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You can have it in a separate patch; if you wish to have your work stand alone from NSFW content, but would still like to open up the game to it. 

yeah, weird website. 

If you are still needing testers, I'd be happy to lend a hand. Discord @ TotalPostal.

Nice work on the sprite! Do you have other similar models?

Very nice skeleton sprite. I could defiently see him in a 2d dungeon crawler rpg, or roguelite. 

Hello. Im available to play test if its android friendly.

This was such a wild, and interesting rabbit hole to read. 

What games do you, yourself, find fun? 

Saw you post this earlier. Looking forward to checking it out! 

Looking forward to playing the demo available! 

Do you have a demo I can check out buddy? 

How goes the search for a game muse? Any luck with ideas? 

Buckshot Roulette might be your speed. It isn't free, but definitely worth the $2.99 price. 

- The Ballad of Yellowman

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I ran across this post during my lunch hour. I really apperciate the words and experiances you decided to share in this post. I didn't know your work before today. But I look forward to exploring what you've made. 

I hope you find what you are looking for.

Do you have an audio reel for examples?

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Filled out the survey, hope it helps. As an RPG player, I look forward to hearing about your future projects with great interest. Never give up, and let your vision preserver! 

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Bravo Team Cavemanon! Whatever peak you sought, you reached it and then flew over it! I've clocked an easy 12 hours playing and replaying this game over this weekend. Starting out with the d and bought the full version quickly after. 

Getting the "Bad End" was probably the biggest motivator in that binge. I couldn't just leave it like that. Felt like I owed it to the characters. That all said, what a ride man! I really hope this just Cavemanon's epic start in the world of gaming. Because you guys make diamonds. 

Absolutely worth the price of admission guys, if you are thinking of buying it. I know I didn't regret it! 

I know what you're talking about. And the perfect ending exists. Persevere! Its worth it!

'Nanners, I agree.

Justice for Elckarow; give homie his/her flowers. It's rare to come across a fun and interactive phone UI in a Renpy game, that doesn't make you want to throw your phone. 

This is the most unrelatable, cool-story-bro tl;dr Ive ever read on itch. 

Zargon, you're games based. Don't mind the concern trolls. Keep'em coming man. 

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Playing browser version on android, using chear menu. Noticed I am only give the You Lose option during combat interactions only, and automatically. Causing issues, as I autolose on quests  now, as well as random encounters. Tried to reload a save and see if it would fix itself.  Closed browser and loaded save. Issue persists. Worried Ill have to start a new game. Any help Id be thankful for. 

A little harsh no? The concept is novel.


HTML is the way for Android users. Have been playing succesfully for a while.

Gen Z moment. "Why life not free."

There is a steam play app that allows you to play steam games on your mobile. Try that.

Events can only occur at a specific time or day. Id suggest following and interacting with the character until it triggers

Big ups to you dude. Very few indepth reviews of products on the site. Apperciate the word of warning on playable game content. 

Radation will do that naturally

Yo, why is all the whole game page in Russian?

i think the unpaid part might limit the application pool

If its a matter of funding, would the team reconsider a paid android version?




Nah. Joe papa.