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Sorry about that, could you tell me the error message?

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i figured it out i was using 7-zip file manager wich was not letting the game work and i was getting the error, "CreateProcess() returned 2", but then i used File explorer to extract&open and it worked just fine. I was trying to redeem the steam code but it didnt work could it have expired?

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Glad that is fixed.

Could you send an email to with your Steam key and the email address you used to purchase it so I can see what the situation is? doesn't let me see which key you were given directly and posting it publicly probably isn't a good idea.

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do you need the code? becuse i dont have the code like it wont even show me on the site it says page not found

Which page is not found? When you try to see your Steam key?


If you own the game and can't see the page then you might need to ask support, I don't have control over that sort of thing.
Also I believe your Steam key gets emailed to you when you buy a game so maybe check for that email too? This page might help.