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Ummmm... Where's my submission?

A topic by oofoe created 28 days ago Views: 95 Replies: 10
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I submitted my game "Harmony" to the Jam just before the deadline last night and I saw it on the submissions page. However, it doesn't seem to show up anymore. Game here:, source code here:

Was there something wrong?



According to the rules, the source code had to be available as a ZIP file or Tarball directly from the page. I think that's the reason, anyway. I'm not involved at all, but that looks like the most likely explanation.


Yeah, I think mfiano wanted to enforce the rules a bit more strictly this time around, because in the last lisp game jam there were people who just posted a github/gitlab link.

*decent-username looks unsuspiciously around the room, whistles and walks away*

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

OK... If that's the deal, then no problem. I have now attached to my game page.

@mfiano, if this is the problem, can you please reinstate my entry?

If it's not, then please do let me know what's missing because as far as I can tell, I am otherwise completely in compliance with rules as stated. Thanks!


Uh oh; I missed that requirement somehow and only included a hyperlink to the source rather than a tarball.

Hopefully this can get reinstated.


OK! @mfiano was able to reinstate it after I added also a source archive in the download links.


 I definitely saw 15 submission before the deadline and then only 13 after. Not sure what happened.


Yeah there was a spooky platformer called HIM which is also gone.




I noticed that one (HIM) was submitted to every single game jam that's currently open, so I think the odds are pretty good that it was not written in lisp.


Ah it was in a way unplayable too.