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I totally agree!

I really like the idea, but unfortunately I can just fly around forever.

The jump was awkward but aside from that it was great!

Unfortunately you exported for mac so I can't play.

The idea is amazing and the soundtrack is wonderful. The mechanics are interesting but can be hard to control. Overall, pretty well done!

The idea is quite interesting, but it's very hard to control the game.

really clever idea, I did struggle to get the hang of it at first but I think I understand now. 

this was fun! clever mechanics

pretty cool idea

I figured out that jump. You don't actually jump, you walk under and left click to posess the person on top.

The concept is great but the hitboxes are finicky

short but fun!

The main gimmick was sort of overused, but I liked the ice floors.

yea I agree the game could use some tweaks. But since it was just a game jam after all, I'm not to sad about it.

It took a while to get used to the controls, but once I did the game was quite fun! Its doubly awful that I didn't read the instructions on your game page because I've had a same issue with my game ; people just don't read the instructions. So yea, sorry about that.

how did you softlock yourself with boxes? There's a magnet on the sub that enables after standing still a couple of seconds, which allows you to get most out of reach boxes.

The graphics are super impressive. The music is also quite good. The lanterns following you is a nice touch. I did find the timings a bit tight on the third level, it's very challenging.

I'm not nearly good enough at this type of game to get very far. I beat the first level though. The concept is pretty fun, but micromanaging both ships is very hard (especially with the dual controls part).

I agree with what has been said already, the game is difficult and the title screen is too crowded. It's still pretty cool though.

Cool game, but it is quite difficult. I'm afraid I quit on level 6.

that's too bad. I really like the concept of this game. If you made a post-jam version I would totally play it, and with enough content it's absolutely a game I would buy.

oh ok. That's pretty hard though. Overall cool game, just very difficult.

I really like the concept, but I didn't find it to have much actual gameplay.

Cool game, but I can't figure out how to defeat the pink orbs. Can you tell me how?

We actually thought of that particular softlock. As it says in both the description and the how to play screen, you can stand still nearby for 2 seconds and it gets magnetized towards you so that you can reach it again. 

Nobody was able to run your game, you might’ve sent the wrong file

I really liked this game! It's short but sweet, and the last level is super cool. The mechanic is quite unique. The knight-less jump is a bit floaty though.

This game is super fun! I really like the mechanic of combining screens like that. I did find that the jump mechanic is funky, sometimes you jump twice and sometimes not.

The character was quite difficult to control.

The camera is annoying because half the time it only shows one cube. It took me a while to figure out where the goal is. There are multiple levels, but they seem to similar to each other.

The map is a great idea, and we were going to add one but of course ran out of time. Maybe we'll make a post-jam version IDK. 

Rounded corners is a good idea, but IDK how to implement that.

There are 260 total coins in the game, including all the secret areas. There are also 9 trophies to collect, although due to a bug only 8 can be obtained. The two golden trophies are quite tough to get lol. I'm assuming you saw the one in the vault, there are multiple switches that all light up 1 light on the door (that's why it has 6 lights).

Pretty cool game, I like the concept a lot. The way that your gun shoots your balloon is actually a really interesting mechanic. The ship does feel a bit slow at times, I wish there was a way to control it.

Um, this is a unity project not a game.

The game was very challenging and the controls were hard. The concept is really cool, and I love the art.

The game was very challenging and the controls were hard. The concept is really cool, and I love the art.

The idea is really cool, however the controls can be difficult

The game was pretty cool! I like the main mechanic, it's fun and leads to interesting interactions. The sound effects got annoying, so I ended up having to mute the game. I do think the game would be fun to speedrun.

pretty cool, but I got stuck on the boss fight.

how far did you get in the game? I'm curious if you collected any trophies.

I just beat the game! the frantic rush to the top with the treasure chest was super exciting!