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Nothing a little post polish can't fix. Keep it up.

Game seems to have some issues.  I did soft lock the game a few times, and broke the physic systems in some others.  A few bugs, and most of the spites are off center, but for a first time project like this great job. 

A list of controls would also be nice to play the game for new players.

Excellent game demo of a fantastic concept. Love to see what you do moving forward. Sprite designs are great and I think they silhouette nicely. I do think the music and sounds could match a little better, I think having the sound effects made is sfxr and having the music coposed for higher bit rate kind of clash. Perhaps going back and making music in that same bit rate or upping the sfx might add some missing game feel. But overall a great game mates. Hope you keep up the great work.

Yes much cute lol. Thank you.

Thanks mate. You're great. 

Of course mate. Enjoy  ;

Thank you very much mate. 

Thank you Skeffles, \( ᵔ ‿ ᵔ )/

P.S. I like your name

Good quick arcade experience. I do think it is a simple concept that is easy to pickup for most anyone. Had issues with mouse if not in full screen, but that is expected most times. Game wise I think it is easily repetitive and is hard to do more than one playthrough, When the second level looks exactly the same. Would have been more fun to do more parkour. I think there also would be a desired amount of feedback for collecting dice. I do like the elevator and would cool to see the levels load when the door closes and opens. Overall I think you have the foundation of something pretty cool here and you should be proud of the creation you made. (👍 ᵔ ‿ ᵔ )👍

I could play a full hour game of this if expanded upon. Amazing art style. Only feed back id that it would be nice to see the results better from the dice as it is rolled. Hoping you expand on this game.

Thank for hammering through the bugs.

Thank you pillow. May you always be on the cool side.

So would everything in the world.

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Quick little top down shooter that I think overall was not a bad game. I think things that could have been added or improved on would include adding shadows to your bullets. Since they lob high into the air and come down like a heavy object, using shadows can help sell that point of depth in your game. Also switching to a different tab really messes with the game for some reason where the enemies have no cooldown on shots and you can't use your mouse anymore. I do think for the experience you have made you should feel proud of what you accomplished. (👍 ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)👍

Fun little platformer. I think navigating or remembering buttons at certain points seem unnatural at times, but overall easy to manage and pickup.   

I'm sorry I noticed it too when I showed it to my spouse. Um you can make it across with other stuff. I just accidentally forgot to scale down enemy health from testing. My 4am brain made a lot of mistakes. Thank you for your kind words. ( ᵔ ͜ʖ ᵔ )


Really enjoyed this game. Art style was lovely with that tron-like lighting and outlining. Game was simple to pickup and scaled in difficulty correctly. Really made the best use of you time by rendering the shapes the way you did. I think yeah, overall a great arcade experience worth playing again. (👍 ◉ ᴗ ◉ )👍

Overall fairly decent. Might have been too random at some points for enjoyable play, but it was game that could be played in the end. Art style was consistent and well put together. Overall not a bad time. 

Actually funny story.  I forgot to change that back to lower health after testing lol. ¯\_( ❛ ▿ ❛ )_/¯

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I loved the upgrade concept through the dice. This game was pretty fun to play through. Art style was consistent and wonderful. I couldn't get enough of that dice roll animation every time I rolled. Hit boxes were a little weird at one point, but most of the game was pretty smooth. This was really fun. Might keep this one on my desktop.  Excellent work. ( ᵔ ᴗ ᵔ )

Here is my honest critique. Game concept and idea if simple charming and easy to pickup.  The style is very neat and orderly , everything feeling like part of the same game. Lack of checkpoint system makes the game replicability go down ironically.  Every time the player dies they have to replay everything all over again, which ironically makes them less likely to replay and keep moving forward. I think a checkpoint system would really help this aspect. I think there needs to be less response time between inputs and movement. Geometric shapes in art forms of shape theory stimulate expectations of rigidness and quick or snappy motions. I think by making the dice squish after getting in place, or increasing movement speed it will help combat the contradiction happening in the shape theory. Overall good game. You should be proud and keep up the great work.

Fun neat concept. Got a very simplistic play style I think easy enough for anyone to pick up and learn as they play. Good job.

Really enjoyed the style of this one. Concept is cool and acts like a dynamic version of rock paper scissors with dice. Enjoyed a lot and think you built a pretty good UI.

Turned white, I think what triggered it was they were two different colors that spawned at the same spot for me.

Hmm. well guess I messed it up lol. Thought I disabled it but eh  ¯\_( > ͜ʖ < )_/¯

Thanks for playing though btw.

Awesome game experience. I really love the art style and would love like a full story game revolved around this little fellow and the dice. Leaderboard is cool. I enjoyed the gaining dice over time mechanic, and the scale of difficulty. Great job, you should be proud.

I love this cute little puzzle game. Really easy to pick up and play. Definitely should be proud of this piece.

If you continue to work on after the jam, I would love to share more feedback on game feel and variety. Really enjoyed this project and would love to see it grow.

Really enjoyed this one. I think you could expand on variety with more time if you continued development. Maybe using a 20 sided die instead to have better rolling. My one issue is the power bar is so similar to range the dice can go sometimes it can become confusing. I would think my dice would go that far but really it was just how much power I put behind it and would go nowhere or half the distance.

Took a bit to figure out but was a good quick play. I think overall some more game juice on actions would be nice. Just a little more screen shake or response methods.

Fun simple to pick up platform shooter. I enjoyed my short play through and for a days work this is pretty good. I think outlines on characters and enemies might help separate background and game objects more. 

Good fun arcade wave system. Easy replay value. Camera could use a little more tween in my opinion. Really loved game feel, but I think controls for computer could have been rigged a little better. I would recommend mouse for movement and top row keys like q, w, e, and r. Or you could try wasd and go with h, j, k, and l.

Overall this is good for what you were able to complete in time. I had issues with the dice not matching the text a lot. I do think variety was a little flat however. For a clicker game its fun. 

It is a good simple game, but I find its lack of complexity overtime to become boring. I think adding things to look out for might aid in game progression diversity. I think also maybe having the dice change colors to a bonus point as a form of challenge or something could also help this out.

Overall pretty solid. I had one error. I don't know if it was not working or I was doing something wrong. But matching colors never modified my score or gave me bounce at six for some reason.

Excellent concept and design. This could be really fun further expanded upon. It played really well

I enjoyed this. Fun a a forever dungeon master for D&D to play a game that homages to it. I like losing by defeating players to quickly. The fudging dice roll thing is neat. 

I was genuinely surprised by the concept and thought it was very creative.

I had fun for a shot experience with this. Good arcade/mobile style fun. I think a cut trail would have been nice just to visually get feedback on how I was cutting.

Great job with this one.

I like moving the dice to the goal aspect. Did have some soft lock issues but looks pretty good. Enjoyed the concept