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im looking for voice actors for a game community im working on,GOOD MIC REQUIRED TO RECORD the particular parts, The idea is that zou will voice nascar drivers and pre race officials,,,, i am searching for.

1, deep narration voice (40 lines)

2, Female voice (10 lines)

3, 10 regular voices (all accents welcome)

if you are interested message me on this are on discord at denisbeast#9381

is spectator mode available where you can watch ai vs ai races

denisbeast#9381 is discord

i can do polish translation if your interested

Hey if your looking for a voice actor/ character development artisan please message me back. I am interested in being a part of this project. I love visual novels where the players choices matter and would be happy on board

My discord is denisbeast #9381 

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hi i do voice acting

I am currently working on 5 projects and looking to expand my portfolio.

Preferably male characters in a visual novel or rpg games.

If ur looking for a voice actor reply here and add me on discord for details 

Denisbeast #9381 

hey i would be interested in male voice acting. Get back to me if ur interested 

Discord denisbeast #9381 

hey checked out your game looks neat,  i would be willing to voice act any male characters available in the game,

my natural accent is irish / but my american is good and my slavic is good

hey i would hapily get on board, i can voice act male parts / write character stories.

if your interested add me  

im on discord,, denisbeast #9381

hi, I like the idea of this project and the story driven narrative, if possible I would gladfully voice act for some available male parts if your interested.

i like the sound of this project, i would happily voice act for any male part that you may perhaps have available,

ive a pretty cool idea i think you should implement so inbetween levels you should have the option to go the HQ ,, and its basically your agent hq and u can play mini games there  buy new upgrades or do some shooting etc would add a sense of another option to the game giving players a mental break when they feel burned out from levels

im polish btw so i could also record the crowd do some polish chants some small stuff but giving the game so much more depth

Seasonal Soccer community · Created a new topic commentator

hi my name is denis and i am in love with this project bringing back the football games of the 80s 

i am a voice actor and i would love to record several lines as commentator to break the silence during the football match

if your as interested as i am in this idea email me    or discord  denisbeast #9381

i am willing to do some major voice acting for the project

the steven universe show was a nightmare in itself that i never wanna relive

hi i am  very interested in this project and would really like to get on board . i believe i have a solution to a  small yet troublesome problem i realised in the videos of the game,, the armies are quite , i am a multilingual voice actor and could record several battle cries in english, polish, russian or german to make the battle more immersive 

if you are as  interested in this idea as i am  message me on discord denisbeast #9381    or my email

i hope to hear from you soon so we can start and make this already brilliant game just that small bit better

hi i am truly intrigued by this project i would happily be a voice actor for a character if you are lacking for a unique voice,, i would be very greatful to be a part of this project.  my discord is denisbeast #9381  nd my email is

perhaps u send me some characters and lines and i will show u how i can enrich this project with my voice i guess,

my email is

i can fluently speak polish, english and irish i could translate between those 3 if you want

i am an experienced psychological horror writer doing writing for a few projects on itchi io,  not a fan of lgbt at all or happy endings. i like to include dark comedy among the horror giving the player that moment of questioning pulling him off gaurd until the next creep appears. I am all about very adult themes but not that really cliche scare eg pop up clowns etc

if this is what you want email me