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No problem :)

Thanks very much :)

thanks very much 😊 

Thank you very much :)

I did in fact work on the graphics a little bit (pictured below) but the version that I had to upload was before I made the change to the newer background.

Also with the boundary I initially wanted to have all of the tiles covered and for them to be "fill opened" like in the original minesweeper but after about a week of trying to get that to work I sadly couldn't. I might have another shot at it though at some point. In a few months I might come back to this project and try again as I love what I've done with it so far :)

No problem :)

Ah, I did actually use mGBA version 0.9.3, If I remember I'll give it a try on hardware :)

No problem :)

No problem :)

No problem :)

Great concept for a game, well done :)

Cool idea, well done :)

Really cool concept :)

The only negative is that when the ball hits the top or bottom walls it teleports to the opposite side, apart from that its a really cool concept, well done :)

Really cool game! I like the concept :)

Ooh, very cool demo, well done :)

Cool concept for a game, really challenging though.

Well done :)

Great concept for a game, well done :)

Really cool aesthetic, well done :)

Great game! I love the music

Well done :)

Ooh cool concept for a game, well done :)

Great concept for a game, it gave me virtual pet vibes, well done :)

Ooh I love the graphics

Well done :)

Ooh this looks like it has some potential :)

Well done for even being able to get it in on time, I almost forgot to submit my game lol

Wow, I love the whole aesthetic of the game! Also the music really fits the vibe :)

The only things I'd say is that the game might do better with an interactive tutorial but it's understandable why you didn't do that :)

Also, I played through it in m-GBA, which caused the game's graphics to corrupt somehow.

All in all, great game, well done :)

Thanks very much :)

thank you very much :)

thanks very much for replying and your criticism :)

I’ll make sure to take them into account for my future games :D

thanks very much :)

Wow this game is so cool! I love the art style and the music :)

Thanks for playing :)

Ah, that's a really good idea! It reminds me of the random bag system they have in the newer Tetris games, I'll definitely add that if I continue this idea.

(also I'll shorten the animations or add a way to skip them)

Thanks for playing and the advice :)

ah, thanks for saying :D

Thanks very much :)

I like the concept that you came up with, the only thing is that I found that I could kinda cheese the game by spamming the S key while spinning, that would be an easy fix though with an ammo meter or something similar.

Anyways you've made a good, fun game that one day could one day become a great full game , well done :)

Fun concept!

It was a bit confusing to begin with but after a while I got the hang of it.

The art looks great (also good choice of music).

Ooh I love the concept!

The game felt good to play, being your first game its great!

The only thing I'd say is that the guns could have been a bit more different, maybe a crossbow which can go through several enemies for example (if you're wondering how you can do that have the projectile destroy itself after a timer rather than if it collides with an enemy).