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Dr. Whoop

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I'll be as helpful as I can as a childless person ^^
I don't really have much data to go on as far as a recommended age, but here's links to a 7 year old and even a 5 year old enjoying the game.

When I showed the game at a gaming expo children who seemed ~7 were able to pick it up, with perhaps a bit of poking from their parent to read the text on the screen telling you how to play. Once they get it they didn't seem to have any problems.
The only issue I noticed was some younger kids having trouble using both the mouse and keyboard simultaneously, but this isn't even a requirement and they adjusted by first moving the 'player' with the keyboard and then using the mouse to look and put down pieces. Track building is done entirely with the mouse.

At the moment the game only runs on Windows PCs, but I'm looking into expanding the platforms it's available on.

Hope that helps!

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Have you bought the game?
0.9.4 is the free game-jam entry from nearly a year ago, you'll need to buy it here or on Steam to get the current full game.

If you do own it but still can't update then I'll help resolve that.

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Sorry you're having problems.

Unfortunately these errors often aren't the sort of things I as the developer can fix in the game itself, it relies on things being on your PC.
With this specific one what I can see by googling suggests that your antivirus software could be causing the issue, Link 2.

It seems like people also get this error if they don't extract the game files before trying to play, have you done that?

Also could I ask what your PC specs are?

If you can't get the game to run you can find out about itchio refunds here.

Sorry you're having issues!

'X3DAudio1_7.dll is missing' is a common generic error indicating that something might be up with your DirectX installation (perhaps it is outdated)
Looking around at other game's forums suggests that reinstalling DirectX  can help. If you google the problem there is a load of help available also (just search it in combination with popular games like Ark)

As for 64bit vs 32bit, I recommend that you find out which version of Windows 7 you use and then play the version which matches that.

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Sorry about that!

I have made some changes, could you let me know if it works for you now?

No problem, you can find out about itchio refunds here.

Though please do keep an eye on the game, I do have plans to support Macs in the future. Unfortunately no time-frame at the moment though.

I'm sorry to hear that, but there are indeed multiple mentions on the store page that the game requires Windows.

  • At the very top under the title: "A downloadable game for Windows"
  • In the Information drop-down: "Platform: Windows"
  • The "You will get access to the following files:" list only shows Windows icons.

Itchio will happily refund purchases if you can't find a way to play the game.

Unfortunately not, the game currently only supports Windows PCs.


Unfortunately the game currently only works on a Windows PC. I have plans for a Mac version but I don't have any time-frame for when that might be ready.

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This is the old game page, the new one is here.

If you've bought the game but still can't download it from the new page then please send an email to support@whoop.group and I'll give you a key for the new version.

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For the moment I'm trying to stick with the wooden/toy theme.

I will hopefully have some different objects with a more industrial feel in the future but as far as a complete 'alternate skin' sort of thing goes that's not something I'm planning.

Hey, thanks for the compliments and for the video, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

It's a shame that the itch.io version is so old, the building system has improved a lot for the upcoming Steam build (which does also have collisions on the props)
... I should really update the itch.io one at some point. Hopefully soon.

Thanks for the offer but yeah like you say, I can't really do that.

Even beyond this specific aspect, even if I had a Mac right now it's another job to get the game working well when I'm already stretched getting the Windows version ready. Hopefully I'll have more time available once things have settled after launch and I can stop speaking in such vague terms.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the sentiment.

I'll be releasing an expanded version on Steam soon, so just keep an eye on that if you like what you see.


Thanks very much for taking the time to upload your save file, I really appreciate it.

I agree junctions can be a little awkward, I already have some new ones for my internal build and will add as many as I can see a use for. Definitely doesn't help that you can only currently select/edit straight and turn pieces, that's something that should make things easier when I sort it out.

Thanks a lot for the ideas.

To be honest I haven't put much thought into the story yet, just been focusing on gameplay so far but that does sound like a nice set up.

As for objects etc, have a look at my Twitter or the Steam page/trailer to see some of the placeable objects I have planned.

I have all sorts of extra bits on my twitter, scroll down a bit and you can see my current passengers, it's actually very similar to what you suggest.


Thanks very much, glad you're enjoying it.

I appreciate the offer but I now have a musician working with me on the game so I'm all set in that department.


Thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention!

Unfortunately I can't see that happening any time soon.

Unreal Engine 4 has some basic support for HTML5 which seems to be the only feasible way to get the game working on chromeOS, but my priority at the moment is finishing the standard PC version. I hope you can find some way to play the game eventually.

My priority is getting the PC version done but yeah sure, I'd like to do a mobile version eventually.

Do you have a link/name for the game which failed?


Thanks, scroll the mouse wheel up or down and you should get the option to build ramps

I really appreciate people offering their Macs, but hopefully you understand that there are many reasons I can't just send the entire project+source to someone on the internet, the least of which is that it's ~10GB.

Could you tell me your PC specs and operating system? Is there any error message?

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Fair enough, I'll have an option to disable it eventually but in the mean time you can open the console with tilde (the key to the left of 1) and type r.depthoffieldquality 0

And thanks.

Hey thanks for the heads up.

If anyone is ever wondering, this is a really useful thing to do for game developers, it's pretty easy to miss videos especially with a game name as generic as mine..

Hey thanks for the video, glad you like it!