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Hey sorry you're having trouble, you can see all the details you need about refunds here.

Are you saying the game used to work and now it doesn't, or have you never been able to play? In either case if you could post your PC hardware that would be great.
If you'd rather just get a refund and be done with it I understand, support should be able to handle that.

Hey, sorry you're having issues.
No need to worry, if you can't get the game working then you can get a full refund from

Could you tell me the hardware specifications of the PC you're trying to run Tracks on? Processor, graphics card etc?
Does the crash message say anything?

The Steam key is for accessing the game through Steam. It will automatically download the game and keep it up to date. It isn't necessary though many prefer it to downloading zip files manually.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

I think I'm clear on what needs to be done now so I'll have a crack and see what I can do.
A cursor size option should be easy enough to add, and I think increasing the size of the sliders based on the size of the items could be a good solution to that particular issue, they would fit in more too.

I'll post an update when I've done some testing.

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If you go to the main game page or your library you should have a Download button to get the latest version. Alternatively you can use the Itch app which I believe updates automatically.

I'm afraid Tracks is a Windows game, you can't play it on an android device.

If you own the game and can't see the page then you might need to ask support, I don't have control over that sort of thing.
Also I believe your Steam key gets emailed to you when you buy a game so maybe check for that email too? This page might help.

Which page is not found? When you try to see your Steam key?

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Glad that is fixed.

Could you send an email to with your Steam key and the email address you used to purchase it so I can see what the situation is? doesn't let me see which key you were given directly and posting it publicly probably isn't a good idea.

Sorry about that, could you tell me the error message?

Hey don't worry, 0.7.2 is the latest version.

Could you tell me what the error message says?

Definitely not a scam, could you give some more details on exactly what your issue is?
I guess you've managed to download the game now, could you tell me exactly what your computer saying?

Sorry you're having issues, you should be able to download the game from your collection, if you can't then you might need to contact itchio support

As for streaming, I'm not really sure what you mean. Is that Tracks related?

Sorry about that, is there any error message when it crashes?

Thanks a lot for the all the suggestions!

I'm happy to say that many of these are being worked on, some are even already finished and waiting for release. Like you say not everything is possible (I'd probably have to get permission to use landmarks) but I'd love to put as many of these as possible.

I'm so glad your son likes the game so much, I can't comment on whether I'm Santa or not.

Is there an error message? Unfortunately I can't help without knowing what the issue is.

You can find your Steam keys here or get them resent to you though the Steam version is the same as the version.

Hey, sorry about that.

Could you post your PC specifications?
Have you updated your graphics drivers recently? That error suggests to me that something may need updating.

Not at all, you can download the update from your Collections page or with the app if you use it.

Hey thanks very much for the suggestions, glad you're enjoying the game.

Lots of stuff others have also asked for so it's likely I'll be adding a lot of what you want. You can check out the Steam forum to see what others suggested.
Try a night time environment, the radio tower and light house actually do have animations, I should add them to day time too though. I agree lots more animations would make it look more alive.
Roads would be nice, I am planning to let you build them the same way as tracks so it is all automatic.


There should be an option on your download page.

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Sorry when you said you cannot save the game I thought you meant the progress within the game.

Do you mean that the game files disappear and you cannot keep them?

In the save menu, did you enter a name at the top and click the 'Create' button? Does a new item appear in the list or nothing?

Unfortunately not, still Windows only for foreseeable future.

Sorry you're having trouble.
Could you walk me through what you did? Did you download it through the website or app? Did you unzip the file and try to run the TrainSet.exe?

If you can't get it working feel free to get a refund.

If you right click on the folder you downloaded there should be an 'Extract all' option.

Then open the new folder it creates and run the TrainSet file.

Hey sorry about that.

You can keep an eye on the Steam thread for the latest information on this issue, unfortunately I need to wait for Epic to fix the problem in the engine.
Feel free to get a refund, you need to ask itchio though. Developers don't handle refunds.

Hey, did you unzip the folder?

From the main game page, or you can claim and use a Steam key if you'd like to do it through Steam.

That's odd. I'll look into it, thanks.

There's no risk of losing saved tracks between itchio and steam.
Unless you've put the itchio version inside your Steam folder for some reason, they'll be completely separate. Just find the save folders:

  • Steam: X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tracks - The Train Set Game\TrainSet\Saved\SaveGames
  • Itchio: [Download location]\TrainSet\Saved\SaveGames\

And you can copy/paste the saved tracks between the versions. You could copy that folder to your desktop to have as a backup too if you want to be extra safe.
(the UnlockProgression save game keeps track of which items you have unlocked so you may want to copy that over too)

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.

I will definitely be adding workshop support for tracks you create, and then after that I am hoping to get custom models working too.
Multiple trains will likely happen, multiplayer I'm not sure about yet. That would definitely need to wait until the rest of the core game is done, and even then it isn't for sure.
Color options will definitely happen.
Automatic mode will likely be part of the multi-train aspect as I'll need to figure out how players can control more than one train, it isn't too feasible with the current system.

Yep, lots more objects of all types are planned. I already have a couple of models like that ready (a tractor for example) which will be releasing soon.

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I'm afraid this is a bug in Unreal Engine 4 and not the game, and generally appears on older PCs like yours.

I'm hoping they will be able to fix it soon, but otherwise unfortunately we'll need to wait, or you can get a refund from