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Good stuff! Neat concept! 

AdvXJam community · Created a new topic Need Voice Over?

Hey Folks,

Offering my voice up if anyone would like me to do some voiceover. My day job is in radio, so if you are looking for a Radio DJish voice, I may be the person for you. I might not have time to do last minute things, but I get a script by next weekend, I should be able to get something for you by the end of the jam. 

Some samples of my voice can be found in the links below:

Patched so that the repair panels are now useable. Some minor spelling errors corrected.

Finished another Character portrait. I really need to switch out though and work on rooms and actual character sprites.

Right now I can only put it a couple hours a week. I'm not much of an artist, so it takes me a long time to produce some of these animations and rooms that are quite "simple" looking. I also need to get to work starting to put together things into a more cohesive story with gameplay. Right now things are very barebones.

I'd love to be able to pay some people to do the art so I can concentrate on writing, but it isn't in the cards right now. I'm not at  the level where I have the skill or confidence trying to run something like an indiegogo campaign or a kickstarter at this juncture. Maybe when things get a little more cohesive I might think about it, but right now I'm still aiming for this to be a small self-made project. 

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Still plugging away at character portrait

Game is still in very early development. You can follow me on twitter for the latest @durindeplays

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Hello folks,

My background is in radio. As such I have over 10-years in experience voicing and producing radio ads. I have recently started to branch out with my voice work and I am looking for products that could use my voice.

My specialization is narration and I am working with a few projects right now voicing in-game tutorials. In terms of voice acting, I tend towards gruff/demonic type voices.

I have a 1 minute voice demo reel.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel like my voice would fit your project. My prices in flexible depending on the scope/size of the project.

Extract the zip to a directory, and select DH.exe to run.