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Good job on the concept.

It was a good experience destroying the room

Love the game and FPS aspect on it.
Amazing job.

An amazing and a fun puzzle game. Very easy to adapt.
Overall good work on it

Unique idea, love the gameplay and the mechanics. I like how the building are destroyed. Amazing job overall

A bit difficult with no lives but still a good experience

Amazing job 

Unique concept and a very good one. Love the different type of chaos happening in the game. It has a good mind twister. Good job

It is so easy to adapt and play. Loving the special ability of different card pick ups, it really enhances the gameplay.
Amazing work on the Design, Art, Sound effects and gameplay, everything runs so smoothly.

Overall good work.

I really enjoyed playing the game, I wish there was a melee ability added to the player but overall good job.

Amazing job for making a multiplayer game the Jam, it looks really fun to play with friends. 

It is a good concept, allowing the player to rotate the objects will the game even better. Overall good job.

Cool idea and game definitely has some potential, it needs tiny bit more work with FPS aspect and adding a tutorial but overall amazing game.

I really enjoyed the swinging mechanics, it reminds me so much of Just Cause games.

I like the visual facts where the Earth was getting damaged every time the enemy ran into it, overall good game.

Amazing game with a great Game Design and gameplay 

Amazing game, Godly Mode was a nice challenge.

Thanks for you feedback, I will definitely check you're game out.

Thanks, maybe we will add another dance animation in part 2.

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Thank you so much, we had fun making it :)

Kept me going every second with in the game, especially the red enemies.

Amazing work, I love puzzle games.

I got only up to 20 max score, good job overall.

Reminds me of Subway Surfer :)

I really like the storyline behind the game, overall great work.

I definitely join the stream :)

I played this the first when it was "Your Phone Dies in 15 seconds", overall it was a good experience and with an extra 5 seconds added I managed to save myself.

The game is good overall, I especially enjoyed the riddles to use the ingredients to make the recipes and I liked the fact there was a story behind every recipe we had to make.

thank you so much for the amazing feedback.