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Thanks for making something so heartfelt like this!

Interesting game idea; love the mixed art style of 3D and 2D, and the little minigames for the activities were fun too! 

An interesting and beautiful, if a little sad, entry. It's something we've all struggled with before, that interminable choice of action and safety. 

This game was super fun, and has super nice art and bangin' space-pirate tunes! A fun little puzzle-story adventure game with a tiny-inventory mechanic, with a neat take on the theme as the story unfolds.

That's awful :( --- stay safe, and look out for eachother. <3

Note for anyone who wants to play this game, make sure to use the links on the game's main page:

The download is the source files used to build it.

This was an interesting entry. It's a very personal and somewhat sad story, about the kind of abuse that still happens to LGBT+ people across the globe, and is a reminder to us to look out for eachother and our loved ones.

Have a fun ghost time at this neato ghost party! Some cool and interesting little vignettes in this lighthearted entry. I'd love to go to a party like this! 

Super fun puzzle game, with a nice message and a fun soundtrack. Good on ya!

Excellent idea, and amazing execution. Animal Crossing meets Twin Peaks/Deadly Premonition, with a big dash of originality and a bittersweet story. Also packed to the brim with dog puns and dog jokes, right up to the end, so the tone doesn't get too grim! Big well done to all of y'all!!

Thank you for writing this.

thank you for making this

I love the idea of using the theme Spectrum to refer to the ZX Spectrum, we had the same kind of idea with Colourny! Really fun idea to play with camera angles during gameplay, and I love it when people write CRT-mimicing shaders, so props for that too!

I love Pico-8 games, and this is a standout even amongst them! Really nice work with visuals and effects, and good music chops too! I liked the dream/awake stuff, reminded me a bit of Yume Nikki in that way! A fun, straightforward room-to-room gameplay mechanic makes this easy to pick up!

This is a really interesting game; I love little handcrafted universes. I really liked the clock/calendar/zodiac in the corner, I thought that was a really good bit of UI design & showed day/night stuff without the overused sun-moon dial that people often use! Nice work!

This is absolutely fantastic! Some really beautiful lighting in this, and really good puzzle mechanics. Well done to you!

Some really good puzzle mechanics in here, and an adorable character design. Platforming felt a little bit sticky & floaty, but given the nature of the special powers this makes sense. Good job!

Hi there! Thanks for playing! Yeah, the controls are a bit wonky, I know! I'm not sure if I'll take this one much further - I might reuse some characters later down the line, though!

Don't forget the mayo!

Awesome little puzzle-strategy game! Some quite inventive mechanics here, which is great!

I love old-style interactive fiction, so this is a big hit for me! Well done, and a very interesting story and use of theme. I like the typewriter-style font, too! Gives it a certain je ne sais quoi!

Strong use of theme, and absolutely gorgeous art and sound. Well done to your team! A little glitchy here and there, but definitely a solid entry!

Awesome little puzzle game with a distinctly Zeldalike feel! Lots of neat little touches in this. Well done!

Nice use of theme! I liked the idea of the character becoming visually more fleshed out as they discovered more about themselves, but the central theme where it's more about the journey than the destination is neat too!

Nice little platformer with room to expand! Some interesting concepts at the heart of this. Well done!

I really like the feel of this! Very clever use of 3D to keep things fresh, too. Reminded me a bit of Cave Story with the moody, night-time visuals and feeling, which is always a big plus!

A simple game with a neat trick up its sleeve! Good take on the theme, too!

Gorgeous art, and a great story to boot; you could definitely keep going with this!

An interesting take on the theme with a unique mixed-media art style!

Starts off with a very limbo-esque feel, but then broadens into a neat platformer with some cool mechanics. Well done!

Gorgeous art and a very cute main character! A nice and serene game with an interesting take on the theme!

A fun little game! I get the feeling it would work well as a little coffee-break game on mobile!

A very pretty puzzle game, about life and our place within it. Short & sweet, with a neat gameplay mechanic and nice visuals.

Challenging arcade space madness with a friend. Shoot the thing! Steer! Steer!! Decent fun :D

Really nice style! I like the use of the orthographic camera, it makes it look very interesting visually! Cute robot too!

Wonderful and quirky point-and-click adventure game! Good and inventive use of the theme and diversifiers. Excellent character designs and cartoon style, it's right at home amongst other point and click classics! Well done!

Oh dear! I can't say I ran into that particular exception while testing myself. The good news is the game autosaves so you can pick back up from where you left off!

The sword is finicky and temperamental, but once you get the hang of it you can do some pretty good damage!

Unfortunately I'll have to pass on rating this one, as I don't have access to room-scale VR stuff! :(

I made friends with everybody, and we had a great time stretching our necks to huge lengths and flailing our limbs around! Quirky and fun!

Some very neat ideas in here! Reminiscent of Abe's Oddysee with the industrial theme and side-on view! Quite rough around the edges, but full of potential! Well done!

This was really, really awesome! Absolutely gorgeous 16-bit art (I especially love the fog and the waving leaves) on what appears to be a 16-bit take on the pico8 (more fantasy consoles, please!). A great little story, with very solid gameplay reminiscent of classics like Golden Axe. A lot of care and attention to detail in this entry, especially where the 16-bit aesthetic is concerned. Even things like the hit-flashes were expertly managed, and I particularly liked the one-two combo that Adrijan has with his axe. The little character-switching thing was super neat, has a real oldschool-RPG feel to it.

In short, extremely well done - I'd love to see this become a full-on Golden Axe-like!