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Wow, cool!

Besides the GCW0, I also have the RG350 from Anbernic so I'll try it myself and see if it works correctly.

UPDATE: Just tried. RG350 displays the colors wrong. I see now maybe the SDL port on RG350 does not convert correctly from 8bpp palletized to 16bit? I could try on dingoonity forum and ask the devs (not sure if it's an issue of opendingux or the rogue firmware I used on my RG350).

Even more funny, it does actually work nicely on GameKiddy 350h. GKD can run OPKs from GCW0/RG350 but is less compatible than both of this (other emuls just fail sometimes), I wasn't even initially expecting to run it there, but I guess their SDL implementation was more correct.

A simple minesweeper game. It works (even if I am bad at minesweeper). I mostly like the vaporwave background colors in this game :)

I quite like the clever use of this engine for a driving game, the dark atmosphere and the humor of this game (I think I got Duke as a customer at some point :). At first I lost, but when I played again and got used to the control, it's pretty fun to drive and rush to get the next customer, the map and the waypoint helps.

Nice use of textmode for a dungeon crawler style movement, I need to play this a bit more, maybe found 1 or 2 riddles but left it somewhere. But it's nice and easy to play so far.

This is the most technically impressive entry in the compo and a lot of effort has gone to have some kind of story/gameplay and complete levels. I haven't finished seen much of the game yet (still on 1st level, I'll try again with the new patch) but what I've seen so far is pretty decent (need to get used to the controls a bit).

This is obviously unfinished as there are no other racers, but the 3d engine is impressive and the handling of the ship feels good. It has potential.

It's a small game finished in 5 mins, but I like the visibility effect idea. Nice text based rendering too.

It's pretty nice to play (I go a bit slow because I crash but mind you I had the same problem with original Skyroads) and great for supporting many different modes and running on very old PCs smoothly. Pixel graphics are cute too.

Simple but was easy and nice to play. Nice CGA graphics. Runs in even very old PCs.