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oh ok, I mean that is perfectly fine xD

I am delighted to hear you have finished the game. Glad you like it.

And thank you for the great feedback :D It really helps to discover flaws in the level-design/ introductory style that I have tried.

So these are my takeaways:

Since the barrel has to become slightly transparent (so you can see what is in front you), the first encounter should have been against only one enemy. That way you won't get hit from 2 different angles what essentially lead to your first experience.  To the second point: I guess the best way would have been to make it somehow more obvious. To not let the player pass trough that door with the barrel in hand would be one or to introduce "blocking doors" before in a way you don't die if you miss it, would be the other.

And may I ask how the last fight against the 3 guys upstairs went? At first this was more like a puzzle as well. But then I got scared that it was way to hard and added more barrels (since there are no checkpoints and dying to often there would be very frustrating) which in the end weakened the puzzle ^^

This got me thinking. What if you made a type-trainer out of this. So instead of only typing left or right you type random displayed words corresponding to left and right. Well good job! A cool idea you came up with.

I like the retro vibe it has to it. Enjoyed it quite a while until it got more and more clustered with the same enemies. A small final boss enemy instead would have been great but nevertheless a cool game.

You have to use the barrel as a shield to get close to them. Then you can destroy them. Maybe it helps if you stand closer to the side. This way you will be in sight of only one guard which you can then easily kill. Hope this helps and thank you for trying the game.

while it doesn't quite fit the theme it is surely a unique experience.

Super interesting idea! I just feel like the information you are given should be represented in another way, especially the rotation. (maybe by sound or an arrow)

I like the way it shows you where the reflected shot will land and the graphics are nice.

I feel like there is no need to put the shield down, so why isn't it always up by default? And the slow-mo seems a bit unnecessary.

Btw the music plays multiple times at the same time when you return to the main menu.

Reminds me of the vr game "just in time". Some things which could be better:

  • the guy walked straight into a turret what made it impossible to protect him. The other time he walked a path where he was not getting shot at for at least 30 sec what made it quite boring.
  • while the knock back is a cool idea, it was kind of annoying.

good idea with potential!

Like the Idea. Sadly not much game since the enemies do nothing and when you kill all of them nothing happens. Because you wrote "I'd have loved to have spent way more time on Animation" I suggest you to simply not care about animations, character models and other visual stuff until the core game loop is working (eg. win/ loose conditions and some sort of threat).

A great game! Finished it completely. Fits the theme well and I would like to see this expanded upon and turned into a full game.

Already on it

Cool Idea. Like it! Could use some "quality of life" functions like:

  • quick restart by pressing a button you can use if you realize you wont make it. This way one has not to wait until the rocket fell completely down again.
  • a free look camera, so you get a better overview of the level and don't have to waste fuel by looking where you even want to go.

Thank you for the feedback! I completely agree that some kind of checkpoints would improve the experience (and the difficulty).

Thank you for playing. Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)