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A game for true chefs, Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria is now on App Store and Google Play -

Masha's decided to open her own awesome pizzeria but she needs your help! Put on an apron, take a rolling pin and make the tastiest pizza in the world!
Hurry - hungry customers are on their way!

What's inside:
- 9 hungry customers!
- 16 pizza recipes!
- 35 ingredients!

Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria - the yummiest pizza, the most unusual ingredients and the happiest animals!

Parents nowadays know very well how important educational games are for a child development. Having studied parents' reviews and recommendations, DEVGAME has released the new localization version of mobile game "The Blue Tractor: Games for Kids" -

The app is designed specifically for young users to learn things as they play. The game is based on a popular kids YouTube channel The Blue Tractor with over 2 million subscribers. That's why DEVGAME decided to release localization on 12 languages that would help accelerate the development of the young players featuring their favorite character the Blue Tractor.

The player will be given a variety of topics to learn. There will be mini-games for 1-year-old kids and above, these games are designed for the kid to learn different animals, professions, numbers etc.

It is easy to have fun and learn, especially with the new Blue Tractor: Games for Kids.

Is your kid dreaming to go on an adventure with the favorite characters?

The new Tommy the Little Dragon: Magic Worlds will help with that -

Tommy the Little Dragon: Magic Worlds is the first game developed by DEVGAME in collaboration with the brand. The game runs on both iOs and Android and will be a perfect fit for adventure lovers and those who appreciate bright animation and having fun.

The player's about to take commanders' islands by storm, eat their way out of marshmallow mountains and earn tons of trophies. Tommy makes a magic bubble... and the adventure is set!

Download Tommy the Little Dragon: Magic Worlds free of charge on App Store and Google Play Market and become a true traveler!
Click here -

Cats Pets have a new task - shopping! We need to buy so much stuff - can you do it?

Cats Pets: Shop on App Store and Google Play.

What's there?
- start your shopping spree with the favorite characters
- choose 3 different sections
- buy over 100 types of goods: snacks, drinks, toys, clothes and many more!

- play new minigames: weigh items, slide on the wet floor, find right toys
- get prizes for every step you complete

Join millions of users and explore the supermarket world -

Shopping is an interesting, useful and a developmental occupation, especially when it comes to a new update of the Cats Pets: Shop.

Right from the beginning of the game the kittens will become kids' guides in the world of supermarket.
- Having chosen a kitten and a trolley you like, head for your favorite section.
- Candy, Toys, Fruit - there is a bit of everything that kids adore.
- Look around carefully, don't miss the necessary stuff on the list.
- Do not forget to overcome all the obstacles in your way like wet floor, and then you'll need to weigh fruit and a lot more
- After going through all the sections you might get a reward

When starting a supermarket game, the kid will subconsciously train and acquire useful life skills. Not just some random characters, but their favorite characters will help users learn how to go for groceries with a shopping list, flex their attention muscle, as well as improve their logical thinking and fine motor skills. Besides, it is possible to unlock products at the end of the level so that the game becomes even more fun!

The game is available for free on App Store and Google Play in the "Fun Games for Kids" category, without any age restrictions!
 Cats Pets: Shop is an engaging way to get your kid to do something useful in their free time while you can relax and dedicate time to your things -

Robocar Poli: Postman is the second game on the brand designed by DEVGAME. The game will run on both iOS and Android and is a perfect fit for adventure and fun lovers as well as those appreciating bright animation.

The story of the game takes place on an island, in an imaginary Broomstown where cars are just as much of residents as people. The main character - a police car named Robocar Poli -  always solves problems fast and he is the leader of the rescue team. In the game, the player will help the main characters with post delivery, car search, road repair and many other things.

Robocar Poli: Postman is designed for kids above 3 and is essentially a runner with minigames. The main user's objective here is to deliver parcels to their addresses. However, being a postman is no piece of cake since there will be many broken road signs, scattered boxes and a hurricane on the way. We won't spill all the details here... but you won't get bored that's for sure!

Ready to embark on an exciting journey with Robocars and help the town dwellers?
Follow the link, click "Register" and become part of the new adventures of Poli and his friends.

Did you know that the little cute characters from the YooHoo to the Rescue animated series moved to App Store and Google Play -

Beloved YooHoo & Friends characters are coming back in their game, YooHoo: Doctor, which is now open for pre-registration!

The game will be available on both platforms (iOS and Android) and is perfect for anyone who loves to treat patients and look after them. YooHoo and his friends will teach players to make fun diagnoses, prepare tasty medicines, and make injections!
YooHoo: Doctor is made for kids from 3 years and above. The game consists of minigames for users to complete missions and get various rewards.
Through this game, kids will be able to learn more about endangered animals. After all, the users will get to visit and to learn about the animals of Eurasia, Australia, Africa, North America and even the Antarctic!

But it won't be easy to get to the patients because users will have to complete every task in the minigames: hoverboard flights with YooHoo, playing hide-and-seek etc. We will not reveal all the secrets ... but we promise that it will be cool!

Ready to embark on an exciting journey around the world and cure everyone?
Then follow the link, click on the “Download” button and you will have a chance to become the first doctor in YooHoo's world

This time, you're going to Tom Thomas's home with mentor Dedus. In each room in the house, there are its own puzzles for you to think about -

Look for the necessary objects and put them in their place, guess codes or decipher them, learn how to use a metal detector and many other things about the world around us!

Can you complete all the tasks at a more difficult level? Start the game to check -

Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival, a game based on Yoohoo&Friends brand, has been announced recently. The popular South Korean brand has won awards like Korea Contents Design Award, Parent's Choice Award and Tillywig Top Fun (USA) and the Independent Toy Award (UK).

Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival was developed by DEVGAME, a company with over 15 successful projects with popular kids' brands like the Fixies, Kid-E-Cats, Robocar Poli and others on their record. Some of DEVGAME's apps have hit 10M downloads.
Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival will be of interest not only to the fans of the cartoon but also to the new users with its bright and simple interface, smooth narration and music, and - of course - the cutest fluffy animals. The game is centered around the problem of preserving endangered species (the main characters represent some of the species). The game will help the child develop logical thinking, concentration, and fine motor skills.

Throughout its history, Yoohoo has won many fans in South Korea and the United States, with the cartoon itself being broadcasted on Netflix. Besides, the brand has expanded its broadcasting to Australia and the countries of Latin America. This fact encourages DEVGAME, the developer of the game, to make it available in other languages as well.

Do you want your kid to have lots of fun and learn new things about animals? Then go ahead and get the game!

It is now available on App Store and Google Play completely free!
Get Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival here -

✨ Ready for news?✨

DEVGAME announced their new game Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival, that runs on iOS and Android -

🌳The player will learn about rare species, help the main characters grow trees, collect fruit, not let anybody steal it, and, finally, set up an astounding fruit festival! Sounds good?😍

📲The game is now available on App Store and Google Play, just click here -
Hurry, Chameleon might steal all the fruit🍒🍏🍌

Mega and Alt have now made their way into yet another game! Meet the update of the popular Fixies: Town!

Having chosen one's favorite character from the cartoon they will encounter many exciting and educational tasks. Learn to use screwdrivers and soldering iron while repairing or assembling equipment - keep the whole Town nice and clean!

Ready to help the Fixies? Then hurry to App Store or Google Play and download the Fixies: Town -

Ever dreamt of becoming a heroine of your favorite animated series? You can do it now!

Tiaras are happy to present their first official game: Tiaras: Magical Tales -
In the game, you'll uncover all the mysteries of the Divnogorye island, but be careful - it'll be dangerous and there are many traps to stop you!

What's inside:
- inexpressible emotions!
- the endings you'd never expect!
- various obstacles!
- interesting stories!
- a variety of choices!
- minigames, bats and a lot more!

What, you're still reading this?Go and get the game and uncover the power of magic!

Fixies vs Crabots, the seсond full-length animation film will appear on the screens on 21 December. An official game based on the cartoon has been released for the fans to help Fixies defeat Crabots playing the game on their phones and tablets. Just like the original animation film, Fixies vs Crabots game depicts the Fixies stand-off against the elusive creaturs spying on them and threatening to reveal Fixies' secret.

Fascinating adventures and competition games await young players in the game. Volleyball, racing, skating - there's a minigame for each sports. Young users can gain various spare parts for their 3D printer by winning competitions in order to put together real 3D models!

The features of the game will definitely appeal to the fans as well as new players. Various minigames will help develop logical thinking, concentration, and fine motor skills. This fact will be greatly appreciated by parents, concerned about their kids playing games too much.

DEVGAME's free Fixies vs Crabots game will suit boys and girls between 4-9 to a T, and is now available on App Store and Google Play.

The new mobile game Moonzy: Carnival is now on App Store and Google Play. In this game, the player will need to help Moonzy and his friends throw a real costume party!

Once having chosen the fanciest costume, young users can set out to find many adventures on their way. Kids will learn to sort berries, create decorations, and not let them get stolen by the caterpillars and arrange a stunning Carnival.

Sounds fun? The game will be perfect for boys and girls between 3 and 5 and is already available here - Press the button and install the game, quick! Otherwise, the caterpillars will ruin everything!

DEVGAME company, a mobile games and apps developer, has announced the launch of Kid-E-Cats: Circus Show - the new project for Android and iOS.

The game helps to develop spatial thinking and imagination, trains fine motor skills, ability to concentrate and is just fun!

Cookie, Candy and Pudding - the main characters of the famous cartoon by STS channel - now need your help to set up the best show in circus industry.
But there's going to be nothing easy about that with all the mini-games for each of the kittens. There are more than five of them in the game, but just to keep you guessing we will only let you in on the two of them:
- Juggling. Once you choose a juggling item you like, you will need to try and catch this item only, getting rid of the others. Like fish bones, for example.
- Jumping through fire rings. You will need to jump over the obstacles on a bicycle and try to jump through all the fire rings as well. Be ready to fix the bicycle whenever it breaks.

The replay value of the Kid-E-Cats: Circus Show lies in the various tasks, levels and challenges. The succulent graphics with thoroughly detailed locations guarantee undying interest for the game. The fields on both sides of the railroad, the deep woods, the cozy living-room - each and every element has been made with an eye for detail, and the soundtrack will not leave anyone bored.

Download the game free on App Store and Google Play - and soon be available on

A new kids' game based on the Moonzy cartoon has been announced. There have been created many mobile games on this brand, but we'll tell you why Moonzy: Games for Kids should not miss your attention.

Just like the original cartoon, Moonzy: Games for Kidsis centered around kids' learning and development. One can choose different topics to study, such as Animals, Vegetables, Transport and others. Gently and playfully, the app is going to broaden a kid's horizon, add words to the vocabulary, strengthen the memory, form voluntary attention and logical thinking. Thanks to an easy interface and tips kids can play without any adults' assistance.

The game consists of two steps, which are Learning and Revision. For instance, if you choose Sea Creatures, your kid will uncover the mysteries of the underwater world, meet its inhabitants, and learn what sounds they make and what they eat. The Revision step presented in the form of minigames and comes after the player has completed the Learning step.

The cartoon itself is undoubtedly popular among children, one can tell that by looking at how diverse the cartoon's broadcasting map is. Starting with Russia, it spreads to Europe, Latin American countries and even Thailand.

Various tasks make gaming experience exciting and thrilling while Moonzy and his friends help the player spend quality time and have lots of fun.

Test the game now --

You can now immerse yourself into the mystical aura of Halloween in just one click. A thematic update of Kid-E-Cats: Doctor by DEVGAME has been announced. The update contains new decorations and a new minigame.

Kid-E-Cats: Doctor is a popular brand-based game, released in 2018 and listed in Top 10 family games for iPad and App Store. In the app, kids can become real doctors and discharge their immediate responsibilities of making the other cats healthy and happy! Once received a call from a patient, the player is going to need to get the first aid kit ready and head for the patient's house, dealing with various obstacles on the way. Pumpkins, bats, and ghosts - the symbols of the mysterious holiday - will be present in every part of the game.

Thanks to the update the gaming process will become even more interesting to the young player. The new minigame is based on the cartoon's episode on Halloween and includes decorating the room. The young players will get new decorations as a reward for treating kittens. At first sight, the minigame seems very simple, but it'll surely help the kid to show their individuality and unleash their imagination. Familiar characters are not the only interesting point of the game: detailed graphics and bright locations won't fail to impress any kid!

Even the youngest players are going to enjoy the game. Its simple interface, tips that are always there for you, and various tasks will make the experience interesting, exciting and mysterious!

You can find the app on App Store and Google Play -

DEVGAME have released a game, based on a YouTube channel the Blue Tractor, popular in CIS countries. This educational game is now available on AppStore and Google Play.

"Our mission is to create mobiles game for kids to have fun and spend quality time as well" - explains Maxim Kochurin, CEO of DEVGAME.

The Blue Tractor: Games for Kids covers topics that are important for kid's intellectual development: counting, object description and logic training tasks. Kids will learn different types of animals, transport, fruits, vegetables and many other things as they play. The game will broaden kids' horizons, as well as add words to the vocabulary, strengthen the memory, form voluntary attention and logical thinking. Thanks to the easy interface and tips kids can play by themselves without any assistance of an adult.

The game voice-over is soft, it helps the players absorb the material as they play while various tasks make the gaming experience interesting and thrilling!

The Blue Tractor: Games for Kids is a free-to-play game with a subscription system. The application runs on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and above.

You can download the game here -, and soon it will appear on

Kid-E-Cats: Picnic is the first game based on Kid-E-Cats brand and released by DEVGAME in 2017. Two years later the game collected 10 million downloads, which amounts to the whole population of Portugal!

The game is based on a kids cartoon and includes 12 minigames. In these minigames, the player will need to help the kittens organize their picnic by solving interesting puzzles. The kid is going to learn to distinguish colors by collecting berries, train concentration by fishing, and train fine motor skills by cooking on the picnic.

Recently, the game has become more popular in South America, Europe (most of all, in Italy) and Asia. This was influenced by a recent update of the game that made it available in 17 different languages.

Kid-E-Cats: Picnic is a combination of bright interface, funny tips, and, most importantly, the favorite characters to have fun with and spend some quality time too!

The game is waiting for you here - and here -      

Robocar Poli: City Games developers have accounced the release of the game in 11 languages, and it is now available on iOS and Android.

Robocar Poli: City Games is an adventure game which takes place in Brooms, a city in a popular cartoon Robocar Poli. All sorts of accidents happen in the city and its suburbs, so the player and Robocars (Poli, Helly, Roy and Amber) are going to work together to perform rescue operations.

 Players will be able to complete different mini-games to unlock new objects and install them in the city afterwards - this fact guarantees a long lasting interest for the game. Whatever it is - a fire, a missing kitten - the user will need to react quickly to any accidents in order to make progress.

The game is suitable for the youngest players with its user friendly interface and helpful tips, while various tasks provide a truly fascinating gaming experience! Brooms city is animated, too: the player can drag objects, switch on and off different devices and interact with the main characters.

Robocar Poli: City Games

is now available on App Store and Google Play, and for free -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

A new multi-language update from DEVGAME has been released!

Dear friends, DEVGAME has released a new multilingual update of the game "Kid-E-Cats: Doctor" and now young players from around the world can treat kittens with their favorite characters from the famous animated series "Kid-E-Cats" from STS.

Players will enjoy a fascinating adventure in which they have to help the three kittens to treat their friends. Kids will learn to measure the temperature, prepare a compress, make healthy tea and discover many useful tips for the prevention of various diseases.
After the first release in two languages, the number of downloads of the game has exceeded 500,000 in 4 months! And now "Kid-E-Cats: Doctor" brings together kids from all over the world!

Play along with your favorite characters, treat friends and learn new things today. 

Download the game from the links below: -

Play Market \ App Store-

The main aim of DEVGAME is to give children knowledge and smiles. That is why we create new  game called "The Fixies Helicopter Masters" -

"Helicopter Masters" is a real educational game. Players will play through a lot of interesting and educating missions for selected cartoon characters. They will also construct their own helicopter, which will help to pass all obstacles on their way and get to the destination in no time.

Exciting educational missions await for the players, where they will learn how to work with a screwdriver and soldering iron during the equipment repairing, how to fix and clean their own helicopter!

 Dashing flights, shooting, advanced helicopter construction system and a lot of missions throughout the city, these and more features are waiting for the players in the new exciting action "Masters in the Helicopter"

The game "Masters in the Helicopter" has been released and available for download for free -

Localization work has been completed, and the new version of your favorite game is already available for free in the App Store and Google Play!

Just four months after the official launch, the number of downloads of the game "Kid-E-Cats: Cooking Show" has exceeded one million downloads on Google Play!
Therefore, DEVGAME company after conducting large-scale work on localization - has released a new update and now the game "Kid-E-Cats: Cooking Show" is available in more than 140 countries and has been translated into 17 languages.

The game "Kid-E-Cats: Cooking Show" is based on the popular kids show "Kid-E-Cats" from the TV company "STS".
Young cooks will have fun in the kitchen and feed the kittens with dishes of their author's cooking. Apples, bananas, honey, cucumbers, even fish - and other tasty ingredients for the most creative culinary experiments! Kids will have to help the kittens with cleaning, washing the dishes and bring the kitchen in order by playing funny mini-games.

The game "Kid-E-Cats: Cooking Show" certainly develops kids' creativity, fine motor skills, logic and cravings for new research!

The game is already available for free in the App Store and Google Play and soon will be able on

It’s the second UPDATE from DEVGAME in 2019 that adds new 16 languages to the game that is based on the popular animated cartoon "Kid-e-Cats"

"Kid-E-Cats: Sea Adventure" was released in August 2018 and established itself as another educational mobile game for kids that let train motility, memory, and logical thinking during interesting sea adventures with favorite characters. Also, the game takes to hold the top 10 in the categories "Role Playing" and "Family Games" in the Apple Store and Google Play.

The story starts with preparing the ship: kids should take all the necessary things for the travel and after that, they invite new friends on board. During the journey players will face interesting challenges in the form of minigames: they will learn how to dive, collect seashells, fishing, and other useful skills. 

The main target is a secret treasure that kids should find on one of the islands. And here is the intrigue as you never know what you’ll find in a treasure chest - every time you get a new achievement.   

The interface of the game is pretty easy on perception so kids may play without any supervision. Pleasant music and interesting storyline will definitely engage your child in this adventurous world of new discoveries.      

The game will be available on soon!

You may download the game “Kid-e-Cats: Sea Adventure” on App Store and Google Play -

Parents from all over the world, let it be China or Portugal, want their baby not only to play mobile games but to learn something useful in it, to develop their talents and skills. One of such games is “Kid-e-Cats: Picnic” from DEVGAME.

The game is so popular among young users of the CIS that its downloads have exceeded more than 7 million! That is why it was decided to translate it into 16 other languages, which means that now kids from all over the world will be able to play it!

The game is based on one of the most popular episodes “Picnic” from the cartoon “Kid-e-Cats” from STS. Last year, Nickelodeon International acquired the rights to show the second season of the Kid-E-Cats show at the largest French trading house APC Kids. Now the cartoon is broadcast on TV channels from 170 countries!

The game is filled with interesting mini-games, each of which is aimed at training the memory, logical thinking, and motor skills in a child. Also, the baby will learn how to collect a basket of food, fish, set up a tent and many other useful skills! The game interface is very simple - even the smallest users will be able to play on their own, while parents at this time will be able to safely go about their business.

Give your baby a bright acquaintance with the world around.
After all, learning new things with cats is always easy and fun!

The game is available in the -


Hey, do you know what are the most popular creatures all around the world? Yeah it is Fixies. They are so popular, that there is a whole film dedicated to the life of these little creatures. And now an official 3D game based on "The Fixies. Top Secret" movie is available on!!!

In this game you need to run and search for broken items in the house and fix them all! A great surprise awaits you: play with Simka, Nolik or Verda and change their outfits! Run through all difficulty levels and don't forget to collect bolts!

"The Fixies. Top Secret" is really interesting. You definitely could not stop playing.

So, are you ready to become a hero of a 3D runner game "The Fixies Top Secret"? Let`s go!


What does every kid like the most? Well, of course, having fun, singing songs and watching cartoons.

And now with the game from DEVGAME it is possible everywhere.

All series of the cartoon “Blue Tractor:” in the new application from DEVGAME!

Download and watch educational cartoons, sing fervent songs and dance with your favorite hero! The app“Blue Tractor” is a special musical collection of cartoons for kids aged 1 to 5 years. Great pastime for an active child and his parents.

And by subscribing, you can watch a cartoon without the Internet and advertising, wherever you are. Also, using the “Parental Control” function, an adult will be able to choose the desired playlist for the baby and block the screen while watching the series.

Well, let’s sing? ) “In the fields! In the fields! The blue tractor is driving us! ”

Download the new application “Blue Tractor” from DEVGAME :

Watch preview right now!

How does it possible to publish android game with in-app in We have just tried simple to upload apk from google play with in-app. But when you try to buy subscription inside the game it gives an error message