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Futuristic arcade racing game for MS-DOS
Submitted by nuclear (@jtsiomb) — 21 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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The soundtrack was awesome! The menu with all the options were a nice touch too, I loved the font used. I can't want to play future versions!


I think the handling needs a bit work since i always collide with the sides (i think it needs a bit more force when turning left/right). Also the physics seem to be affected by the framerate - i get wobbling at 25 fps, stuck at 300+ fps (when i run the windows version) and weirdly enough it feels most responsive and stable at 9 fps (running in high resolution) :-P.

Graphically it is impressive and i really like the music. I think it needs a bit more on the gameplay side though - even if it was something as simple as obstacle avoidance (with the appropriate widening of the track). I'd like to see more levels or perhaps a random track generator?


This is obviously unfinished as there are no other racers, but the 3d engine is impressive and the handling of the ship feels good. It has potential.


There is a lot going on in this game.  Musically, graphically, and functionally.  I haven't tried it since I had some issues with changing resolutions and playing, but even so I was able to work around those issues.  I believe you said it was designed with a P3 in mind, but I could still run it on the emulated P133 in DOSBOX and it was playable at a low resolution.  Great start.  I can't wait to see other vehicles, obstacles and weapons.  


Handles very much like how I remember Wipeout does.  Very impressive technically and visually.  Music is also amazing.  Great fun.

Princess-and-the-pea wish:  it would be nice for some audio feedback when the ship hits or scrapes the sides of the track.

Seriously impressive work!


Thanks! I did intend to add sound effects for various events but I didn’t get around to it in time. It’s one of my priorities for post-jam improvements though.

Developer (4 edits)

This is a very alpha version, with whatever was ready just before the deadline. Stay tuned for improved and optimized updates. This version needs at least a pentium3 to run well.

Edit: youtube video capture:

Eradicate attempts to auto-detect the installed sound card, and only asks the user for manual sound card configuration if the auto-detection fails. If for some reason your sound card is not detected correctly, or if you wish to change the current settings, start the game with the -setup option. You will only need to do this once; your choices are automatically saved, and will be used every time you start the game in the future.

The GNU/Linux and Windows versions support framebuffer scaling. Use the FBSCALE environment variable to set the scaling factor. For example: export FBSCALE=2 will result in 2x scaling. Also you can toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes with alt-enter.


  • arrow keys or wasd to accelerate/break and turn
  • tab to skip to the next music track
  • +/= to adjust the volume

The game comes with a few appropriate music tracks, downloaded from modarchive. Copyright belongs to their respective authors. You can drop your own music in the data/musgame and data/musmenu directories to add them to the game jukebox. The game will play files in random order from these directories. The files need to be tracked music in .xm, .mod, .s3m, or .it formats. See for a wide selection of compatible music files.