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so far 77 feels pretty balanced, and 79 likely has some niche uses anyway since you only get 3 7s.

isn't 77 just a better 79?

Definitely a fun concept! It got chaotic very quickly though, which makes getting good at the game hard as you can't practice any particular difficulty. Really fun game though, the music is great too and all the rolling around reinforces the frantic feeling it gives.

yea, we did notice afterwards how bad the contrast is. If we make a postjam version that is one of the things we'd fix for sure.

cool concept! I wasn't able to do very well though, since I forget how dice are layed out (which has made a few puzzle games harder too).
also, spamming too long seems to break the game after just over a thousand distance travelled lol...

very cool idea! I like how it still gives a lot of control to the player, and also that certain dice rolls aren't always better or worse than others (it's situational). Oh yea and the sound effects are funny!

interesting concept, felt pretty unpolished but the time frame for the jam was super limiting lol

pretty cool game! I like the uncertainty in movement, 

my one suggestion is to show your final score on the loss/defeat screen, so you can compare with others lol

this entire game is amazing and I love everything about it lol. The guns are fun, the audio is funny, and the controls feel good to use

this game is amazing and I had a lot of fun. My only suggestion would be to make enter submit the current die face so that not cheating isn't so slow lol

the graphics are really awesome, and the game works quite well. The directions did feel confusing at first, though.

I agree with most of the feedback others have shared. The game is very cool,but the time limits are too short and you can loose because the die refuses to finish flipping because of your character.

he means the lock symbol dissapars. If you lock 2 or more dice, the lock symbol only stays on the latest one locked, which is clearly a bug as the other die still doesn't re-roll.

pretty creative! I like the way it's still mostly skill-based, despite the importance of the dice.

the music, video, and audio are amazing, but the gameplay feels... simplistic...

amazing! the characters felt interesting and the games were all unique

pretty fun game, I really like the concept of fulfilling requests and the disasters are really funny.

I really like this interpretation on the theme, and the gameplay and art are both well done.

really cool game! it really makes you think about how you wanna use resources, and what risks to take. Reminds me of yatzee.

very fun idea! 

pretty cool game, the controls felt finniky to me though

Really cool game! I like the variation in weapons

we definitely planned more juice and excitement, but we were suuuper short on time and barely managed to submit it at all lol. 

amazing! the only issues I noticed were that in non-fullscreen mode I wasn't able to pick up some dice. Gameplay wise, it's super cool and I just wish there were more enemies. Nice creation, congratulations!

really cool concept, slingshot mode didn't work very well though...

I like the idea, but it feels pretty random to get the right ability...

Hi! This weekend I'm doing another game jam, but I've been considering at least a fixed version of this game so I'll probably start on that next week.

I totally agree!

I really like the idea, but unfortunately I can just fly around forever.

The jump was awkward but aside from that it was great!

Unfortunately you exported for mac so I can't play.

The idea is amazing and the soundtrack is wonderful. The mechanics are interesting but can be hard to control. Overall, pretty well done!

The idea is quite interesting, but it's very hard to control the game.

really clever idea, I did struggle to get the hang of it at first but I think I understand now. 

this was fun! clever mechanics

pretty cool idea

I figured out that jump. You don't actually jump, you walk under and left click to posess the person on top.

The concept is great but the hitboxes are finicky

short but fun!