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Dr. Whoop

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I really appreciate people offering their Macs, but hopefully you understand that there are many reasons I can't just send the entire project+source to someone on the internet, the least of which is that it's ~10GB.

Could you tell me your PC specs and operating system? Is there any error message?

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Fair enough, I'll have an option to disable it eventually but in the mean time you can open the console with tilde (the key to the left of 1) and type r.depthoffieldquality 0

And thanks.

Hey thanks for the heads up.

If anyone is ever wondering, this is a really useful thing to do for game developers, it's pretty easy to miss videos especially with a game name as generic as mine..

Hey thanks for the video, glad you like it!

Replied to Modelmat in Bug reporting

Heh, yeah. I like it but I should probably fix that.

Replied to tomhws in Bug reporting

That's strange. I don't think Fraps should really cause any lasting issues.

Maybe you could try deleting the game files and un-zipping a fresh copy?

Hmm, I'm not sure.

If anyone else has this problem and managed to fix it I'd love to know how, I can't really help without more information.

Hey, yep I'll be adding some decorative stuff.

I'm not sure how exactly they will work, the current way things are placed is grid-based so they line up with the normal tracks, but that's not important for houses and stuff. I guess I'll try stuff out.

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Could you tell me your PC specs?

Have you tried changing the graphics settings in the Options menu?

If Crocman33 fixed it by using the app, maybe you could try that too.


You get the vcruntime140.dll error even if you download it through the itchio app?

Hey thanks for the suggestions.

I've added Q & E as up and down, don't know why I didn't think of that. I'll definitely add some more junction types eventually too.

Replied to mannermauler in Free Cam

Yeah that's fair.

Replied to lighthez in Bug reporting

Where do you see it is set to inf?

If you go to the game folder, TrainSet > Saved and delete the 'Config' folder, that should reset all the graphics settings to default, hopefully that fixes whatever is wrong.

Hey that's great, do you know exactly what fixed it?

That's very strange, as far as I know the app version should be identical..

But good, I'm glad it works! Thanks for the information.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I have to be careful with my environment choices because the gameplay works better when everything is very flat and square, soil and trees aren't really like that. I do want to have a level set outside though, maybe in a garden.

Hey thanks a lot for playing, glad you enjoyed it.

I am planning to have all the things you suggested, Collisions are mostly working, as well as some more interesting things to put down like this Corkscrew.

Replied to PinkScug17 in IDEA'S

Unfortunately I can't just take copyrighted work and put it in the game, it'd need their agreement & a license and that sort of thing is not really a high priority right now.

Replied to jarbarsi in Bug reporting

Very low/high framerates can do all sorts of strange things in games, it's just a bit more obvious here.

If you're interested: The way the train works is that it gradually builds a path to follow as it moves. Every frame, it checks if it needs to build a little bit more of the path. (A gif from early in development showing this process)

When the framerate is really low, this checking doesn't happen often enough and the train basically moves faster than it is building the path, so it glitches out.

It's just a visual thing and should fix itself when the framerate goes back to 15+. I've also fixed it properly for the next version.

Replied to jarbarsi in Bug reporting


Looks like the problem happens if the framerate is very low, I'll see what I can do.

Yep, they'll definitely be specific places to deliver certain things, whether it'll be materials or passengers I'm not sure yet.

I have failed.

Replied to Fuff in Quick track idea.

This is a really nice idea, thanks a lot!

Replied to mr_dark2004ITA in IDEA'S

Ah, I see.

I don't currently have any plans for something like that, though there will be more pre-made tracks and maybe even community uploaded ones, so there should be a selection to choose from if you just want to ride something.

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Thanks for the ideas, I don't understand what you mean with number 2 though.

Thanks, and yes, while I am trying to stick with the realistic style at the moment, I do have some long term plans for a more fancy set of objects, including potentially a teleporter.

As for 'beta keys', the only versions which exist are the one available on itchio, and the internal one for people involved in development.

I might have a private beta test at some point in the future but I don't have anything concrete planned in that regard.

Thanks a lot, I keep a list of all the suggestions I get and I'll add as many as I can.

It sounds like you might have moved the game to a different folder on your desktop, look for a WindowsNoEditor folder.

Maybe you could download the game again and follow my steps with the new one.

If you right click on the original file you downloaded, there should be an option called Extract All. Click this and it should make a new folder containing the unpacked game. Open this folder, open WindowsNoEditor and double click TrainSet.exe.

Hopefully this helps.

What operating system are you using?

Did any of the links in the other thread I posted help? Perhaps the 32bit version would work.

Hey thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it.

I am planning to have some more and varied environments.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions!

I'm currently working on the system for placing more complicated & interactive pieces (like this for example) so hopefully I'll be able to try some of these ideas soon.

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Someone else with a similar issue managed to fix it by reinstalling DirectX, hopefully this thread will help you


Are you trying to run the 32bit or 64bit version?

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How do I open the game?

Open the WindowsNoEditor folder and there should be a file called TrainSet, double click that (the Application with the little U icon, not the folder called TrainSet)

The program can't start because XAPOFX1_5.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

This indicates your version of DirectX might be old or have issues. Reinstalling the latest version should solve it. Here is a thread covering the problem which may help you.


I'm still trying to determine how exactly to fix this. This thread might help you: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/354251/vcruntime140dll-is-missing-error.html

Thanks, it means a lot.

I do have plans for all the things you mentioned!