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So what do I do with all those truffles? ;D

Wow. This is an awesome game. The levels are really nicely thought out. From the  15 entries I have played so far, this one was the most enjoyable to play.

The rewind feature was essential for me. Great game design.

TIP: Initially I didn't even realize that there was a restart and even a rewind feature, because I didn't read the

Introducing the controls and adding higher quality sprites would make this game even more enjoyable.

Nice Job.

I'm not sure if it was good or bad to visit the 'B'.

I'll just imagine it was a long lost friend I've saved. hehe ^^

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That's quite the polished game. Fun to play as well. The art and sound design is great as well.

If you made the movement more fluid and a bit less chunky, it would be even better.

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That was quite fun to play.

I'm the greatest pirate, because I just let the enemy ships kill each other, until I swooped in and took all the loot.

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Damn, now you make me feel bad for not including more content. LOL

Next time I'll put in a bit more time.

Yeah, I think mfiano wanted to enforce the rules a bit more strictly this time around, because in the last lisp game jam there were people who just posted a github/gitlab link.

*decent-username looks unsuspiciously around the room, whistles and walks away*

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When I said "beautiful code" I've meant tons of horribly nested cond forms. haha

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Totally understandable, because there's no real objective.  :D

"Even if you don't complete your game as you intended it, it is still desirable to submit your unfinished game. The idea is to watch your progress, and give you something to compare your future work to, as well as give others encouragement or ideas for a game."

The vivid description of my game was there just to inspire me.  Now that I think about it, I might be able to work at EA with my skill of over-promising and under-delivering. hehe

I used this more as a programing practice.

I think I've added the entirety of the game logic within 3 hours.

Actually I just wanted to make it anything but a still image. So that's what I ended up with. 

P.S. If you want to see some really beautiful code, look at #'resolve-tile-sprite in tile.lisp.

Now it works. AWESOME!

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I ran "sudo apt install libsdl2-*" and the sounds files are all in DL/bin/assets/sounds/. (a bunch of .ogg files)

If you're not able to reproduce the issue, then I guess I won't be able to fix it. It's unfortunate.

T ^ T <(Thanks for trying though.)

It's fine. I'm used to things not working. :D

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I ran darkness-looming from withing the bin folder. What I find weird, is that the file is a shared library rather than a binary.

I'm using Devuan ASCII.

Which basically corresponds to using Debian Stretch.

I'm still getting the same error for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've installed every single libogg library I could find in my repos. Still the same error. D:

I'm trying to get it to run, but I get the following error:

I get the following error while starting the game.

I've followed your install instructions carefully. But the window just freezes.

My GPU is a Nvidia GTX 660.

OpenGL version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 390.87

Could you share an https link? Cloning from doesn't work, because of missing access rights.

From what I've gathered, it means that it was compiled with GLIBC version 2.28 and your system uses an older version.

For me it's too complicated to install an up to date glibc version, because it also has dependencies.

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Of course it's Pepe my fren. The unofficial gamer mascot.

A really fun game with a lot of content. Great Job!

I've already started studying the source code. Fennel looks really interesting. :D

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The battle music is also a bit short as well. We also had a lot more SFX which we wanted to add, but considering the fact that we submitted our game like 1 minute before the deadline I'd say we can live with that. ;D