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Thank you so much for trying it out! :D

I agree, as you can see in my reply to another comment we were a bit crunched for time so playtesting took a big hit.

Thank you very much for the kind words and feedback!

I agree the game is very much in need of some balancing, but we kinda ran out of time so we decided not to tweak the numbers just yet.

Thanks again for your feedback!!

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Hi, I deeply understand your concern but unfortunately we were not able to build a web version. :(

The game is built using Love2D, which does not run on web natively. We used the distribution method listed on the official documentation:

If you want, I can upload a .love file, which you can run if you install Love2D yourself from the official site and then drag the .love file on top of the Love2D executable or shortcut.

Also, I’ve ran a VirusTotal scan for you if that makes a difference:

This project was an exercise for a university student group I organize, so I wanted to choose a game framwework that I was comfortable in and which was easy to learn and use for the others - finding one with a web build was less of a priority.

I hope you understand and decide to try our game. If you have any questions or need more proof, please let me know! :)

For those who wanted to try and rate Upwell but couldn’t run the game, please try the new build, it should work (let me know if it doesn’t). Thank You!

Very cool! The slippery controls and the smaller view area sure made it tough!

Great work! :D

UPDATE: The issue below (as well as various others) have/has been fixed!

I am really sorry for your inconvenience, I hope you'll still give the game a try sometime. :)

Hmm... that's unusual. It's an error related to not being able to draw the guide on the grid...

Thank you for reporting this, I'll try to look into it. Sorry for the poor experience. :/

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NEST 2 is a simple, but intense abstract arcade game for the PICO-8 fantasy console. Rotate and dash all around the grid, nullifying enemies quickly to increase your CHAIN while avoiding spikes on a mission as old as time itself: beating your high score!

More details on the game page:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Constructive criticism is welcome too, of course! :)

Thank you so much! 😊

Nice! I really enjoyed it, however I feel like stopping time should be an immediate ability, this delay until time stops can be really annoying when dealing with moving enemies. Otherwise, great game! :)

Hey guys! I've just released my game ever, BREAKDOWN!

It's a new take on Breakout, where instead of bouncing back balls to destroy blocks,
you have to frantically build blocks to defend against a barrage of balls.

Check it out:

Looks really beautiful! :D

It is certainly interesting, but not much in gameplay and it's really hard to understand what even is going on.

The presentation is good and the gameplay is incredibly fun!! My only complaint is that you could make the hitbox of the hook bigger (or make it snap to nearby objects). 

I don't think you intention was to make pixel perfect clicks judging by the enemy and level design, I see it as more of a click decision making, and when the plan is made, it shouldn't fail because I missed I tiny pixel on a fast moving foe.

Interesting, but the physics are dodgy, and the "level design" is too simple for my liking.

Syllabus Games, I couldn't have said it better. You are required to nail perfect jumps with a hookshot that swings you around a lot. The first 2 levels were fine, because the level design was loose enough to let you soar through the air very fast, but the level with the pit and the spikes made me put the game down for good. 

This could work, you just need to design levels around a loose hookshot!

Amazing! You should polish this up and release it!

It's good that it's fast and frantic, but maybe the enemies move a bit too fast, and I don't like that the energy bar depletes faster if you touch more enemies, when you are required to deflect at least 3-4 enemies after 20 seconds of game time.

This is an amazing game! Incredibly polished, the core gameloop is awesome and new things are added on every new level! My favourite is probably the grapple :P

Controls are responsive, graphics are clear and beautiful, the music sets the atmosphere perfectly. An amazing presentation overall!

I liked it, quick and fast paced action game with some polish on top. Good job!

Very nice idea! Give it some polish and maybe tweak the physics a bit, they feel jumpy, almost like you are teleporting.

It is a clever concept, I'm fine with the controls, the moving window likes to hide behind my taskbar and between my 2 monitors, meaning I had to complete the first part of the second stage almost blindly. I think you should let people adjust the "starting point" of the window.

This is a very nice idea! It's quick and fun, not very polished but it can be improved upon.

However, I find that Skills are basically useless, as 3-4 perks already guarantee you the kill. Also, even when I picked skills, it was not obvious when and how I used them, I just spammed the button. There could be a visual indicator or a sound fx when you activate a skills. 


Very nice idea, decent ammounts of polish, and most importatly, fun and addictive gameplay. If you were to release it as a full game with a level editor, I'd gladly buy it for $15 or even $20!

An interesting idea and I really like the art style,  but it's hard to play.  

I only kept my eye on the left half of my screen, and it was a bit headache inducing. The game forces you into a defensive playstyle, and that would be fine if I could get a good idea where I'm going, because no matter which direction I want to go in, I get confused and walk into an enemy.

I think this concept could work better for some kind of abstract puzzle game like Portal or Antichamber.

Very nice! Super polished, gameplay feels good too! My only complaint is that the game window is very annoying. I constantly have to scroll back up to see where Eddie is going, then I have to scroll down to control him blindly.

Amazing! How did you manage to make mobile controls? For me it’s too laggy:/

Hmm,that’s interesting... Maybe I’ll try that one! Thanks!

Thanks for playing! :)

You are right, I will remove the moving background, it really disrupts the flow of gameplay.

I understand your problem with the controls, and I can see how they can be confusing, but if the directions reversed after dashing (the first version) then you could just hold the X button while pressing Right/Left to dash on every pixel and clear a stage instantly.

I'm no game design god, maybe I should add a cooldown to the dash? We'll see...