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Marquee / lasso / magic wand tool

A topic by Enric Llagostera created Apr 23, 2018 Views: 210 Replies: 4
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I love the tool, thanks for making it. A fun tool I'd like to have in it would be a way to copy and paste parts of it (both inside one animation or between diff files). It could be just a rectangular marquee selection or something more elaborate. I've the impression it would fit into the doodle aesthetics and make it easier to do some collage-like things between sprites or even within one animation.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I'd like to second this as a feature that would be very helpful. Although the absence also forces you to become a better drawer so ?

I didn't make a lasso, but there's a new Grab tool that lets you drag a part of the image under your brush. The feature is available now in a new update.

More info at:

Fantastic!!! The update is super neat