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How to download on a Mac or iPad

A topic by ilovethemtr created Nov 02, 2017 Views: 5,845 Replies: 16
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Hi, my son is a huge fan of the Tracks videos on youtube.  We have just purchased the game but can't download it, either on my mac or iPad.  Is it possible to play the game on either of these devices?  Do you have instructions on how to set it up?  Thanks



Unfortunately the game currently only works on a Windows PC. I have plans for a Mac version but I don't have any time-frame for when that might be ready.

Is the mac version now disponible ?


Unfortunately not, still Windows only for foreseeable future.

ok but thank you anyway

The Mac or I pad edition Made yet if so send the download to

Hi, OK thanks for your message, we'll keep an eye out for the Mac version in future

Really??? I wish that had of been on your payment page because I have a Mac computer and also a very disappointed 5 year old son.


I'm sorry to hear that, but there are indeed multiple mentions on the store page that the game requires Windows.

  • At the very top under the title: "A downloadable game for Windows"
  • In the Information drop-down: "Platform: Windows"
  • The "You will get access to the following files:" list only shows Windows icons.

Itchio will happily refund purchases if you can't find a way to play the game.

Thank you very much for your reply and you’re correct that you do inform buyers that the game requires Windows. But my young son is absolutely train mad and we were both excited to buy the game that we didn’t think that the game would not be compatible. We are not able to play the game so would appreciate a refund.  Thanks


No problem, you can find out about itchio refunds here.

Though please do keep an eye on the game, I do have plans to support Macs in the future. Unfortunately no time-frame at the moment though.

Please please please please try to make it available on iPad at first when I saw this game on YouTube I was soooooooooo exited and I wanted to get so bad but then when I read the comets I am very disappointed that it is only available on windows PC. Please make available on iPad.


I"ve just downloaded this on to our Mac - paid the $13 AUD and cannot play it. Very disappointed 8 year old.

Just here to say I think you'd make a killing with an iPad release. My son would love this but he's much more attuned to tablets. And I dread having to dualboot my Mac for him. "Train kid with iPad" is a huge market.

Did anybody even LOOK at the downloadable for (device names) menu!?

Nobody click this. Dude is a spammer and not the creator of Tracks.

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So here we are FOUR YEARS after the creation of this topic, and still no macintosh version of the game? You DO know that macs are very popular computers, right??? Any particular reason why you're refusing to make one for mac?