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Thank you for your remarks. Some of them I acknowledge and I want to address them in future releases or sequels. It's true that the latter parts of the game are more about solving puzzles and a lot less about interesting landscapes. Putting "companion" cubes on push plates may remind Portal a bit too much. I wanted the player to know immediately what he must do. But puzzles themselves are not at all the same than Portal (mechanics, solutions, ...). I hope that each of the 4 main puzzles can produce an epiphany for the player.

I do agree that exploring outside the main path is not very possible, and that you can get stuck in several puzzle, and being forced to reset. I didn't find simple solutions to avoid the player getting stuck, or loosing himself, or avoiding solving the puzzles. In the sequels, I will try to add more exploration level like the first room. I will also try to design puzzles with no fail state.

Hi, this is probably an issue with a controller plugged on your computer. You can try unplugging gamepads or anything that could act like one. One person had an issue with a old 3D mouse driver that was installed, and uninstalling it made it work. You can also try to change the input mapping in the window that appear before the game really launch.

Let me know if any of this worked, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you will be able to play.

Nice ! I'm glad you made it work !

Thank you for your kind words. I also think that redirecting lasers through portals could be a great idea !

The game is mainly playable using the mouse to turn the camera. You can also use a gamepad (the left stick). Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have a special reason for not being able to play with mouse or gamepad, let me know and I may make you a special version with full keyboard mapping.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game ! Great video btw.

Ok, I will take a look, thank you for the info!

Thank you ! There is some small bugs I need to fix on Linux, yes. What are you meaning by "from the screen shot" ?

People are already kind of dizzy after playing for a while, so .... But I would be curious to see how it feels, being in that place in VR.

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Yes you are quite right, it's definitely something I need to work on. It was difficult letting the player explore without cheating on the puzzle. Plus sometimes people would lost themselves by falling off the path, and would not have the reflex to reset manually.

Well, 1.4b only fix some rare glitch when taking portals sideways (and yes, it could be used for speedrunning ^^). I should maybe put the release note somewhere else and put a link to it, as I don't want spoilers in the description of the game.

Thank you. Museum of simulation technology looks really awesome. It remind me of this excellent Ludum Dare game :


Not sure if I want to go that way yet ^^

Thank you for the kind words. TRI seems really interesting, I need to check it out. Right now I'm playing Kairo, which have great moods.

I'm glad you can play it ! The game has no jump-scare so it should not become too scary ...

Thanks, it was really fun seeing you play. I love how you got totally lost in the "mirror palace" section.

You captured the essence of the game, great !

I just uploaded a win 32 version, let me know if it solved your issue ! Hope it will.

Sorry if the game doesn't work for you. What is your configuration ? Are you on Windows, and what version ?

Nice, good job !

It was great watching you playing. Plus you found the intended way to solve each puzzle ! Thank you for the video.

Yes of course ! There should not be any copyright issue on the music as it has been created for this game. Let me know if you make something cool !

Sorry for the forced reset. Hint for the secret place : it's before the big open room.

Hi, the game is playable in the browser. It should be visible at the top of the page. If you own Pico 8, you can also download the cartridge here : http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3200

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on a sequel with several sections, puzzles, and a lot of new mechanics. I just released a video teaser you can check out : https://youtu.be/ariVKXSYXrY

Hi, thanks for playing. There is an exit to find, but no way to save your progress. As it's a short game focusing on exploring, you can probably complete it again pretty fast. I plan to do another room, with real puzzle to be released early january.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked the game. Did you play the original "Alone in the dark" (released in 1992) ? It is the inspiration for my game. If not you can play it here : http://playdosgamesonline.com/Alone-in-the-dark.html

I just updated both web and android version, with more precise collisions and removed the "keep perfectly vertical" way of cheating.

Oh, I may need to add that. I though you could just minimise it with the home button. Are you on tablet ?

I released an Android Version ! Tell me if you liked it !

I released an Android Version ! Tell me if you liked it !

I released an Android Version ! Tell me if you liked it !

It's actually pretty simple. Basicly you draw each frame a circle below each ball with his colors, but without clearing the screen between frames. That will make trails that never disapear. Then you draw small circles at random positions with the background color, so eventually the trail will be painted over by the background color. Adjusting the number and size of the random circles will make the trail disappear faster or slower. If you own Pico 8, you can find the original source code here : http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3467

Thanks, realy nice to hear it works well on your tablet. I plan to add quality options, so even slower devices can play smoothly.

Thanks, an android version is on it's way. I hope to release it realy soon.

Thank you for the kind word. I wasn't sure the simple mechanism would be enough to make the game enjoyable. Now I search for things to add to the game, while keeping that simplicity.

Thanks for sharing this video, it's nice to see. Was it your first playthrough ? I ask because you directly avoid the two first zombi of the game.

Thanks, the game was made in 3 days for a Jam, so it's not too much code. It's made in Pico 8 and if you have the program you can find the source code here : http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3467

Well I think the bottom of the screen will be empty, as the game use a square space and the phone has a rectangle screen. So pressing in the area bellow the screen would let you fire in the line from your finger to the ball, like a slingshot You could also press directly inside the game area, but then your finger hide where you are aiming.

Yes I think it could be a good game on phone too. So I am working on an Android version now. I could also just make a touch screen binding on the html5 web version.