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I'm glad it work for you, is it newer Unity versions that doesn't work? as far as I remember this is using version 5.5.3f1

Instead of a version issue, there is also the choice of rendering pipeline used by the game (urp, srp, built_in, hdrp) that can have a big impact on compatibility, my game use built-in I think, so the oldest one

Thank you for the video, it was pretty cool to watch how you figured out the puzzles, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for your kind message! I'm glad you liked the game, your suggestion is good but I will probably not work on the game anymore as it was just a little idea I wanted to make

Thank you for the kind message! I'm glad you liked the game!

Hello, you may have accidentally pressed keys 'ctrl+m', it mute the sound, you can press it again to reactivate the sound

you can build a base in the cave but it's not necessary at all

I'm glad you liked the game! Yeah the puzzle generation is very simple so it can generate puzzle with multiple solutions and it happen more with higher difficulty unfortunately

Very cool and original idea! The way your body is taken over by enemies feels very creepy

very nice idea and I love the visuals. I feel that the game could become harder after a while so you would be kept on your toes

Nice game! I like how walking on glowing tiles makes the lava go faster, everything becomes a lot more difficult to navigate. I don't know if deeper levels are harder but level 1 feels hard already

haha, that's pretty cool visually and it's a bit spooky, not knowing how the bear's move, but I managed to get the picnic anyway

very cool! high score 62.1

the music could be more involved with some melodies, but it may be too much for the jam's constraint

Thank you for the feedback! I feel like keeping arrow keys pressed for a long time can feel tedious very fast so a virtual joystick could help with that too. If you play on mobile there is a default virtual key screen that appears (it's from the engine I use, Pico 8) but I don't think it can be activated on computer. I feel the control for this game could be a lot better, it doesn't feel very precise and having a "analog" joystick input could help.

Thanks for the suggestions, I don't know if I will add more to this game in the future. If you don't know it already, check the commercial game Dome Keeper, it was a big inspiration for my game.

Thanks! The most important thing Pico 8 do for me is limiting the scope, so I can start a very small project without being overwhelmed by pressure. This 1k jam also help with that. Also the "immediate" rendering appeal to me, you can just draw whatever you want from code directly. 

Unfortunately I will not be there for next LudumDare, I'm a bit sad but I will surely find other jams to do soon.

You are welcome to give critical feedbacks! You can use ctrl+r or "enter->reset cart" to reset the game (but it also reset the level, maybe it could have been interesting to let people have multiple tries at the same level)

For the music, yeah you are right, it was kinda a placeholder at first but I wanted to release the game, maybe I will change it latter. It will still be very coarse as the constraint limits what I can do.

For the "double click proof" at the end, it's a good idea but I didn't have the space (in the 1024 bytes allowed by the jam) to do it, I'm already glad I could show the timer at the top :D

Hello, launch pads cost 25 millions credits each, so you need to sell lots of high-priced components to the "seller" building to get enough money. Also when you setup a recipe it usually has a cost too that depends on the product

hello, it's probably ctrl+M to mute/unmute the sound

hi! the main 3 music can be found on my soundcloud
and there is lots of online tools if you want to download them from there

have a nice day

I'm glad you like the game, it's always great to know my work is appreciated! I did about half the work on a next part but unfortunately it was too much pressure for me so I paused the development several years  ago. I hope I can get back to it eventually but I can't make any promises :(

it was super fun to see you going through the game, thank you for playing!

haha :D it's kind of my fault, maybe the "source" zip should not be the first link ... sorry

Thank you for the kind words! At the time, I worked on a sequel for several month but it was too ambitious for me, I got burned out and couldn't work on it anymore. I hope some day I can at least release what I had done in some form, there was some cool ideas

ahah, yeah you can do that :D

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game!
There is checkpoints before/after each puzzle so you should never lost much progress. At one point, there are things you can do in different order but they are also saved. The "you got lost too far" can be annoying, sorry for that, it brings you back to your last checkpoint and in the "hub" section it's frustrating.

Thank you for the suggestion about a mouse-only mode, it's a good point and I will keep it in mind if I ever come back to update this game

Very nice and compact design! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for making this video, it was a joy to watch!

Thank you for all those research, it's not easy to figure out all the correct ratios. I don't quite remember all the details, but at the time I tried to balance all the 3 main ressources (iron, copper and oil) so it's great to see it worked. I don't think I managed to make a factory that efficient and it may be quite tricky (but hopefully doable) to fit everything into the limit space of the game. If you manage to do it, send me a screenshot!

Hello, inserters can take 1 item from a line per tick (4 frames) and a conveyor can store up to 8 items. There is however a system so that if several inserters are taking from same conveyor square or if the conveyor path continue beyond that square, they will take turn so as to not starve completely any supply path. So putting more than 8 inserters to take from the end of a path cannot extract more than 8 a second (as the conveyor bring only 8 per second anyway) but could potentially take less, because some inserters will be idle some ticks, waiting for items to be shared between others. This code is not very smart to be honest, it was just an easy way to share items among several paths. Bridge work the same but can take half the content of the conveyor (so up to 4 items per ticks if the conveyor is full) this is again so that items are spread between several paths, but two bridges at the end of a conveyor line should empty it I think.

Nice ^^ pretty cool jumps!

haha, you sand digging monster!

Thank you for this amazing story ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed your adventure!

I could consider putting Fragments of Euclid on console but only if I put more content in it, right now it's a bit short I think.

It's a game you cannot "win" as you cant bring your mental up. You can get a better score by smashing zombies while never getting too much "pain" that you get permanent "damage". But to go faster you are tempted to take the pills but it will permanently lower your "mental". It's a bit silly as a game.

It looks like a cool construction, great job!

No problem, I'm glad you found the solution solution, have a nice game!

Hello! "Lone cube" can be a bit hard. You can return back to "transfert" if you want and there is other puzzles you can access from there. To solve "Lone cube", you first have to open the gate beyond the little bridge. The switch to open it just above it, behind another gate you have maintain open while dropping the cube through another door. If this doesn't help, here is a walkthrough you can look at:

Ahah, awesome construction, very clean, thank you for sharing it!

Sorry, it's not possible in this jam-game, but I made a longer game on the same idea where you can remove the screen effect in the options.  you can find it here:

Ahah, I didn't see that it was a reply to your post, sorry for the confusion ^^

To respond to your post from 71 days ago, "Non Euclidean Room" was the only name my poor brain could come up when the ludum dare game jam ended late at night ... For a possible sequel, I worked on "scaling portals" when you connect portals of different sizes and could even do non uniforme scales. I also tested curved portals that would distord the world when you cross them. But all my tests where more about bending meshes than really bending the space.

Thank you for all the reading and links in your articles, I will read that with attention.

Hello, I'm not the creator of hyper rogue, it is zenorogue if I'm not mistaken

I'm glad you liked the game, my inspiration where mostly Antichamber and a game I saw in a festival but did not get released yet, De Pictura: 

Also I started this project during a game jam (ludum dare) where the theme was "One room" so that made me think about how to use portals to make you loop in one giant room. You can still play that small game here:

If you like that theme, I recommend youtube channel "Code Parade" that has several videos around non-euclidean geometry and his even working on a game inspired by hyper rogue.

I would love to see games about curved spaces but I don't know many. I worked on ideas around that for a sequel of Fragments of Euclid, but unfortunately right now development is paused and I don't know if it will start again someday ...