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Thank you so much, we are really glad that you like it! Yeah, it was a painful week, but we somehow managed to finish it in time :)

Well first of all i did not do this alone, we are a 3 man team: 1 Programmer, 1 Audio guy and Artist/Designer (me :)). But yeah, we somehow managed to finish this game in 7 days, with a lot of working hours per day, good organization, reusable assets and some clever game design choices, which gave game more content without much effort.

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We are glad that you invested so much time in our game! The map was not supposed to show the character position, since there are only 13 rooms in total and we kinda wanted to emphasize the exploration part of the game. The orb behind a circle key door is not a bug and its a fake orb, you can count the orbs on the map and see for yourself :). The point of the Death Cave is to be a misdirection and a surprise, so putting a warning would not make much sense.

We aware of the mild frustration caused by jumping and speed of the character, probably caused by the fact that some players do not know that they can hold "W" to jump higher. But again, its our fault that we did not make that clearer in the game. As for the grace jumping, well you are 100% right, that is a problem and we are going to try to avoid these types of mistakes in the future games.

The scene transitions, the speech bubble animations, the little button animations - the polish is amazing gj man! Oh yeah, and the music is awesome too :)

It is so awesome to hear that someone actually got the Purifier Ending! WP man! As for the feedback of the controls and enemy attacks, we appreciate it very much and we are going to try to polish this kind of stuff in future games. And yeah, we had so much fun doing the voice acting, so we are glad you liked it :)

Thanks for putting time and effort into completing the game!

Thanks for the feedback! The sad part is that we actually found the respawn bug shortly after the deadline ended, so i posted a little disclaimer and a description on how to avoid it. As far as i am aware, you cannot pin comments over here (or if you can pls let me know how :) ), so the comment got lost here somewhere in the comment section.

We apologise for the frustration caused by the bug and we will do our best to prevent these kinds of mistakes slipping through in the future games.

This is slowly going into spoiler territory, so i can just say that you can win in 2 different ways, and  because of that there are 2 trophies.

Actually, managing to die in a Cave of Truth reveals one of the most important information about the game/world :)

Hollow Knight is my all time favorite game, so i cannot get any happier when i hear that my game reminded you of the masterpiece which is Hollow Knight. Thank you so much!!!

First of all, thank you so much for this in-depth comment! It really means a lot to us to see someone investing time and putting effort into discovering all the little secrets and hidden meanings of the game.

Secondly, we of course appreciate the constructive feedback regarding the grace jump. We will definitely fix that and update the game after the jam ends and make sure that we focus more on polishing character controls for the future games.

Yeah you wrote the comment on the game page and not here. We are really glad that someone compared our game to the masterpiece which is Ori and the Blind Forest :). Thanks so much man we really appreciate it!

Already tried it, rated it and liked it.

You can link your game, but can you please avoid putting images like this on the comment section of a specific game, as it kinda comes off as a dick move to market your game :).

Really fun game with some clever ideas. The mirror mechanic is amazing, since it adds some strategy and gives the player time to breathe and plan out the route.  And how the music smoothly changes when you are in front of the mirror is just amazing. The respawn is fast, so you can die a lot and still not be frustrated. The ending and the meaning behind the game was a pleasant surprise. Gj man!

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Such a cute game! Really relaxing and soothing experience. And the music is great as well! I did not manage to get the "Diet" achievement, but yeah, that's my problem :)

I mean, we also found a little bug right after the deadline, so i feel you :)

Really interesting and beautiful game. Sadly the controls ruined the experience for me a little bit, especially in the part with a lot of invisible pushable platforms. I also really like the design of the title-logo thingy. Overall, one of the better entries out here.

Really cool aesthetics and ambient! I've tried to find a way to reach a "happy ending" but couldn't, so I was just a little disappointed that the game didn't really have multiple endings. Still, I enjoyed the game from start to finish. Wp man!

The story was interesting, but I'm not really sure about the theme. If the theme was "Lying" or something like that, than it would be perfect. But since the game should be a liar and lie to you, I'm not really that sure. Cute art style with a nice story, overall a good entry.

Interesting idea, but the execution is not the best. Personally, the piano notes jump effects annoyed me. However the overall ambience is pretty chill and relaxing.

A great example of achieving amazing visuals with just simple shapes! Gj man!

Nice looking game! The character animation is one of the better ones i have seen and the controls feel really responsive and fun. The only issue for me is the lack of checkpoint system, since you have to replay the whole game if you miss-time one jump.

It was unexpectedly fun experience. The narrator voice acting was top notch :)

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Thank you so much! We are really glad you like it!