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Like the Idea. Sadly not much game since the enemies do nothing and when you kill all of them nothing happens. Because you wrote "I'd have loved to have spent way more time on Animation" I suggest you to simply not care about animations, character models and other visual stuff until the core game loop is working (eg. win/ loose conditions and some sort of threat).

What I meant by would have liked to do more with animations isn't that I spent a lot of time on the, the animations I have are really basic and took a couple minutes. It was many other factors that. I have having issues with parts of the game mechanics itself, the gun was acting wierd with what I originally had, which was for the gun to smoothly move between extended and pointing downwards when you looked at enemies, but even though the code seemed straightforward I encountered a weird directional bug that caused the gun to sometimes continuously spin, even though I was using rotate towards which should stop once it reaches the desired rotation and worked just fine when going from down to up, but not up to down. This was a problem that took a while before I gave up and just set the rotation immediately. I had tried setting up some AI, but was having some major problems with it and didn't have enough time to fix those problems before the deadline so I removed the AI. The winning system wouldn't have taken long to implement but by the end I was rushing fairly hard to make sure the game was playable at all. I may continue working and refine the idea after the jam voting, but I don't know, I like the concept still but I may start over to setup a more powerful underlying architecture to the project if I revisit the idea.