototyping and not release anything :(

Thank you a lot! I'm sorry to hear about those issues on IOS, maybe there is a way to block that using javascript or something, I should check that

I think it's possible to have a pretty smooth ride in a lot's of case, but as you don't know the level before you it's hard to do it in practice. Playing the seeded level is a bit more interesting as you start to find skips in the levels and ways to keep your speed. Putting pre-made sections could be great for a larger version, but then I would have to actually make do some level design, which is not easy for me :D

For the colours of the circles, yeah I wanted to but didn't have the space to make something more complex. Changing the colour according to circle size is a pretty cool idea tho

Hi, I'm glad you liked the game! And yeah, you are totally right, I would have loved to not have the resets, they feel really bad. But they are useful for the puzzle to work, like you said, and also to help players not get too lost and frustrated when they fall somewhere. I know some players love to loose themselves in those kind of environments, so I wish I found a better middle ground, but I didn't have the energy at the time. If you did not play the prototype "non euclidean room" I made before this game you should give it a try, it's super short but there is no artificial barriers and there is cool details to find in the scenery. And yeah, I love seeing my little jellyfish jiggling around through the portals :)

there is a special artefact that you can make and if you use it in the boss room it will freeze it, helping you killing it more easily

to make the artefact you must use the map to retrieve the 4 parts, hope this helps

yes, In your inventory you have a "pickup tool" you can select, and then use it on a furnace to put it back in your inventory!

Hahaha c'est court mais ca fait du bien !

I'm sorry you have this bug, it's usually an issue with a gamepad issuing bad directions (try to unplug any) or someone reported having to uninstall an old mouse driver that was at fault

Haha, yeah sometimes even I don't know! If you played the game "Wilmot's warehouse" it's similar and you often have to make your own explanation for items, just so you can decide how to order them :D

I'm glad you like the game! To farm you can use a wood shovel on sand to prepare the ground and then put in a seed and wait. Have a nice game!

I'm glad it work for you, is it newer Unity versions that doesn't work? as far as I remember this is using version 5.5.3f1

Instead of a version issue, there is also the choice of rendering pipeline used by the game (urp, srp, built_in, hdrp) that can have a big impact on compatibility, my game use built-in I think, so the oldest one

Thank you for the video, it was pretty cool to watch how you figured out the puzzles, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for your kind message! I'm glad you liked the game, your suggestion is good but I will probably not work on the game anymore as it was just a little idea I wanted to make

Thank you for the kind message! I'm glad you liked the game!

Hello, you may have accidentally pressed keys 'ctrl+m', it mute the sound, you can press it again to reactivate the sound

you can build a base in the cave but it's not necessary at all

I'm glad you liked the game! Yeah the puzzle generation is very simple so it can generate puzzle with multiple solutions and it happen more with higher difficulty unfortunately

Very cool and original idea! The way your body is taken over by enemies feels very creepy

very nice idea and I love the visuals. I feel that the game could become harder after a while so you would be kept on your toes

Nice game! I like how walking on glowing tiles makes the lava go faster, everything becomes a lot more difficult to navigate. I don't know if deeper levels are harder but level 1 feels hard already

haha, that's pretty cool visually and it's a bit spooky, not knowing how the bear's move, but I managed to get the picnic anyway

very cool! high score 62.1

the music could be more involved with some melodies, but it may be too much for the jam's constraint

Thank you for the feedback! I feel like keeping arrow keys pressed for a long time can feel tedious very fast so a virtual joystick could help with that too. If you play on mobile there is a default virtual key screen that appears (it's from the engine I use, Pico 8) but I don't think it can be activated on computer. I feel the control for this game could be a lot better, it doesn't feel very precise and having a "analog" joystick input could help.

Thanks for the suggestions, I don't know if I will add more to this game in the future. If you don't know it already, check the commercial game Dome Keeper, it was a big inspiration for my game.