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Thank you so much for commenting Megadroid12, it is really inspiring to read! We are happy that you enjoyed your game.

Thanks a bunch for playing and putting some time aside to write such a nice comment :-)

Thank you so much, that means a lot! We wanted to focused on polish and making the experience as coherent as possible. We are glad you liked it and had fun! :-)

Hahaha, thank you so much! We really like how the game turned out as well :-)

Thanks for playing!

Hi Maxsg5! Thank you so much for playing and commenting, it is much appreciated :-)

We went a bit loose with the team, but the way we interpret it is that the time of the boss is running out as more and more raiders storm into the lair. It is a bit abstract, so I get sense that it is unclear.

Anyways, thanks again, we are happy you enjoyed our game, and it sounds like you had just the experience we intended!

Thanks for playing and commenting, it means a lot! :-D

Thanks a bunch for the nice comment! It was our first 3D-Game, so it means a lot that you liked the visuals :-D

We definitely agree about the audio, and have actually just released an update that adds a bunch of sounds to the game!

I really enjoyed playing your game, it worked so well with the theme, and the writing was super sharp. 

Thanks again for commenting and playing our game, it is much appreciated.

Oh wow, you weren't kidding when you wrote it was very hard! I think this game is pretty cool, and compared to a lot of the other games released at this jam, I think you deserve more ratings. The visuals are super awesome, I like how the boss gets increasingly more wrecked, as I fight him. The comment below already covered many of the potential further development points, so I will instead just say that I enjoyed playing you game, and hope you develop it further when you have the time! I enjoyed playing it, well done! :-)

Very novel game play, the concept was really interesting. I liked how the allies kind of worked as an indirect health system. I wish there was a better way to guide the allies, other than using the collision, because it was often unclear where my hit box was, due to the angle of the camera. Nevertheless, the game was pretty chill, I had an enjoyable experience playing it. Well done! :-)

Nice! Very neat game, feels kind of like one of those classic mobile games. It felt a little unforgiving when the frenzy waves arrived, and I had no abilities to defend myself. But the gameplay and visuals was very coherent, and I ended up playing several rounds, trying to beat my high score. Well done! :-)

Neat little game! For a game made in just 12 hours I think it is actually pretty decent. The writing was super sharp and I liked how the name of the boss changed from '???' to 'bob' after he presented himself. Funny little details like that made it super neat. I enjoyed this, well made! :-)

Full rating in all categories from me! I made the mistake playing this at 22:30 in the evening so my brain was mush after a long day, but nevertheless this is one of the best game I have played this jam. I am a sucker for puzzle games so this was right up my alley. My only critique would be to maybe add a mute button for the audio / music, as the soundtrack became a little repetitive. I am impressed at how sophisticated you have managed to build the levels. I can only imagine how long time you have spend play-testing and making sure each level was beatable. Even the text segments, which can be a danger to game flow, felt natural and took a coherent part in the gameplay. All in all, a suberb game! Well done! :-D

Amazing visuals! I can honestly say, I think these are the most fluent pixel art animations I have seen in a game jam game for a long time! If the games contained sound, the overall experience would be trough the roof! It is still really really great, the attack felt great and coherent. Well done creating this! :-)

Incredible game! I am really impressed at how coherent the gameplay experience is, especially considering you were 5 different people working on the project, that all had to be aligned on the vision. How did you approach the process of developing this project together? I am very impressed of the result! The movement of the boss reminded me of the creatures from Subnautica, which is one of my favourite games. Amazing work, well done creating this game!

I tried downloading the demo version, but I got a message telling me the file was empty? I can't play this game, but the description sounds cool though

The spinning horses was hilarious! it's funny how something so simple can set the tone for the rest of the game. This game really sets a good foundation for a potential wacky medieval racer. I wonder, was it difficult making the AI racers move along the track? I have always wondered how racing games do that, and further more with adapting difficulty. Oh well, this game was great, I had a lot of fun playing it. Well done! :-D

Had to read the description to understand the game. I think I would agree with the comment below that this is a pretty good starting point for a potential idle game. I think the art style was super neat, it really made the game spring to life. Cool game, well done! :-)

Cool concept! It was really frustrating that the amount of health that the boss lost got reduced in the end, I got so close to killing him several times, until my hits barely reduced his health by a pixel. I think the movement was pretty fluent, I ended up developing a kind of rhythm using the dash ability to dive into him, attacking, and then dodging his attacks. I enjoyed my time playing this game, well done! :-)

We realize that the game might be a bit intensive on some machines, and we are looking into a performance update that hopefully will remedy many of those issues. I hope you still had a good experience playing the game, and I think that it is very cool that it reminds you of Ratchet and Clank :-D
Thanks for playing and commenting, it is always nice to read :-)

Thanks for commenting and playing! We will take you suggestions into consideration when we start looking into a polish release in the future :-)

Thanks for the comment! We spend some time trying to balance the movement and abilities, but was limited on time so we couldn't give it all the attention that it deserved. It is a good suggestion about keeping the boss static during attacks, which we may introduce in a further release. Nevertheless, we are glad you had fun and thanks a bunch again for writing a comment to us, that is always a pleasure :-D

Amazing! Well done reaching all 3 abilities, we are happy you had fun playing. Our two core design pillars was 1) Impactful blows and 2) Being the Boss, and it is so cool to hear that those pillars really have tapped into your experience playing the game. We wanted to do something with physics this time around, and hulk smashing tiny minions seemed like an appropriate way to do it. Thanks for playing and also commenting! :-D

Thanks a ton! As of this writing, we are actively looking into a version 2.0 which will include sounds! We had overscoped the project a bit, so we had to prioritize features over sounds, but hopefully it didn't ruin your experience too much. Thanks for playing! :-)

Thanks a bunch! We are also a bit sad about the Web version, but we felt like it would be too limiting to require users to download the game for them to play it, so we wanted to give them the Web option, even though it isn't as fun. We have talked a bit about trying to balance the game going forwards and maybe adding an upgrade system in order to keep the gameplay engaging. Thanks for playing, we are happy you had fun! :-D

Chill game, it took my a while to understand the gameplay, but then I realized the relationship between the words and the indicators. I wish there was a way to earn back more money so I could get a feeling of achievement and creation, but otherwise I have no other comments. Well done! :-)

Pretty funny game! It's generally pretty difficult to write comedy but I think you did it well. I wish there was generally more ways to beat up people as the punch animation was hilarious, but I think it got swallowed a little by all the text. But the game was novel and pretty fun still, so well done! :-)

Very cool game, very novel gameplay and aesthetics! It was a bit difficult to beat the boss, but it worked well that you respawned quickly to try and beat it up. I enjoyed playing it :-)

Cool game, haven't played many games like this before, but the aesthetics and gameplay felt very coherent. I found it a bit difficult to comprehend some of the UI though, but that was also part of the visuals I think. I enjoyed it!

Very cool assets, the aesthetics was coherent and well fitting. I found it difficult to figure out when it was my turn, and when it was the enemies turn. Well done! :-)

Such a cool game! It kind of reminded me of Undertale in a way :-D

I randomly stumbled upon the white key the first time I entered the room where it was hidden and naturally went through the white door when I reached it.

Early in my play-through I found the secret room with the time machine, and I got a bit frustrated that I didn't get the chance to return to the rooms after entering through the white door. I think that is a testament to how engaged I got in the game, which is a positive sign!

The only thing I think this could need is a simple description of controls, as I was a bit uncertain if there was something I was missing and didn't know I could do.

I really really enjoyed this game, and is ranked highly among the games I have played at this jam. Good job, and keep at it! :-)

Cool concept, always love a rhythm game! I did find it a bit difficult to match the colours in the bottom with my moves, as it went really really fast, so I actually ended up just moving at random, essentially ignoring the colour queues and instead trying to dodge the laser beams in the loop. It was quite difficult, and I only managed to get the boss down to 100HP. Nevertheless, the game generally felt very coherent, and having a tutorial in the beginning felt very smooth. Nice game, well done! :-D

Cool game! I wondered why the filesize was so big, and then I realized it was an Unreal game hahaha :-D I thought the boss was quite difficult, but then I tried using the 'x' button instead of left-click, and I could suddenly output damage much faster than before. That really changed the game, and I managed to kill the boss in the end! Cool game, well done! :-)

I think this is really a neat little game! I laughed out loud when i beat the dragon and discovered the little easter egg afterwards, that was a really nice touch! It is also a really nice interpretation of the 'Stuck in a Loop' limitation, which I found really cool. Well done, you get a high rating from me, I really enjoyed playing your game! :-D

I thought the concept was really cool! I found it a bit difficult to figure out which ammunition was effective to which arcade game, as I found the visuals a little unclear on that front. The novelty of the game was really inspiring though! Well done :-)

It was very difficult! I couldn't get the boss further down than the first 10% before getting beat. The rapid homing missile really did a number on me. The animation and movement of the boss was great and very fluently! I also really liked the music and art style of the game! :-D

Cute game, well done for a first game jam game! I found it very difficult, I only managed to get a high score of 5 wood hahaha. The bird killed me every time, because everything went so fast. Even so I kept replaying just to see if I could beat my high score. It served this game well, that I was able to rapidly replay the level, to try and beat my score. Super fun, well done! :-)

Super awesome game! Very coherent and generally well polished! I managed to get the boss down to half health a couple of times, but it reverted back to full again. It was very difficult not to kill or get killed by my mirror image, which made it challenging in a fun way. Well done! :-D

Very cool game, the art style was really great, you really nailed that! I found it quite difficult, and could only reach wave two, even after several tries, so I wonder how much content the game contains. Nevertheless, well done! :-)

Cute game! I wasn't able to beat the slime though, it has a lot of health!

Very cool, I only managed to beat the boss once, and then he became too tough! I thought the aesthetics was pretty cool and original. The visuals combined with the soundtrack made the whole experience quite dreamy. I enjoyed it, well done! :-)

This was great fun! Well done! The concept is quite similar to our game, just done in 2D, which is interesting. The gameplay felt very fluently and progression was balanced well. Beautiful visuals as well. Great game! :-D