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It would appear that the cwsdpmi issue is a simple mistake of a dev (me) not reading the manual.  DJGPP loads cwsdpmi automatically.  When I started another instance of Dosbox that didn't have a DJGPP install, I received the same error as DSH3LL.  I added cwsdpmi to the download page.  Hopefully it works now.

Hmm, what fork (if any) of DOSBox are you using?  I'm using DOSBOX-ECE and it works just fine for me without CWSDPMI. EXE.  Perhaps DOSBOX-ECE has something built in and I didn't realize it.  I'll try it on a vanilla version of DOSBOX and see how it behaves.  

Never would I have imagined that an entry would be a Tomb Raider style game that actually looked good and played just as good.  I'm so impressed.  If there was music and some sound effects (like when I got zapped repeatedly by the electric floor hazards) I'd think it was 1997.  The controls feel great, and there is the beginnings of a really good game here.  I can't wait to see what this game becomes.

There is a lot going on in this game.  Musically, graphically, and functionally.  I haven't tried it since I had some issues with changing resolutions and playing, but even so I was able to work around those issues.  I believe you said it was designed with a P3 in mind, but I could still run it on the emulated P133 in DOSBOX and it was playable at a low resolution.  Great start.  I can't wait to see other vehicles, obstacles and weapons.  

Controls are great, graphics are great, reminds me of Crazy Taxi, but less arcadey.  That's not a bad thing at all.  I agree that it could use some music - which I assume is in the cd version, but not the floppy version I played.  I did notice that sometimes cars would just drive thru the buildings.  

What a really smooth game.  It's so simple but full-featured at the same time.  I wish there was sound though - it would make the already satisfying feeling of blowing up those blobs even more satisfying.  Great job!  

At first I thought there was a roguelike in store for me.  I liked that there's an actual strategy to winning the game, and that I couldn't just walk in and take the documents.  I thought at first I'd have to take the documents back to the start or something else besides finding them.  I would have liked if the documents were in a random location each play through and there were patrolling guards so that the player always has to be on guard.  Great start to a game!

I would have loved a game like this in 1995.  I have a huge soft spot for ASCII graphics, and playing this took me back in time.  I liked the riddles, and admittedly I didn't know the answers off the bat.  I kept waiting for some sort of combat, however, and the buildings in the middle of town were more for atmosphere than gameplay it seems.  I want this game to be so much more!

A tricky game for sure.  I like that after dying, the game was right up and ready to go again with minimal downtime.  Having the various graphics modes was a cool touch.  

The graphics reminded me as if you took the engine from Another World and made this game with it.  It looks great!  It definitely reminds me of a 90s JRPG.  I liked how after being hit, the main character was stunned for a brief moment.  I thought that was a great touch.

A fun take on the shooting gallery genre that made me forget it was a shooting gallery.  I was invested in making sure that the planet didn't get turned into a cigarette.  

I did come across a few issues though.  When there are two enemies on screen at once, I found it impossible to shoot both before taking damage.  The reload time on the gun and the time before the enemy hits you are the same.  To piggyback on that, I lost my all my health at the same time the boss showed up, and the game continued while my health decreased way below zero.  I was able to kill the boss this way.  

The game was a little confusing at first, but that confusion ended after about 30 seconds.  By the time I realized there was a tutorial, I'd already figured out how to play.  A frustrating but rewarding game that I keep trying to better myself at.

Playing this was very enjoyable.  I really like the detail in the boxes, and the death animation.

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The game looks great.  I love the neon look to it, and it definitely reminds me of TRON.  The one thing I noticed is that I had to turn the speed way down in DOSBOX to get it to run properly.  If I had DOSBOX cycles high and attempted to turn the speed down in game, the game drew everything at the right speed, but the gameplay still ran at the higher cycle count.