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The fact that my sh*tty little game is ranked higher than some of the MUCH nicer and better looking/playing/feeling games I saw in the jam makes me not super confident in the ranking system. I think a simpler voting system would be better (maybe just like/dislike, what does 4 stars even mean? What separates 3 stars from 4 stars?)

While not a gamejam, Steam Greenlight had a thing where they just feed you a random queue of games and you could only vote yes or no. I think that for larger jams that's the way to go. With enough rates, it will average out to a usable score. 

This is amazing. I would pay money to play this. That Level 1-4 off screen spike wall got me good lol


awesome! juice it up with more cars and stuff to crash into and you've got a solid mobile game there, you should ship it! my submission also has a "turning in one direction" mechanic

Nice game! Super stressful when things keep appearing and you can't keep up haha, good work!!

haha thanks you too ;D

oh sweet thanks! 

dude I had like the exact same idea haha your's feels more fleshed out tho :P good stuff!

hahahaha wow that was a rollercoaster of a comment.  thanks man glad you enjoyed it!

thanks!! do you know what game it was? I'd love to see what other people did with this concept

super hard but really fun! maybe consolidate the shooting and retrieving into just one mouse click to keep it minimal but otherwise really rewarding and juicy gameplay!


good stuff!! would have loved to play more levels! also maybe have some punishment for taking easy shots, and maybe combos or something to reward more complex shots

sweet this is fun! interesting take on the one bullet mechanic too!

I don't have a joke but if u need help getting ratings here's a few pointers

0x9B6D53BC, 0x0003BAC4, 0x009EB961, 0xD004FD02

anyways lol here's my game One Wing World War

hahahah this is great ty

awesome!! very creative

this is awesome, way harder than I thought going in haha

thanks!! that means a lot! :)

thanks for the feedback! yeah I didn't get much playtesting in, might need some tweaking  later on

yeah it's just an aerial shot that I tweaked a lil but it's not copyrighted or anything so I think it's fine ? I will definitely change it in the future

Check out  One Wing World War  you're a fighter pilot with just one wing! Control your plane with just one button!

Ooh do me haha!!

One Wing World War!

cool! difficulty curve could use some smoothing out, but its very rewarding, almost like a rhythm game

thanks so much!! yeah I was worried it would feel too restricting and frustrating with just one input

I'm assuming like a week or so, but I didn't see an official statement anywhere.

thanks! that means a lot!