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YOOOO the first YouTube video made about me!! Love it!

I'm sorry that I was not being clear about the melees. In thought, I've called the current melee classes "bashing melees", so I was thinking about replacing them with "weaponry melees", which would have a regular defensive attack that could change to an offensive attack; but hearing that you actually liked the current melee classes and we both agree on the gameplay difference between the classes, I think I'll keep the current melees in the game, and add the "weaponry melees" for more content. I'm also giving every class a "secondary attack/ability", as more people suggested it.

Amazing. You have given me all of the answers to my questions on how to make the game better and how to make it more enjoyable. Half of the changes listed were actually implemented in the update before you posted, so I now know I'm on the right path. Some of the changes listed also helped me confirm the necessity of the change, and just play testing now is SO MUCH better than before. Thank you! You've made this next update so much easier. OH, I also wanted to ask about the melee classes; most of the ideas about them were updated and changed to them now, but I've been thinking about just taking them out and replacing with a similar type of attacking, what might be your thoughts on this topic if you don't mind replying. Thank you again!

Thank you so much for the good criticism and very interesting ideas. I'm currently working on a post-jam update which I hope adjusts a lot of the negatives people had. The examples you used are actually thoughts I had but didn't have the time for during the jam, with this update I hope to look more into those thoughts; also the "bullets pierce through multiple enemies" is in the game jam version of the game, under a stat called "projectile penetration".

The enemy push away factor is a great idea that I will definitely look into; and I will look into the offensive upgrades for my post-game jam update. Thank you for the input.

I really enjoyed the game, I think my biggest complaint would be that enemy projectiles are a little too hard to see since they're small, maybe adding a small trail to them would help me visually; but I would definitely play this game if there was more polish, maybe more weapon types, more enemies? Very good, please keep going with this!

Really interesting concepts that, I would say, need a bit of polish to make them more understandable to the player. During my time playing, I was confused about the controls but slowly started understand how to play and what to do. Seet also made good points on the dice upgrade system. Overall not a bad game, but needs more polish. Keep up the good ideas!!

The art looks very nice, but personally I found it hard to read the font chosen.

Gameplay was nice and chill, I really like the way movement is setup too. Good work with this one Vimlark, waiting to see more excellent ideas.

I found it hard to figure out when to roll when trying to crush another dice. Would like to see the game polished and with a bit more content. Overall, kept me wanting to play!

Love the idea that the dice projectile moves 6 spaces and increases damage radius with each roll. Good work on this, would like to play more, and see more mechanics.

Big brain make puzzle hard, small brain think big, now small brain big think. Keep up the good work!

I love the ideas of the shop, the upgrades, and the space fishing. I think my biggest complaint would be the movement, but if this game receives some polish I can totally see it being bigger than a game jam game. Keep up the great ideas and aesthetics, good job!

I found it hard to control the player, but I do like the concept of the player/dice jumping in order to roll itself to damage enemies.

I like the concept of having to defend in order to increase the "power" meter, which allows the player to heal and do a big attack. Very well done.

I loved the story and message given off, very good story telling mr developer :)

I loved the randomly generated people and the story behind the game.

Thank you for the kind words. I actually have a shooting enemy in the game files, but felt that it didn't fit the gameplay loop, so I scrapped it; but since you say that I might look back into it. I did have an idea for a dashing enemy too but felt that it might not be necessary, but again, after hearing you say that, I might take a look back at it. Thank you for the download tip as well, updating that as soon as possible.

The game automatically detects if there is a controller plugged into the computer and uses the controller's input if so. To use the mouse, the controller would have to be unplugged, I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for playing and all the kind words, I'm sorry you couldn't make it past wave 10

I'm sorry to hear about the issue, maybe the controller toggle was set to true in the Settings Menu in the Main Menu

I'm sorry to hear that, if you were only shooting up maybe the controller toggle was set to true in the Settings Menu in the Main Menu

I checked out the game because I thought the art style was nice looking, and I now have to leave before I get addicted. The music is just AMAZING, the game mechanic is so basic anyone can understand, and I love the thought of using cubes to move; its just SO GOOD! Good job on the game, looking forward to more work

Oh yeah, my first idea was to do controllers, because I'm familiar with local multiplayer games being made using controllers, and I was going to add a keyboard supporting feature, but because of the deadline I didn't receive enough time to add the feature.

Art looks great, music sounds amazing, I would like a volume changing option, wither it muting or some sort of slider. I encountered a glitch when changing position of characters and they seemed to stack on top of each other, the game still worked, but I just cant tell who the characters stacked on each other are; but, overall a pretty great game and I would recommend it.

Miz Jam 1 community · Created a new topic Nice art pick

Miz! I wanted to say, nice pick of the 1 bit art pack; I would have never thought about a 1 bit art pack, and personally, I like the art. Nice.