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An Interesting concept, enjoyed it.

Amazing tool, Easy to use and understand.

Keep up the good work 👌


I am glad everything works now :D

Hi, thanks for reaching out :D

I have an Community Discord where you can report bugs and ask stuff.

Glad you like it :D

Hi, I have and Game Called EXIT 2 and its now on Steam.

If you want to you can Wishlist it, would be very nice.

EXIT 2 Is a short horror game in which the goal is to collect all items without getting caught by the creatures. // EXIT 2 Old Version. // EXIT 2 new Updated Steam Version.


Glad to hear this.

Thank you really much :D

look´s good to me.

It has an eye catching look, and Trailer, Screenshots and this Steam page look.

I personally like it.

the only thing i would meaby remove is the banner, but that is my personal opinion.

Recently made an Trailer for my game EXIT 2.

just wanted to ask if the trailer is eye catching.

or if you have some feedback

Kind Regards, Enreeper.
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EXIT 2 is an short horror game in wich you have to collect items in order to exit.
sounds easy, but enemys are trying to stop you.

Game Features 10 Levels, Secrets to collect, Dialogs, Achievements and Controller Support.

Thank you for the Honest review, im glad you enjoyed it.

I have to say I heard a lot about that the Stamina regens to slow for example.

I mean EXIT in general was the first Polished 3D Game i made with Gamemaker Studio 2.

so im still getting experience.

I released an Last Update for EXIT 2 instead of Making a Third part.

I should properly try something new while keeping meaby the Artstyle.

Thank you that you took your time to try out the game, and are honest with me.

that means a lot to me :D

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Hi, a year ago i made an short horror game called " EXIT " it was for a game jam.

it was getting good feedback and was enjoyed so i made an seconds part. 10 x times longer than the first part, more polished etc.

screenshots from "EXIT 2 BETA" long ago.

Now im thinking, should i make a 3 Part ?

I was thinking about a part with a Story, and ( Modding, Controller, Keybind ) Support.

what do you guys think, ist it a good idea or shoudl i better leave it.


if you want you can try it and leave you´re Opinion, would be very nice.

The Sword feedback feelt very good.

a bit difficullt, at least for me.

but Overall good game :D

Almost forgot to mention, player sprintspeed was increased by 0.15

Can only recommend playing this game.

has potential :D

EXIT originally was made for the ( Miz Jam 1 ), but since it was enjoyed well.

i decided to make a sequell.

[ how to play ]

you´re goal is it to collect  all items without getting interupted by the enemies.

Game site

Discord Server

[ Screenshots ]


I thought cause you Enjoyed EXIT so much.

if you meaby want to give EXIT 2 a try.

EXIT 2 is Releasing in March.

Like the Game, it is Realy Easy to understand but is Challanging, and thats what i like about it, i like the Challange and that you have to be Fast.

good work keep it up :D

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is an 2D Platformer where your goal is it to get to the goal as fast as possible.

the game is still under Development so things could change.

if you want you can test it out :D

and also give some feedback only if possible-

a TestBuild is released for testing, but will be removed as soon as an newer version releases.

YYP Maker community · Created a new topic Realy Helpfull :D

the Tool works great.

i had a few problems since switching to 2.3.

and the Tool has fixed them all.

good work keep it up :D

Realy Nice Game, in my oppinion this game has Potencial.

you could make an Full Game out of this, I would definetly play it.

the Graphics were awsome, the sounds where not to agressive, and the Kill feedback and weapon feeling was great.

realy nice, looks good, feels nice and was fun.

good work keep it up.

Nice game, like the animation, and graphics.

and the music is epic-

good work keep it up :D

Nice game, simple and fun.

i like the kind of view and that your allways moving.

good work keep it up :D

im glad you liked it :D

p.s. yeah the end is a bit buggy, there should be someting but it didn´t get´s triggered every time

glad you like it.

p.s. yes it´s true

thanks for your feedback :D

im glad you like it

Nice game, the atmosphere is great and the Visuals are awsome.

the spiders scared me every time.

good work keep it up :D

Nice Game, the Visuals are great and the feeling with this music was great.

deep and mysterious.

good work leep it up :D

Nice Game, and the Look is Fantastic.

a little hard, but makes fun.

good work keep it up :D

I dont realy know what the goal is.

but I enjoyed the game

good work keep it up :D

Nice and Funny Game.

I dont know if the Gdot face is an Hidden Icon, because thats the only one i found.

good work keep it up :D

thanks for Playing, glad you liked it :D

p.s.i should have done a Tutorial ingame, true