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Ahah, awesome construction, very clean, thank you for sharing it!

Sorry, it's not possible in this jam-game, but I made a longer game on the same idea where you can remove the screen effect in the options.  you can find it here:

Ahah, I didn't see that it was a reply to your post, sorry for the confusion ^^

To respond to your post from 71 days ago, "Non Euclidean Room" was the only name my poor brain could come up when the ludum dare game jam ended late at night ... For a possible sequel, I worked on "scaling portals" when you connect portals of different sizes and could even do non uniforme scales. I also tested curved portals that would distord the world when you cross them. But all my tests where more about bending meshes than really bending the space.

Thank you for all the reading and links in your articles, I will read that with attention.

Hello, I'm not the creator of hyper rogue, it is zenorogue if I'm not mistaken

I'm glad you liked the game, my inspiration where mostly Antichamber and a game I saw in a festival but did not get released yet, De Pictura: 

Also I started this project during a game jam (ludum dare) where the theme was "One room" so that made me think about how to use portals to make you loop in one giant room. You can still play that small game here:

If you like that theme, I recommend youtube channel "Code Parade" that has several videos around non-euclidean geometry and his even working on a game inspired by hyper rogue.

I would love to see games about curved spaces but I don't know many. I worked on ideas around that for a sequel of Fragments of Euclid, but unfortunately right now development is paused and I don't know if it will start again someday ...

Hello, I'm glad you like the game! Your progress should be autosaved so that when you launch the game again you can just select "continue" to resume your progress to the last "checkpoint". I hope this works for you.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game! You can change the camera angle in the options if you want to.

Hello, that boot-up screen is coming from the Pico 8 fantasy console. It's a program to make small games at it's what I used to make DeFacto. You can find more games like that on the official website and even buy Pico 8 if you want to make games yourself.

Hello, to get wheat, you need to use your scythe on grass to get some seed and use your shovel on sand to prepare the ground. Once the ground prepared, you can plant the seed (use seed on prepared ground) and if you wait a bit until the plant become yellow, you can then use your scythe to harvest the plant, giving you wheat. It's useful to make healing bread.

For the map, you can finish the game without it, but it's useful so that you doesn't get lost, and also to find the entrance to the cave. There is also 4 red locations on the map that you can go dig to find something that could help you against the final boss.

Have fun with the game!

Hi, thank you, I'm glad you like the game! I released this game two years ago so it's unlikely that I will work on it again. About the save system, it is available in the browser version as well! You can press enter and select "save", then if you close and open the game's page again you can select "load game" in the menu to reload you game. Be carefull as there is only one save available at a time and it is stored in your browser cache, so it will be deleted if you clear all your browser data. Have fun!

This game is suited for every age, but might be a bit difficult to understand for a young child.

Glad you enjoyed the game. It was made using pico 8 during a game jam. You can see the code source here: (little "code" button under the game) and you can download the cart if you own pico 8. Let me know if you find something interesting.

Hi! If you restart the game, a load option should appear along the new game option on the title screen. But the game is permadeath, so if you die your save is deleted. Sorry if you lost progress.

I'm glad you liked the game! The story you imagined is in fact close to what I wanted to put in the next episode. You learn more about Euclid and help him through new mechanics. Unfortunately after working several month on a new episode, the project is in halt for the moment I hope to revives it one day and show you all the cool things I added.

Thank you for playing the game! The song from the secret place is not it the soundtrack as it was made by me for the original prototype during Ludum Dare, and not by the composer of the other tracks. If you like it, you can find it here:

I'm sorry, I really should have put a warning, It is a bit harsh as the boss can be quite hard if you are not prepared. I hope you had fun anyway.

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry for grammar, English is not my main language and writing text late at night during a game jam was not a good idea. I should have done that sooner so I have time for spellchecking. Thanks for the feedback.

You have to find a white light that glow through walls and reach it to go to the next scene. Alternatively, you can press "n" to go to next scene. Thanks for playing!

I like the mood of the game and of the music. I had to use Autohotkey to make it works with my french keyboard (so remappable keys would be great). The game is way too hard for me even if I did some StepMania a long time ago. There is a lack of feedback as you press a button and nothing change on screen, it's only when there is notes that you see if you validate them or not. It makes it super hard to see if you are off rhythm or not. But it was fun to spam everything in hope to go further, good job!

Nice game, it was very tense. Plus with a french keyboard I needed to type "dozn" to go down, so hard mode I guess. The best strategy was to go in a circle and prepare the next direction immediately, minus the last letter. Keep up the good work!

You got me curious so I looked at asset from Unity Store and there is quite some:

There is free ones like

This one seems really great (but not free) and can play on scale (spoiler for FoE episode 2 ...), and there is a demo only

Even if you don't use Unity, it can be great for learning. I saw video of Memory of a Broken Dimension but did not know it was out, I need to try it!

You can find the OST, as well as other tracks, on this page from Legulysse, the creator of the sound track.
I will also add the OST to the page of FoE today.

Thanks for your kind words. I'm working on a sequel for FoE but it's not nearly finished. I encourage you to start working on a similar game, it's fun to play with those mechanics and there is so much to explore. Here is another game you may like to try: also there is Antichamber and soon (I hope) Magnifold Garden.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game!

I'm really sorry for that, several people reported nausea while playing, but I'm not sure how to help with that. I put an adjustable "field of view" and you can change the "stroke" effect for something less violent. Maybe it's linked to all the bright white on the screen, so lowering brightness may help. I may add an "inverted color" mode in the future, so the screen would be mostly black, or even let the player choose the color scheme. Thank you for your feedback.

Nice ! My game is sooo broken it seems :) the glitch where you just go through walls seems the worse and that it could be found by accident by an innocent first time player. The multiple jump by grabbing the cube again and again is super impressive. Thank for your video, it made my day !

Thank for the report, I saw your speedruns and was really impressed. I always find glitches and unintended mechanics really interesting. So I'm often on the fence about removing them from the game. I even found some useful skips before release, but decided to let them as it's like hidden secrets that speedrunners only would find. Usually I would want to remove things that players can stumble upon during regular gameplay, or that completely destroy the game (like when you go through the ground directly to the finish line). I think this double jump would rarely happen by mistake, so it can stay for now. Thank you for your interest in the game, let me know if you find anything else interesting!

Hello, I made a special version for Coolmathgames as they found the game interesting. The two game are nearly identical.

Hi, if you liked this game, you can try the sequel that is longer :

Hi, you probably have a gamepad or some other input device that is plugged and sending the rotation to the left. You can try unplugging it. Some people also had issues with old 3D mouse drivers that they needed to uninstall to solve the issue. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I should add an option in the menu to disable gamepad support. Let me know if you managed to fix it.

Hi, don't worry, they did not copied it. They bought a special version named "Stranded Island" that I made especially for them. I'm glad if there is people to play it there.

Thank you a lot Sebastian for your kind words. Your work with game jam curator means a lot for small dev like me, and seeing my game worthy of an article always drive me forward and give me motivation. Game jams are also a huge part of how games evolve nowadays, I think, but it's often buried and invisible. So your work shine a light on all that world. I hope to bring you more interesting jam games in the future, but the result is never guaranteed, that is also one of the specificity of game jams ...

Hi, if you download the windows version (  you can have the game on you computer and toggle between fullscreen and windowed by using ALT+ENTER.

Hi, the d3d9.dll file should be placed in the folder you put the game, just beside the FragmentsOfEuclid.exe file. For the command, you can try downloading this file I made for you : and put it at the same place (beside FragmentsOfEuclid.exe) and double-click on it. This should launch the game and force using D3D9. But I don't know if it will work and if it don't, I'm out of ideas.

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Hi, I'm glad for your interest in the game. You may find useful advice in this Hearstone support thread, as both Fragments of Euclid and Hearstone use Unity.

They talk about the pink screen issue, how you can try to update your graphic drivers, and at the very end on the second page, several people mention downloading a file d3d9.dll has solved their issues.

I hope you will be able to play and enjoy the game, let me know if it has worked. And don't worry about the money, donation is totally optional.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game !

I didn't need to remake everything as I used PicoLove (to use Pico game inside the Love2D engine), but I needed to change a lot of things as it was too slow (sound, circle drawing ...).

There should not be any copyright on this game's music or the sequel.

Hi, you can use a wood/stone shovel on the ground (sand) to prepare it, and then use a seed on top to plant wheat. Wait a bit until they are ready and harvest them with a scythe. Hope it would help you fight the boss, even if there might be another very useful item to help ...

Congrats ! You made it, and got the treasure ! If you make a boat your will now have a better ending ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for playing.