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Thanks, glad you liked it

Thanks for playing


Thanks, and thank you for playing


Nice art.

Cool game, really like how the long even with a longer chain you still get limited were you walk due to the tree stumps that get placed. 

cool idea and good level design. however the movement was wired. if you don't want the player to move while one of the characters is moving then I suggest increasing the movement speed since it felt like I was waiting a lot. also a lot of the time the game did not seem to register my inputs. and on multiple occasions only one of the two characters moved event though the other could have moved as well.

All in all a good game though!

Cool game, movement feels really good. Since there seems to be no drawback to always holding fire maybe just have the ships always fire instead of having to hold space.

Nice idea, Good story. For further development I would advise reducing the collision boxes of the objects and the characters as I seemed to keep getting stuck on the objects.

Cool game really like the idea of joining the actions together. good level design as well with slowly introducing the concepts. Would have been nice to have the dash as a button on the keyboard so that one can play the game with one hand.

Cool game, Really like the concept. Feels a bit like the Little Alchemy game. due to it being 3d it is sometimes difficult to aim the shots (maybe 2d or first person ?) but otherwise great game.

Fun game, I liked the different types of units once could join up with. Very clean presentation. aiming is a bit difficult with how the camera moves, but otherwise good game

Fun game, great presentation

Fun game really like the mechanic! it is nice how the converting and fighting is fairly quick and one dose not have to wait around for to long. and how the tanks add in more game play instead of just waiting longer for them to die but also needing to dodge. My one complaint would be that the position of the camera was not ideal, often i would be attacked from orcs with rifles that were outside of my view, maybe zoom out a bit with time, and center the camera on your groups of orcs. Otherwise great game.

Thanks for playing! I currently have another puzzle game i want to publish "Fresh paint" ( where I am trying to make it mobile compatible but once that is done I think I will iterate on this one.

Thanks, and thanks for playing


Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing

Really cool game, nice level progression. The game feels really polished. well done!

Thanks for playing, I might post a walk through for these levels in the future since it seems to be a reoccurring theme of people not being able to solve them.

Thanks for playing!

The game is a lot of fun, great idea and execution. Love the fact that you cant aim your gun while pulling in a different island

cool game really like the atmosphere and the pixelated effect. Though the mouse feels way to sensitive. Otherwise great controls feel good. 

Great Idea. Really fun and hard puzzles. The game seems really polished

Cool game, This feels really polished well done! I could see this working great on mobile (only tried on pc).  

Thats to bad, The screen shots look really good and would love to give this game a go. Guess ill have to wait :)

nice game like the concept. The art stile is cool, I would give the dog just a tiny bit longer leash so the lasers don't flicker on and of when the dog is on the button because the man moves. Otherwise a few more levels would be nice but the ones that are good and introduce the concepts in a good order.

really idea and great execution relay like the spring mechanic! It feels really polished and the art is great.

Cool game idea, though I don't seem to understand how the buttons work and what triggers the lasers. Also I can't see the players rotating since they are both controlled freely, though that might be a bit later on and i could not get that far.

Then I am just not good enough :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi thanks for the feedback. I agree that it can get tiring though I don't think that mouse would work since one is quite often blocked from moving, (maybe I am just no understanding the idea correctly though) . What might help is to change the controls that holding space is magnetized and releasing stops magnetization.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree the graphics could have more but I find they work as they are. Personally my graphic skills are very limited and I am happy  which what I managed

that sounds like a good idea

fun game mechanic, a small tutorial about there abilities would be nice at the beginning. And an indication about what the different buttons affect. I was just walking around hitting random buttons so some indication would have been nice

Fun game, well polished. really liked the twist on tower defense with running around and powering up the pre-built towers

Well polished game with a lot of fun and interesting mechanics. Good music for the game. what would be nice is an aid in which colors combine to form what color but trial and error works there i guess. Otherwise great submission

ah ok, I did not realize the rabbits run towards the poo. otherwise great game though