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The soundtrack was awesome! The menu with all the options were a nice touch too, I loved the font used. I can't want to play future versions!

Cool game! I didn't quite know how to play, and then I wen to the help menu. The help menu is genius! Nicely done.  There was a lot of white space on the right side of the board, but the game play was fine. Fun game.

Nice details, the animated options menu, the triangle fading between screens. The ability to turn music on and off was nice also. The WarCraft 2 music is what I heard, so that was a little strange. I was able to drive a little before it crashed. Nicely done, it looks amazing!

The animated main menu with different languages was a nice touch. The game is fun to play like your other game. Nicely done.

I love that the whole map is isn't shown at once, it kept the mystery alive. Nice work.

Awesome gameplay! I love the sound too!

Thanks! I hope to add an AI player in the future, as well as some sound and music. I might try and release a version for Windows, Linux and Mac. We'll see.

I also had issues running this under DOSBox version with my OS being Win 10. The error I got was:

Load error: no DPMI - Get csdpmi*

I googled it and it seemed downloading cwsdpmi.exe was supposed to help but I got a page fault error after dropping cwsdpmi.exe into the same directory as MINESWEE.EXE. I downloaded from ""

Thanks for the heads up. I checked my DosBox config and I have cycles=20000.  I guess by default the config has cycles=max and this sometimes this results in game working too fast or unstable. My config file for Windows DosBox is found here: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox\dosbox-{version}.conf

 I'll recommend this on the game page.

Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the command in my comment.

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The following instructions worked for me for Windows and they use the package the user nuclear uploaded(thanks nuclear):

Get Windows tools to extract files
1) Download 7-zip from here:

The direct link I used was:

2) Run the 7-zip installer. This should install 7-Zip in the Right Click Menu or the Context Menu of Windows Explorer.

Get PCEm for Windows

3) Download the latest version of pcem for windows from

The direct link I used was:
Right click the file and choose 7-Zip and then Extract to "PCemV15Win\" 
Open the recently extracted folder PCemV15Win and leave it open. We'll copy files there in a later step.

Get the dosdev package

4) Download the Download the package by nuclear here:

Get the package to work with PCem on Windows

5) Right click the file dosdev-pcem.tar.gz and choose 7-Zip and then Extract to "dosdev-pcem.tar\"

6) Open the dosdev-pcem.tar folder and inside, right-click the file dosdev-pcem.tar 7-Zip and then Extract to "dosdev-pcem"

7) Open the recently extracted dosdev-pcem folder

8) Now the PCemV15Win folder from step 3 should be open and the dosdev-pcem folder from step 7 should be open
Copy the file 
From: dosdev-pcem.tar\dosdev-pcem\dotpcem\configs\pentium_dos.cfg
To: PCemV15Win\configs\pentium_dos.cfg

From: "dosdev-pcem\dotpcem\nvr\pentium_dos.430vx.nvr"
To: "PCemV15Win\nvr\pentium_dos.430vx.nvr"

Copy everything in the roms folder here: dosdev-pcem\dotpcem\roms
To here: PCemV15Win\roms
If something already exists, overwrite it.

Copy the file here: "dosdev-pcem\dotpcem\pentium_dos.img"
To here: PCemV15Win\pentium_dos.img
Remember this location. For this example, we'll pretent it lives here: C:\PCemV15Win\pentium_dos.img

9) Edit the file here: "PCemV15Win\configs\pentium_dos.cfg"
Find the line 25 that says : hdc_fn = <HOME>/.pcem/pentium_dos.img
And replace it with the full path to your file, which could look something like:
hdc_fn = C:\PCemV15Win\pentium_dos.img

Run Borland for C/C++

10) Double-click: PCemV15Win\PCem.exe
pentium_dos should appear. Click the Load button. If everything worked, you'll be up and running.

11) The following commands will get you into borland c++.



12) Now write a game, have fun.